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    Question Trying to upgrade my laptop to another one. (TLDR at the end)

    Hi, I'm a university student in a game design course, and because of that I currently have a laptop. Since I'm not here to give my life story, but to instead ask a few questions regarding upgrading, so being quick and to the point. I need a good laptop to be able to program in 3d software and...
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    Question CPU slows down when opening games

    I have an i7 6700HQ. It's base Hz is 2,60GHz, but it's always at 3,2GHz because of the CPU boost. Today I wanted to play a game and it was chugging a lot. Used CPU core parking manager, and it was running at 2,30 (below what it should be even without the boost). Stoped playing the game and it...
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    Massive temp difference 30 vs 50

    Im having temp issues with my 4790K cooled by a H100i Overheating has been the cause of 8 random shut downs and 2 blue screens over the past 2 days after months of no issues i have reseated my cooler many times with new thermal paste and have slightly reduced the temps but core 1 keeps...