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  1. Z

    240Hz=240fps needed in a game?

    Hello. I want to buy this 240hz alienware monitor: The thing is that my pc is not that good..Core 2 quad q9500, gtx 1050 ti and 8gb ddr2 ram...Do I need 200fps in a game to get...
  2. T

    Can I run FAR CRY 5?

    intel core i7-6500u 2.5Ghz Turbo boost upto 3.1 Ghz Nvidia Geforce 920m ....2GB dedicated vram RAM 12 GB It would be great if i could run around 30 fps in low
  3. H

    msi notebook driver

    i need msi s12 notebook driver for windos 7 64bit
  4. A

    Far Cry 5 Crashing Randomly

    I've just started playing Far Cry 5. The game crashes every 20-30mins. I know it's a bug in the game. I want a fix. Does anyone know how to fix? It would be of a great help. I have got a proper gaming laptop. i7-7700HQ Ram-8Gb GPU-Gtx 1050-2gb
  5. E

    GTX 970 G1 Black screens when gaming, randomly?

    hello folks, i been having this issue for few months, but now its kind a frustating because happening nearly everyday. when playing any game like maybe coh 2 or x3 tc, after some time the screen just goes black, im able to connect to computer by teamwiever etc. most of the time when that...
  6. chaozzs29

    Power Supply Wires Melted

    Good day guys need some advice why is my Seasonic S12II 620w 80+ Bronze melts its PSU wires Molex when the molex connectors on it is not melted and some other wires like my 3.0 usb wire case also melts. Any idea why did it happen? My computer is: Ryzen 5 1600x MSI B350 Tomahawk Gskill Ripjaws...
  7. A

    Minecraft portforwarding help

    I want to have a small server run on my computer for friends. The server works and I can connect to it by myself with localhost but no one else can connect with my external ip. My router is a D-Link DIR-890L. When I have portforwarded with the port 25565 and I try to check if the ports are...
  8. Chacko586

    What happened to my GPU or Monitor?

    I don't know how this happened but one side of the monitor has a magenta shade displayed with what appears to be the dailymotion screen on it. When the monitor is turned off, its a completely black screen. When turned on, that comes up. The other side is all right but how do I fix this? I have...
  9. K

    Ethernet and Network controller drivers windows 7 64bit

    My laptop hp compaq presario cq57 need an ethernet and network controllers drivers. can you please help me to find them?
  10. D

    Is it safe to use 3rd party cables with a non-modular PSU?

    My current GPU is a GTX 960 that requires a 6 pin PCI-E cable, the GPU I'd like to upgrade to requires 2x 6 pin PCI-E cables. Unforunately, I lost the box of my PSU (Cooler Master Thunder M 620) with all the unused cables inside awhile ago. Is a 3rd party cable safe? I've heard bad things and...
  11. R

    Will my motherboard work with the NVMe drive I want to buy?

    I use an ASRock b250 Pro4 motherboard and I want to buy a 500GB Samsung 960 Evo NVMe drive. Will my motherboard work with it?
  12. C

    CPU fails to boot

    When I turn on the power, the VRAM light will flash a few times, move to the CPU, flash once or twice, then back to the VRAM. It will then shutdown and re-attempt the boot process. I tried replacing the motherboard, it had one small pin bent, it still won't boot. I've tried it with no other...
  13. D

    Help: NVIDIA MSI 1050TI Recognized as AMD 760G

    Hello, I am very new to building computers and I have googled my issue a lot but cannot seem to figure out my issue. my computer currently had a GEFORCE GT 620 & 8GB of ram I Updated my Graphics Card (GC) to a NVIDIA GeForce MSI 1050 TI which did not work at first and it was not showing any...
  14. G

    Ram Upgrade 4Gb x2 or 4Gb and 8Gb

    hi i just want to know witch is better for my laptop that I'm trying to play somewhat modern games on usually on lowest settings witch is better two 4gb sticks of ddr 3 or a 4gb stick and a 8gb stick i just want to know because i want to upgrade my laptop and i have found compatable ram upgrades...
  15. N

    I don't know what to do anymore. Screen flickering/glitching and random rebooting in Windows 10

    Hey. I've been having these problems for a LONG time now, and I've tried everything I can think of to fix it. Whenever I'm in Windows or trying to install Windows I get terrible screen flickering/glitching and what seems like endless rebooting. I don't know how to best describe the problem, so...
  16. E

    Fsp150cp and cr35ing

    Hello I can not connect to the m24seven fiber. They sent me the data to configure the router, but I can not access the router. I inserted the rj45 cable from fsp150cp to the cr35ing wan port, and from the rj45 controller port of cr35ing to the pc. I went on the browser and typed but...
  17. I

    help with ram speeds

    i currently upgraded my system to ryzen 5 1600 and got new ram sticks for it but i cant seem to get them to go up to their speed which is rated at 3000 they are currently at 2400 i really dont know how to mess with and adjust the timings voltage and such in the bios i tried enabling the xmp...
  18. S

    ESET blocking discord

    I've uninstalled ESET Internet security, and discord worked like a charm. I need an antivirus software, but it's really annoying! Before uninstalling it, discord won't work most of the time but somehow it can manage to let me talk for a while, and then ICE checking, disconnected, RTC connecting...
  19. I

    PC Stutters Really Bad, CPU 100% GPU% RAM 50% Help!

    So lately my computer has been really slow and has been stuttering, i noticed it to start when i was on a website and my Ad blocker said that a certain website is using your computer for mining bitcoin and said that it will cause all components of hardware in your PC to increase in usage. Its...
  20. R

    Dell N5010 upgrade to i7 for better video playback?

    Hello! I would like to play 1080p 60fps on my old laptop and I believe better CPU will handle it. Last week I replaced i3-370m with i3-380m on DELL N5010. It's not big deal but theorically is better. Now I want to upgrade to i7 but cannot decide which one. I know there are N5010 variants with...