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  1. Question Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 with I7 3770k ( overclocking )

    Hello, it's my first post here and I came with a doubt, "regarding the possibility of overclocking an Intel I7 3770k on a Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2" I was once told that on some motherboards, they can even support it as I've seen myself: but do not support overclocking. well, i never found...
  2. Noxious1

    [SOLVED] Would My Set-UP Last!? (gaming)

    Hey Guys! Just looking for opinions and reccomendations :D What Do You Think Of My Rig For Gaming? should I leave it as is or should I upgrade and what part? My Rig setup is; Cpu - I7 3770K @ 3.60GHz M.B - Asus Sabertooth Z77 Ram - DDR3 32GB 4 x 8Gb's Gpu - GTX 1080 FTW 8GB H.D - Evo 860...
  3. Rajivrocks

    Question WIll a i7 3770k stock bottleneck a RTX 2070?

    So my R9 280x died recently so I'm looking for a nice new GPU that will last me another six years, that's why I'm thinking about the RTX 2070, I'm running on a 1080p panel ATM but I'm mainly thinking about the future. so I was looking on this website where it shows me that if I run a RTX 2070...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] How much i am loosing with my old CPU?

    Hello, like title say i am wondering how much performance i am losing with my old i7 3770k@4,2Ghz CPU, paired with GTX 1070 and DDR3 . I would like to upgrade to i9 9900K, DDR4 what performance increase in games (1440p) i am looking for? Should i wait for new models? Best regards, eXa
  5. H

    [SOLVED] Is a 300 watts power supply enough for running a GTX 750 ti single fan?

    I have a PC with the following specifications: Processor: Intel Core i5 2300 @ 2.80GHz RAM: Kingston 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz Motherboard: Asus P8H61-MX R2.0 Hard disk: Seagate 250GB SSD: 120GB Kingston Power Supply: 300 watts Now, my question is that can this PSU handle GTX 750 ti Single fan? or I...
  6. Storx

    i5 3570k is 75c bad?

    I recently bought a 4k monitor and since then i have noticed that my computer runs way hotter overall due to the pure amount of heat coming out of the area of the PC. I have been running this i5 with the h50 water cooler for about 3 years now, im not sure what temps to expect while gaming, but...
  7. Vault111

    GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme + i7 -6700K Power Requirements?

    Yo so I'm planning to upgrade my gpu very soon. Currently I have a Zotac GTX 970 running with my i7-6700k @ 4.5Ghz. I have a 750w PSU from Corsair, and I've heard that the 1080 AMP! Extreme draws about 450-500w, not sure about when OC though, but i want to OC. So is my PSU enough for both the...
  8. D

    HDD problem( bad sectors)

    I have an integral 120gb ssd(windows), HDD 500gb(files) about 4 years old.I tried to open my computer and it did now read it, I waited and nothing happened so I though it's just something weird so I just restarted my computer, and when started to boot I got an A Disk Read Error Occured press...
  9. T

    Can someone check this build?

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/q7YVMp first build, mostly for gaming (trying to hold a 600$ budget, don't need ultra on everything) My want to add crossfire later, so kind of need a decent mobo also worried about the 970 chipset thing. Thx
  10. K

    Which is better?

  11. J

    Connecting Access Points

    This is what I have: ( Home 700 ft wireless Office modem----router------ENH202 wireless bridge---------------------Enh202 bridge---computer...
  12. C

    Will this gaming PC be enough to run certain games well?

    I am getting a new computer as my current one is quite old and it won't cut with the new games coming out. I have 2 questions: 1. Will this build run the following games on high/medium with a steady 60+ fps: (Arma 2 & 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Rust, Star Wars: Battlefront) 2...
  13. L

    Is this build good?

    Hello! This will be my first ever PC build, so I'm very nervous about it. I want to know if everything will work good together, and if not, what to replace that part with. Here is the build: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/Fgt8vK
  14. M

    Need Opinions on First Gaming Build

    Hi :) I would like some help with my gaming build. I have not built a computer before and I don't really know that much about computer components. After reading a lot of different things online, I put together a list of parts that I think make an okay build, but I'm not really completely sure...
  15. R

    question about ASUS Radeon R9 270X DirectCU II TOP

    recently, i changed to and asus r9270x 2gb. what is the maximum safe temp for this card. i mean the temperature, when exceeded, should start to worry me. my fan speed is at auto(default). thanks. :)
  16. I

    my computer has been blue screening in some games with the system_service_exception message

    my computer has been blue screening in some games with the system_service_exception message the games are: war game red dragon insurgency dragon age: inquisition mini dump here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwOxR-3wSSbDVXNvZEpFUm80MlE/view?usp=sharing if i could get some one to look and...
  17. AntonMir

    Wanting to clone a HDD and combine old partitions.

    Hi! I have a 1TB HDD with 2 partitions. Partition 1(~107GB - 102GB used, NTFS) has Windows 7, personal files and programs. Partition 2(~730GB - 294GB used, EXT3) has some personal files, backups and most of my games. I bought a new 1TB HDD and I'd like to copy my old HDD to that, but I want to...
  18. Cartoonface12

    Any good looking realistic survival shooter games?

    Any good looking realistic survival first or third person shooter games where you have to eat drink and sleep and that are open world. sort of like Dying Light and Tom Clancey's the Division.
  19. A

    Wireless connection works on other devices but not laptop

    Hello my mother's laptop worked fine yesterday wireless connection and so on but she said that today something repair tool came out something that way she described and closed it down and suddenly her wireless connection doesnt work and it wont let me search for the problem or try to find a...
  20. T

    Headset mic picks up all the sounds from speakers (youtube, music, etc)

    So recently I bought Razer Kraken Pro and its microphone is picking up everything im listening to, When im doing a skype call, people im talking to hear if im watching youtube for example. Previously i used to own a mic which stood on my table and earphones and then everything worked perfectly...