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  1. lunchboxdgd

    [SOLVED] What is my ASUS laptop worth?

    model: Asus g751j 17.3" screen Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz Ram: 24GB 1 TB drive + 256GB BluRay/DVD NO touchscreen or pen capability HDMI Its in really good condition because this thing has been my baby through college. Wanting to sell it and try to build a budget desktop, but dont really...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] Best laptops for my money.

    Hey I’m looking to buy the best gaming computer for 1k-1.2k please give me your advice.
  3. S

    Question Buying a laptop for Software Development

    Hi there, I'm a CS student and I'm looking for a laptop for Software Development mainly. I'm looking for a laptop that has a long battery life when using browsers, Android Studio, VS Code etc. since my previous one can't even last 2 hours(it's a Dell Inspiron). I don't really care about the OS...
  4. L

    Question do I need 144 hz?

    So I am buying a laptop for light gaming playing games such as rainbow six siege here is the link to my laptop. I’m going to buy a monitor with a better hz and I’m...
  5. K

    Question best laptop $500-$600

    In the market for a laptop that performs well, not too thick, and ensures durability from the $500-$600 price point.. Would be using the laptop everyday, at least 256gb ssd or 500gb+ if not ssd. Need to buy the laptop by today July 31, 2019. Thank you! reposted, just trying to get a variety of...
  6. S

    Question What laptop do I have

    I can’t find my laptop anywhere on the internet and I think it’s a clone. It’s an Asus X541U it has 4gb ram 500 gb memory and 2.0 gigahertz processor Is this an real Asus laptop
  7. H

    CPU Health?

    Hello, I got an old laptop, this laptop had a lot of dust inside for like 3 years or more... I opened the laptop and cleaned it. My question is: How can I know that the CPU is still good? or how to know if the CPU's life is still good? Note: the laptop still works fine, buts it really have an...
  8. M

    Question Upgrading Laptop Disk Space.?

    Hello, How do I upgrade the Disk Space on my Laptop. I play a lot of RTS games and right now I can only download 3 RTS games before Im out of space. I knew this model came with low space, just want to make sure I get the right part. Its a new Omen Laptop 17in model. Thanks for the help in...
  9. B

    Question Performance issues after RAM upgrade

    I own an Acer aspire E5 572g-525v. I recently added another 8 gigs of RAM to it which had identical specs to the factory default stick except for the capacity. Now, I did run into some BSODs initially but over time they fixed themselves. As of now though, my biggest issue is the performance drop...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-14, what will it run? Got an offer on one for studying, would like to play a bit on it too.

    Greetings. So i got an offer on a Lenovo IdeaPad 100s 14". I'm gonna start studying again in August, and therefore i need a laptop for it. The thing is, in August Classic WoW will come out, and i'm planning on playing it. You guys think this laptop could muscle it? Thank you! Appreciate the...
  11. R

    Question HP Lap Top wont turn on

    Hello Everyone, My HP laptop wont turn on. It has been more than 2 months since I used this laptop. I have connected the laptop to the power source using the adapter and charged it for about 30 mins and then tried turning it on the LED in the caps lock and F12 key goes on and off but the laptop...
  12. B

    Question Can I change my processor? puedo cambiar mi procesador

    Y si puedo, ¿cuál sería? y si puedo cual seria?
  13. J

    [SOLVED] SSD compatible with old laptop

    I have a Compaq Probook 4540s that needs its drive upgraded. I have a SSD that I know is compatible. but my father not wanting to spend that much found this SSD and I can't find if it's compatible with my laptop or not. anyone know if it is? specs of current HD: approx 750GB
  14. S

    Question Brand New Laptop and Bloatware

    Hi I just bought a new HP Envy laptop. I'm thinking of doing a clean install of windows 10 to remove all the bloatware and stuff running in the background. Is this advisable?... or shall manually I uninstall the unnecessary programs?
  15. D

    Can someone find me a good pre built GAMING pc?

    With only £300 i wanna find a gaming pc.I also would'nt like an apu.OS doesnt have to be included. Thanks