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  1. Kioya

    VGA Red Light on Motherboard

    Hey everyone, So I have a Z170A SLI MSI motherboard and my VGA light popped on today. I haven't done anything new to my computer all I did was unplug it and move it upstairs last night. All I could think of was maybe I bumped a cord out? So I opened up my old gal and took a look inside I tried...
  2. R

    Partial Re-build RAM Recommendations?

    I'm looking at a partial rebuild. i5 8600K is the CPU I'm 99% sure I'm going to get. I looked at the Tom's Hardware reviews and I'm deciding between the MSI Z370 Tomahawk and the Asus Prime Z370-A motherboard. From what I can tell if I don't intend to SLI video cards then the MSI is worth the...
  3. H

    Intel Core i3 8100 and GTX 1050 2gb

    Hi Hope you guys are fine so i am currently getting bottleneck with Core i3 2100 and GTX 1050.I wanted to ask if Core i3 8100 will bottleneck with Gtx 1050 and also is Core i3 8100 Coffee lake compatible with Asus PRIME B250M-A Intel LGA1151 Thank you
  4. D

    SLI Performance Impact with Additional Peripheral Gpu

    I have three displays. My center display (1920x1200) is powered by 2 x GTX 1080 in SLI, and the other displays (1920x1080) are powered by a single GTX 760. I have an i7 4770K, 24 GB DDR3 RAM (PC3-10700), my OS drive is an SSD, and I typically play games installed on a secondary traditional HDD...
  5. B

    I need some help with overclocking my ASRock AB350M

    Alright so I currently have a built pc, I have had it for about 3 months and it’s running pretty slowly. So I’d like to overclock it. I am open to download any new tools that I may need, tools I already have are EVGA Precision XOC, and EVGA OC Scanner. (Benchmarking tool for specifically EVGA)...
  6. A

    how to upload a video on YouTube without losing quality???

    my internet connection is fair ... even though i lose quality when uploading videos on YouTube.... how to fix it.... what should i do .... is it important to compress the video before uploading??what else i need to do ??? thanks in advance
  7. P

    Will this cabling setup work for dual displays?

    HDMI (Gfx card) to HDMI (Pc monitor) and Display port (1.2) to DVI (monitor) work for dual extended displays? Any help appreciated.
  8. M

    Intel i5 7400 GTX1050 vs Intel G4560 GTX1050

    Hi, I have a tight budget and I can't decide if I should buy i5 7400 and gtx1050 or intel g4560 and gtx1050 I will use it for gaming and sometimes for video editing and photoshop. The pc that has the i5 7400 is preowned but bought a month ago.
  9. J

    New Build 2018

    Hi all, I started building my very first pc build after being a devoted console player since 2002. As of right now I have the following: ASUS Prime Z370-a - Motherboard Intel I7 8700k - CPU I also play on a ASUS Designo Curved 34” with Ultra-wide Quad HD (3440 x 1440). So this leaves me...
  10. judewilliams22

    cooler for 8700k

    So im getting the i7 8700k cpu with the gtx 1080. Dont know what case to get yet (feel free to recommened some) but could someone recommend a fan that not only cools well but looks good as i want a case with glass to show the insides. Also need recommendations for good Ram, HDD and SSD and...
  11. G

    wifi is driving me mad

    Hello, I have fibre broadband from EE and im using the EE hub which seems pretty good. Im running 2 PC's both connected using wireless dongles to connect to the router. Also an Ipad and a TV box all connected also. My issues is that everything else is 100% stable. No drops and a connection i...
  12. L

    How much does a genie 4 cost

    How much for a genie 4 motherboard
  13. E

    ACPI BIOS ERROR After a bios update

    Hello! Yesterday I wanted to update my BIOS because my SSD was a bit slow and I read that I can fix it by updating the BIOS. I've downloaded the latest BIOS version for my motherboard(ASUS PRIME b350 PLUS). Loaded it to a USB Drive and updated it as I seen in many guides. The update had no...
  14. V

    Bonjour Service/program installs randomly

    I have several Windows 10 PCs configured approximately the same way, with mostly the same programs. But on my HP laptop, the Apple program Bonjour keeps showing up in my list of installed programs. I remove it via the normal uninstall procedure, but it always comes back again in a few days. I...
  15. V

    Laptop without battery

    Hello, is it safe to use my laptop without its battery in place? Mine broke and I'm currently buying a new one, just was wondering if it's OK for me to stick in the power plug and run it like that. Makes sense? Thanks for your help!
  16. K

    Why Does WinDirStat say that my SSD has used up 90 Gb, but in file explorer it says I've used up 105?

    In file explorer, it says C: 13 GB free of 118, but in WinDirStat it says C: 90 GB used Is there some space being used up somewhere I'm not aware of?
  17. T

    Windows 10 Password

    Hello! I'd like to know if there's a way to remove the password entirely on a Windows 10 account (Administrator account), since I'm the only person that uses this computer and I'm tired of always typing my long password. So I tried everything, I tried changing it but it doesn't even let me...
  18. D

    90 Celsius in battlefield 1

    Uhh.. the title says all. Also, my graphics card is overclocked. GTX 1050 2gb, i7 7700k 12 gb ram. Any way to cool the pc off?
  19. girdwood

    4590 Bottlenecking GTX 1060 6gb?

    I upgraded my build from a 960 2gb to an EVGA 1060 SSC 6gb. I used the geforce experience "optimal" settings and played Rise of the Tomb Raider. Looked amazing, however, it would stutter in certain parts, and freeze during gameplay. When it does this, I saw that my CPU was maxed out at %100, my...
  20. H

    NAT is strict on my wifi adapter, but not on wired connection

    NAT is open, but only when I use ethernet cable. I had to buy Wifi-adapter since my room mate does not want the wire in his room (router is in his room) I bought this: D-Link DWA-182 And when I try to play games with it says that NAT is strict, when it should open... What can I do?