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  1. MysticStylezzzzz

    Question Swapped HDD with SSD, very little improvement...

    I'll try to make this quick and not too long.. I'm upgrading an HP laptop I grabbed for almost nothing (I think the kid just didn't know what he did to make it so laggy so he felt it was worth very little.. Score for me!). I'm prolly going to grab a SATA adapter card and use an M.2 over a 2.5"...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Possible to replace parts in HP desktop?

    Can you remove or add parts as you want to an hp desktop or do you need specific parts for it to work?
  3. Z

    Gaming Experience Choppy While Streaming

    I just recently upgraded my computer and the specs are supposed to be amazing. I should be able to stream to twitch without having choppy frames while gaming. Although, this is not the case. I have an AMD Ryzen 2700X and the streaming software claims it only uses 3% of it so this can't be the...
  4. A

    Is gtx 970 suitable for 720p ??

    I want to use a gtx 970 on a 1366x768 screen resolution. But does it suitable Will I get good performance ? My cpu is intel i3 3210 3.2ghz And ram is 8gb.
  5. S

    my hp laptop works on hdmi but not on laptop ?

    screen not comeing on laptop but works on hdmi wot wrong with it or wot could be wrong with it ?