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  1. maillet

    what are the best ways to apply thermal paste on a new cpu?

    I'm concerned about the various methods everyone talk about. A dot of paste then let it spread by itself by mounting the heatsink on it? Spreading it evenly on the cpu with a credit card? I must admit that i got a little bit confused.
  2. W

    Limiting GPU (Underclocking)

    I want to limit my GPU while i play certain games, such as Skyrim etc. I want to underclock / limit my GPU to render X number of fps. Can this damage my GPU, if no, how could I limit my GPU effectively. Thanks in advance :) EDIT: I've tried limmiting the fps using Dxtory, but since...
  3. K

    CPU Fan Replacement

    Hi I am looking for a CPU fan for my sony vaio laptop as it is making lot of noise. I am aware that this laptop model is bit old one and it is becoming difficult for me to get either the exact or compatible part in the market. The model of Sony Vaio that I have is TZ237CN/PCG-4N7P. I love...
  4. N

    HP Desktop Bios Help

    Hello, my name is Nate Baker and I need help accessing my bios. Every time I boot up holding f2 it opens hp pc hardware diagnostics uefi windows. If anyone knows how to access the bios instread of this it would help a lot.
  5. D

    Upgrade from i5 4460 to Ryzen 5 1400 worth?

    Hi guys, currently I have an i5 4460 and planning to upgrade to ryzen 5 1400. is it worth? Does the ryzen 5 still good for gaming in 2018? Thanks
  6. A

    Gpu for my old desktop

    What is the best GPU for my old Dell Precision t3400? #1) I search around and come up with gtx750ti but I wonder if I can get the gtx1050ti 4gb. My psu seems to have a 6-pin but I think I should get one without and I think there is a gtx1050ti without. #2) I wonder If it works if I buy a...
  7. W

    Syncing RGB Between ASUS and Corsair

    Hey guys, not sure if I got the right forum for this. Basically, in the build I'm about to do I'll have an ASUS Mobo w/ RGB and RGB on the GPU and RAM, along with some RGB strips. I also have a Corsair case (460x) and a Corsair radiator (Hydro Series H115i) with RGB. I would like, if possible...
  8. J

    how te get a g2530hsu-b1 to 75hz?

    so i recently got a Iilyama 2350hsu-b1 but can't figure out how to get it to 75hz. i tried installing the drivers from their site but don't know how to aply them. Thanks!:)
  9. T

    VCore is low

    I recently built a new pc. Here are the relevant parts: CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 Mobo: Asus Rog Strix x370 gaming-f I am starting to dive into overclocking and since I have the stock cooler I am just trying to achieve a mild overclock, somewhere between 3.4-3.6 as I don't want my cpu getting too hot...
  10. A

    case wont close

    on my optiplex 380 you have to pull on a clip at the top of the back to pop the side off but the side but the clip wont go back into place so the case just falls off please help!
  11. J

    Tips for switching case

    So I recently bought a new case (Phanteks Enthoo Pro). What are the most important things to keep in mind when switching my case? The thing I fear the most is the motherboard. Thanks
  12. Randomdeath

    Input lag on two cpus vs one?

    I was just wondering to myself, if I played any game (csgo, for example since everyone screams about input lag on that game) would there be much of a difference between two cpus and one cpu? For example if I played on an older, high end workstation/server with two cpu sockets, should I fill them...
  13. cmlj1996

    RX 560 in an 300w HTPC?

    I'm in the process of rigging a mid to entry level pc from a basic ACER prebuilt desktop. I really only plan to use it for esports and non AAA games, will upgrade to a better GPU later on. I currently have, with a new 144tz monitor, 1 ms with...
  14. D

    Need Advice on 4th gen 4790k processor.

    I've had a 4790k for the last two years and it's served me just fine in that time. However, I have noticed some things about it that are starting to make me consider an upgrade. For example, in games such as Skyrim, (which I have modded to high heaven) I notice some pretty intense lag in some...
  15. Z

    Lost Z77 extreme4 driver disc and rebuilt computer cant connect to internet

    So i ended up finding this website to download all my drivers, but to no surprise, my computer doesn't connect to the internet after installing every single program on this list including the bios internet flash. how do you install everything correctly for the z77 extreme4 in order for it to...
  16. C

    Blue Screen Ryzen 1950x ASRock x399 Professional Gaming Ryzen 1950x Enermax 240 Liqtech G.Skill RGB Tridentz 4x8 3200mhz EVGA GTX 1070 SC 256gb Intel SSD PSU EVGA Supernova 750 G2 Win 10 This is my second build ever and am very new to overclocking and especially AMD. I have played around...
  17. V

    MSI B150M Bazooka bluetooth?

    i have a ds4 controller and would need a lan card in my current mobo which is a msi 7721 board. and does the MSI B150M Bazooka need a lan card? so i can play with my ds4 controller?
  18. 1

    Keyboard won't function

    I recently updated Windows on my Toshiba satellite L15w -S1302 a few months ago. When the updates were installed it restarted the laptop. But when I went to put my password in, the cursor moves but the key board won't type. Please help!
  19. A

    New graphics card not working

    So...i just bought a SAPPHIRE radeon rx 550 graphics card..when i plug it in my pc doesnt boot and my monitor says no signal...but the fans in my pc are working.. can somebody help me out?
  20. D

    Overclocking the gtx 750 ftw

    So I'm kind of new to overclocking and after a while of experimenting and research, I thought it was time to come to more experienced people and ask questions. First question: What is a guaranteed stable overclock? I've been able to get as high as +675 (with no unstability) on both Precision XOC...