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  1. B

    Question Performance issues after RAM upgrade

    I own an Acer aspire E5 572g-525v. I recently added another 8 gigs of RAM to it which had identical specs to the factory default stick except for the capacity. Now, I did run into some BSODs initially but over time they fixed themselves. As of now though, my biggest issue is the performance drop...
  2. J

    Question Games lag all of a sudden, ping is extremely high!

    My network has become so bad all of a sudden. On my custom PC, my Verizon network has just become uncooperative and unusable for gaming. My ping in a game(World of Tanks Blitz) has hit over 500-800 consistently, with usually 40% or more packet loss just today. I ran Malwarebytes, restarted the...
  3. N3rdR4ge

    Can I use two graphics cards, non sli, one for gaming and one for folding@home?

    Gtx 1080 for graphics R7 360 for folding@home Don't want the 1080 to work on folding at all.
  4. M

    Not sure if Gtx 970 will fit into Dell XPS 8500 case

    Hey guys i was thinking about upgrading my graphics card to a Gtx 970 My current graphics card is gtx 660. It's dimensions Height: 4.376in - 111.15mm Length: 9.5in - 241mm The Gtx 970 dimensions 4.376 in 10.5 inches long On a side note, i'm not sure if i have enough power to supply this new...
  5. Knicks2012

    Mad Max or MGS 5 on Sept 1??

    Which one of these games are you getting on September 1st?? Im still on the fence because they both look very good.
  6. B

    Should I upgrade my CPU or my GPU

    I have a AMD FX-6300 Vishera 3.5GHz processor and a AMD Radeon HD 7800 series which has 2 gb of dedicated ram. Which one should I upgrade?