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  1. mickeddie

    slower clock speed, faster performance?

    How is it that a P4 running at 3.4ghz is slower than an AMD 2.6ghz or Conroe 6600? Please explain in laymans terms. Eddie
  2. W

    Why does windows 7 lose the mouse

    Hello, I've seen several answers on the loss of mouse/scroll function withe windows 7 and they generally suggest a hardware failure of the devices. I regularly experience loss of function on both my Pc and HP laptop. It occurs with USB, PC/2 and wireless connected mice as well as scroll pad...
  3. T

    Price Check Please: Dual Core & Quad Core PC systems

    Hi All, I am looking to lighten my PC load and sell a few systems I am not using, and was hoping to get a price check on the 2 builds. Build 1: OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (32bit) Case: Apevia Xplorer Case w/ 2 80mm front intake fans, 1 80mm top exhaust fan, 1 rear 120mm exhaust fan MOBO...
  4. B

    Used AMD X4 955 BE (11 days old)

    I'm not satisfied with the performance of this cpu for the HEAVY and demanding multitasking that I do, and would like to buy a 6 core instead. Everything works perfectly. I haven't overclocked it but if I can't sell it for the minimum price I'm setting I'll probably just keep it and OC. Also...
  5. G

    Pond pump

    Hello, Will the pond pump I bought in USA work in Spain?
  6. P

    WTS Xbox 360

    This will be sold as a bundle. I have no desire to play consoles, let alone games very much anymore. Games Halo 3 Call of Duty 4 Gears of War Rockband (I use a GH3 guitar that came from the PC version I have, will throw in if you want for a small fee) Vegas 2 Hardware 360+warrenty 2...
  7. D

    FS - HP Pavilion a420n

    For Sale is an HP Pavilion a420n desktop PC that was our old family PC. It comes with: Athlon XP 3000+ 1 X 512MB DDR 400 running @ DDR 333 from factory ASUS A7V8X-LA mobo Maxtor 160GB 7200RPM 2 MB cache HDD DVD ROM CD Burner 7 in 1 media card reader floppy drive 2 front USB 2.0, front firewire...
  8. Thecrazygame13

    6850 help!

    So I was wondering why should I overclock my Radeon HD 6850, I heard you can get better frames in game? I have the Trixx overclock software by Sapphire, but I wanted to try it out and see if I get better frames in BF3? I'm on a 600w Corsair Builder Series PSU. But what settings should I do...
  9. J

    Suggest best TN monitor with glossy screen

    I see many reviews but some are not telling me whether the screen is glossy or not. I want a nice glossy screen at 23-24 inches. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. L

    Nvidia Game bundle AFTER 26/11/13

    Anyone know what Nvidia are going to replace the current game bundle with after it expires on 26th November? Price drop or another set of games?
  11. M

    CANON LBP-800 driver

    My printer model cannon LBP-800 but yet i lost my software so i am interested free download from net.pls give me suggestion or guide line .thanx.
  12. W

    Best 24 inch PVA with lowest delay for gaming?

    Hey can anyone help me look for a great PVA monitor at 24 inches with low delay/response time (something around 2-6 ms), I am also looking for HDCP and HDMI support for the monitor. 1:1 scaling option is very important too since I want to play games on smaller resolutions Is there any monitor...
  13. H

    Banding issues using DVI but not Analogue with new LCD mnonitor

    hey guys, I recently bought an LG L197WH and discovered that it has some serious banding issues when i use the DVI connection. However, if i use the Analogue connection, the banding disappears. I heard of this kind of issue with one of the Dell panels. What do you guys think is the issue? Is...
  14. G

    Logitech QuickCam for Notebook Pro with ICQ

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Has any got this bloody cam to work with ICQ? It work instantly with MSN, but ICQ it just won't work. I've got the latest drivers from Logitech and I'm running XP Pro SP2, if that's any help. Thanks for any advise. strange_too
  15. G

    Problems with HP 3970 scanner and Windows XP

    Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.scanner (More info?) I recently got a new PC - my previous one had Windows 98 and an HP 3300C scanner. I tried to use the old scanner on my new Win XP system but the software provided was only compatible with Win 98 and when I downloaded the new software...
  16. O

    Ok so I got this CML174B

    Its pretty nice, but HORRIBLE at dark shades. I have a Compaq TFT7020 and the same background on both of them, and the Hitachi doesn't diplay part of it because the color changes are subtle. Of coarse on a CRT you can see them clearly, even on my TFT7020 I see it clearly. I wonder if the Planar...
  17. L

    4GB SD CRAD HOW MANY HOURS OF HD 1080 format

    Sir, I have bought a new hd camera shoulder type - as to go for my filming I want to use higher type of bits AT present For the start I want to Recrodea Wedding of my friend I got 4GB SD cards, 16gb card and 32 GB card. The class is 4,16 I want to recrod in MP4 or AVI format (Thae recroding...
  18. J

    Photo Printers: Canon PIXMA iP4000 vs iP6000

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I am in the market for a new photo printer and have narrowed the choice down to a pair of Canon PIXMA printers, the iP4000 and the iP6000. Although the iP6000 has an LCD display and card slots, I probably won't use them. So the ultimate...
  19. G

    fs: Robotron board set complete (I think) non working

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have a Robotron cpu board, rom board, sound board. I also have a control interface board I think came from a Robotron, but don't know for sure. I tried testing this cpu and rom board in my Defender cabinet. I first got a...
  20. B

    WTS: SanDisk Ultra 120GB

    I have a SanDisk Ultra 120GB SSD that I won't need sometime soon. Here's the NewEgg page with all the specs: I would do 100 + 5$ shipping. It has seen about three months of use, filled to capacity with games, performed well.