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  1. J

    Pc crashes Windows 10

    Hello, recently I got a new pc, it isn't that new, but all used parts. I tryd to install windows 10 on it with a USB stick, but my bios did not show the USB stick, after a while I connected a Hdd, with windows 10 installed, but I wanted a fresh install, so I plugged the boot USB stick in, and...
  2. jagdtiger12cm

    PSU powering eGPU for laptop

    Hello. I am just looking for an opinion. My plan is to build eGpu dock for laptop. I have an old HD7950 which needs 2 x 6 pin PCIe power connectors from PSU. PSU will only be powering the card itself (~200w). I was looking for the cheapest PSU with two 6 pin PCIe connectors and I found this...
  3. R

    Will my motherboard work with the NVMe drive I want to buy?

    I use an ASRock b250 Pro4 motherboard and I want to buy a 500GB Samsung 960 Evo NVMe drive. Will my motherboard work with it?
  4. D

    Help: NVIDIA MSI 1050TI Recognized as AMD 760G

    Hello, I am very new to building computers and I have googled my issue a lot but cannot seem to figure out my issue. my computer currently had a GEFORCE GT 620 & 8GB of ram I Updated my Graphics Card (GC) to a NVIDIA GeForce MSI 1050 TI which did not work at first and it was not showing any...
  5. G

    Ram Upgrade 4Gb x2 or 4Gb and 8Gb

    hi i just want to know witch is better for my laptop that I'm trying to play somewhat modern games on usually on lowest settings witch is better two 4gb sticks of ddr 3 or a 4gb stick and a 8gb stick i just want to know because i want to upgrade my laptop and i have found compatable ram upgrades...
  6. S

    Does dvi-d dual link (female) fit with dvi-i (male)

    I am getting a zotac gtx 1050 ti mini but only have vga monitors. I own a dv-i to vga adapter but the gpu has dvi-d dual link. So does a dvi-i male fit into a dvi-d dual link female
  7. K

    CPU usage very high

    I started to get almost 98 to 99 percent usage when I'm playing games or watching YouTube videos from past couple of hours. Games take longer time to load. AC Origins is lagging like hell. The video starts to stutter even if i move my cursor. The temperatures are in normal range. Need help! AMD...
  8. A

    PC to TV issues

    Plugged my laptop into my flat screen using a HDMI to play some steam games. Desktop and internetwise, everything works great. But the moment I select a game in my steam library, huge black bars will start flickering all over the screen, blocking the view. Weirdly enough, the intensity of the...
  9. C

    Upgrade A processor

    I have a lenovo ThinkPad eduseries And I want to manually upgrade from Intel celeron 2940 to celeron3060 or any better
  10. Brandon138

    Modem suggestions instead of renting?

    I just moved and I’m looking to just buy a modem instead of renting one from Xfinity for $11 a month. Ive never had to pay attention to my modem so idk anything about them. I’ll be getting the 100mb/s plan. Any suggestions for what to get? Can I just run up to a Best Buy and get one that’s good...
  11. L

    I need help with upgrading my PC.

    I currently have a setup along these lines: Intel E8400 AMD Radeon HD 4870 Sapphire edition 7 GB Ram unknown motherboard, however I do know that it is a socket 775 Pretty old, but I can still get some use out of it. I was thinking of upgrading it to a completely new PC after the summer because...
  12. B

    Kinda high temps?

    Hello.My idle/under load temps are always higher than any other comparison i find on the internet.For example my asus gtx 960 should be at a maximum 60 degrees under load.Well mine is at 70.The cpu is fine now because i decided to make my top fan an intake.I have 1 back exhaust ,1 top intake and...
  13. A

    Windows 8.1 Pro price

    I have a copy of windows 8.1 professional (OEM 64bit disc) and i want to get windows 10. How much could i sell the 8.1 for? (The disc with 8.1 is brand new sealed.)
  14. A

    WOL works from sleep, but not from power off

    I'm trying to get WOL functionality working on my Windows 10 PC. It works from sleep mode but not from a power off state. Here’s my setup: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit ASRock H97M Pro 4 motherboard Intel Core i3 4130T CPU 8 GB DDR RAM AMD Radeon HD 7700 GPU Netgear R7000 Nighthawk Router with a wired...
  15. V

    Random crashes, monitors lose signal, fans kick up

    Specs: CPU: Intel Pentium G4560 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3gb PSU: Corsair CX450M I've had my current build for about 8 months now, and had not run into any issues until I installed the February cumulative updates for the Windows 10 Fall Creator's build (1709) about two weeks ago (note...
  16. B

    Primary Drive as External HDD Usb 3.0

    I have read quite a few threads now but all of the information seems dated around ~2012. I am not asking for convenience but my laptop's internal sata connection for the HDD is broken and the laptop is outside warranty. The laptop is quite high spec so I would prefer not to replace it. Anyway...
  17. F

    HD0 Overheating. Help plz.

    My Hard disk #1 is at 128 degrees Celsius when on google. Haven't tried games yet. PLz help. It crashes very often. I have 5 fans and a liquid cooling systen, though 2 of them don't work. HELP
  18. M

    New CPU, MB and RAM Upgrade, please advise

    Hello All, Returning again to seek more helpful knowledge from the community. I'm currently seeing huge bottlenecks with my I5-4570. Massive stutters when all 4 cores hit 100%. It has done well for me the last 4 years and if I continued playing my usual games I'd have no need for an upgrade...
  19. T

    Backup a Raid-0

    I have a server with 5 sata ports, in the first one there is an ssd with the OS and the rest of the ports have an hdd each. I was wondering if I could run a RAID-0 to two hard drives and then a RAID-1 that would back up both of the hard drives of the RAID-O to a single drive.
  20. D

    Need assistance on monitor's issue (Pixel)

    Hi guys, I have an ultrawide 1440p monitor that I have bought online for a week now. The problem is that there is a pixel (white) that appears only when the background or color is light. On my desktop, changing the blacklevel of the display works but in games and media it still appears when...