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  1. A

    Question 2012 Macbook Air vs more recent Windows laptop

    Hi, I'm in the market for a laptop to work on the go: web browsing, editing in Wordpress, writing in Word, some light Photoshop, watching movies... Nothing too demanding, but it's important that I can do it smoothly. I have the chance to get a 2012 Macbook Air (i5-3427u, 4 GB RAM, 128 SSD) for...
  2. Flave

    [SOLVED] Which of these VR setups are superior and reasonable?

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to jump into VR with the upcoming Rift S and Rift Quest VR headsets. However, I cannot carry my PC to a place-space I can play within. I have an RTX 2060 Zotac Mini without virtual-link, and a boot-camped MacBook Pro 2018. I was thinking either one of these...
  3. U

    Question 2014 MacBook Pro corrupted graphics

    I woke up my MacBook Pro and it hanged and after it caught up, I saw the section of the menu bar where the time was pink, corrupted and missing. Various icons in the menu bar were missing too. This has never happened before, but I've seen this before with my Xbox and when that happened it was...
  4. J

    Question Can I partition an external hard drive for Xbox and PC usage?

    So my brother has an Xbox one 500 GB. he is going to save up for a 3TB WD external hard drive, but he wanted to use it for bother xbox and media usage on his Macbook. Can he partition the External hard drive where he can use 1TB for his xbox, and then when plugged into his Macbook, use the other...
  5. yupu

    [SOLVED] what operating system is recommended for an unsupported white macbook

    Hello, earlier this week i found my old white macbook laptop that has a cracked screen, i used this laptop back when it came out (i think 2008 or 2009) in those days it was a very fast and efficient laptop (im a windows user now btw). one day the screen broke and i remember it costed like half...
  6. A

    Question Macbook pro 2017 storage issue

    So I own MacBook pro-2017, but I have an issue with the storage. The deal is that "system" takes up close to 300 GB of storage (precisely it is 291,21 GB). I have tried several cleaning programmes but nothing seems to work, so I'm asking if I have to do a hard reset of my mac or if there is an...
  7. Johsbr

    Question Keyboard not working but trackpad (MacBook Pro 2018)

    So my Classmates "new" macbook pro's keyboard isn't working. The only thing that works is the mousepad but she can't login We have tried resetting the SMC and the NVRAM but nothing seems to work. Any help?
  8. R

    Question VGA to HDMI adapter is not working.

    I recently ordered this adapter from ebay: I have a moniter that only has VGA connectivity and I wanted to connect it to my macbook, that has an HDMI...
  9. G

    Question Every device appears with the same mac address on my router

    Ok so i dont know why but now every device appears to have the same mac only one pc is with the normal mac. And its messing with my static ip config because well now every device has the same mac.
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Dual monitor with Intel GPU

    Hello, Is a 2 monitor setup possible with an Intel GPU from an i5 8400 (IGPU 630)? System board is Asus TUF B360-PLUS GAMING. The board has an HDMI 1.4b and a D-Sub port. Win10x64, latest drivers, btios, etc. The manual seems to indicate it is possible, but I'm not sure. View...
  11. [SOLVED] Bandwidth... how much is good enough?

    So I'm looking to provide a streaming services where I stream multiple live feeds out. My questions is how much bandwidth would I need for this? I use a website to test my bandwidth: Ping ms 5 Download Mbps 46.88 Upload Mbps 5.59. A site say the average is 18gbps. I came across two different...
  12. G

    Question 4k video card for Kodi

    I have an i3 IvyB 3.4ghz PC that will not play 4k files. The graphics card is way too old - Saphire HD6450. What would be a good card that would play 4k easily?
  13. M

    Question Gigabyte Gtx 750 ti 2gb ddr5 not working.. need help

    Hey there, I have i5 2300 2nd generation processor System name : p6745f Motherboard name: Manufacturer: Pegatron Ram 8 gb ddr3 Power supply 400 watt with 6 pin Graphic card: gigabyte gtx 750 ti 2gb ddr5 My graphic card is not working when I connect my graphic card to my motherboard my...
  14. M

    Question Looking for a decent gaming laptop

    I'm looking to buy a decent gaming laptop, with GTX 1060 i7 8750H. At the moment, I'm deciding between Acer Predator Helios 300(PH317-52, not the 144Hz panel), MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE(8RE-403XPL), Lenovo Legion Y530. Feel free to suggest other laptops. I'm not really looking for a great battery or...
  15. P

    Laptop hardware modification

    Can you recommend cheap laptop only for writing and internet with easy to modify hardware like replacing and upgrading built-in webcam, microphone, wifi, bluetooth, cpu and other parts.
  16. T

    Recommend a Monitor for Photo and Video Editing (Not gaming)

    I have zero gaming plans! I am assembling a computer for editing photos and video. I am looking for the best monitor option to pair with a 2060 graphics card (most I could afford). Is a 4K monitor with the 2060 a bad idea? I really like the Asus Pro Art 32 inch but the 1700$ tag is heavy...
  17. L

    Re: CMOS battery removal - Any risk of losing motherboard updates?

    Guys please help me! I have very recently assembled a new desktop pc. My new amd athlon 200ge cpu should be running at base speed of 3.2 GHz, but it does not actually run at its base speed of 3.2 GHz. While it does reach a speed of 3.2 GHz when it is required (such as heavy work etc), but it...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Will it be possible With This Motherboard?

    i have this old motherboard "H61M-S2V-B3" and i wonder if This cpu "Core I3 3220 "would work with it + gtx 1050 2g the problem is that the cpu require Different version of bios Upgrade than the one that the vga card require so i don't know if the cpu and that vga card Would work together on...
  19. P

    [SOLVED] Looking for GTA 5 pc requirements

    I have HP laptop PROCESSOR : intel i5 5th gen 2.2GHz GRAPHICS: AMD Radeon R5 2gb RAM:4gb DDR3 1500MHz Can I run GTA 5 smoothly on this laptop?
  20. N

    Friend built good gaming pc but fps is really low and cant figure out why

    One of my friends just built his first gaming pc and its specs are: Motherboard; Gigabyte B360M DS3H, Cpu- i3 8100, Gpu- gtx 1060 3gb, 16gb ddr4 ram, 500w powers supply, and 1b hardrive. After getting set up today he tried to play cs go on it and is only getting like 15 fps when he should get...
  21. H

    [SOLVED] 450 watt Evga doesn't have a Pci-E Connector

    A while back, I got a 450 watt evga when first building my computer. I was planning on upgrading my gpu and I couldn't find a cord for the pci-e. Should I buy my own? Will it fry my system? The manual mentions a pci-e cord but doesn't come with one. The model is Evga B3 450 W 80+ Bronze
  22. M

    [SOLVED] CPU usage dropping and at the same time frames dropping

    In multiple games I have been experiencing frame drops (lag spikes). I am usually running these games at 70-90 fps and my frames randomly drop to about 10. At the same time this happens, my CPU usage drops. I have been troubleshooting for about a week now and cannot figure out why this happens...
  23. H

    PC gaming game crashes

    When i'm playing skyrim on high settings it always crashes within a couple minutes. But when i play on the lowest setting it almost never crashes. I also just recently got my gpu which is the gtx 1050 ti and before i got that i was playing portal on low setting with a couple frame drops but...
  24. B

    Samsung monitor flash on and off randomly

    Just built a new PC and connected it to a Samsung 28" UE590 UHD Monitor. The monitor came with an HDMI and a Displayport cable. When I connect the monitor to my graphics card with HDMI the monitor will go black and after a second it will turn back on. A HDMI sign is displayed on the top right...
  25. S

    Can I join the 4+4 pin CPU to make an 8 pin

    I'm building my first pc and currently trying to connect the 2 4 pin connectors with CPU on the side. I can get one of them in but I can't manage to get the other in. Is there a way to put them together so they can be plugged in as 1 8pin?
  26. FShadow1998

    My PSU makes this weird noise

    I used an air blower to clean my PSU last month (I now know that was a mistake). Since then, it's been making this weird noise. At first it was just after booting and then it would be mostly silent until I shut down and restart. Now, it got more frequent and annoying. It didn't sound alarming...
  27. J

    [SOLVED] ASUS Anti Surge Detected

    Hello everyone, thank you in advance for your responses. The past few days I've been having issues with my pc booting into an error message while playing Rust, telling me that power supply surges were detected during the previous power on. I am using a surge protector and I haven't made any...
  28. D

    [SOLVED] AMD FX 9590 setups fail due to lack of knowledge.

    Just some quick notes and observations, no judgment. Facts are as follows: 1 The FX 9590 is a 220W TDP CPU designed originally for servers. 2 There are only a small handful of motherboards that can support this VRM eating machine. 3 a 240mm AIO is about $60-80 4 some of the listed "compatible"...
  29. A

    Can anyone recommend a decent HDMI Switcher?

    Hi, I need to purchase a really simple but reliable HDMI input switcher, to allow a user to choose which one of two inputs they want to show on a screen. The users will not be particularly tech-savvy, so ideally I'd like one which simply has two buttons on the unit itself, and you just press...
  30. X

    Strange issue with my computer

    Hello, I have been having some weird issue with my computer for the past few weeks now. My system won't boot sometimes or most of the time if I have plugged in (having plugged into the power). Meaning that, the fan would spin of both the CPU and GPU, but the it won't display anything. Not even...
  31. harry_redhead

    Drive space just vanishing

    Hey, So I want to install a new game, but needed some space. I freed up just 19GB on my SSD, so I selected all files/folders in my C: folder, and they registered 45.6GB taken. However, if I go into the properties of my drive it says I have taken up 91GB. Where is this other 46GB? Is my SSD or...
  32. J

    Controller Input Lag on PC

    I use a Scuf Controller on my PC to play Fortnite. I've been doing this for months with no problems at all but recently the input lag is terrible. Each game starts out fine but gets worse within minutes. I quickly unplug the cable and plug it back in and it's fine for a couple minutes before...
  33. B

    Can't allocate 2gb of Ram to Ryzen APU aftering adding more ram to the system....

    I have a Ryzen 5 2400G CPU/APU and I had 2x4 gb of 3000MHz ram installed. I just purchased 16 more gb in 2x8 same exact brand, speed, everything. When I installed it my PC turns on then off and keeps repeating this process and finally tells me something has changed with either the CPU or Memory...
  34. O

    DDR4 Memory and Mobo Chipset compatibility

    I intend to upgrade my mobo for this: Gigabyte A-H270M-GAMING 3 Found a DDR4 memory but doesn't say if it's compatible with the mobo chipset. Checked the manufacturer's website and all i got was: "The PnP feature offers a range of speed and timing options to support the widest variety of...
  35. P

    Can someone help me with my first build :(

    So im doing my first build and i just wanted to some opinion that might help me since i choosed every part by myself without guides and im afraid i pick some stuff that r incompatible with each other or something =[ so if someone can help me would be so much appreciate i already have GTX 1060...
  36. H

    Issues with MacBook Air Login Password

    Submitted by Godwin adoyi on 2 September, 2018 and last modified on 2 September, 2018 Hi, I recently updated my Macbook Air 2015 to the latest version of High Sierra. But now my Macbook Air will not accept my logging password. Whenever I try to sign in with my password, I always get an error...
  37. S

    PC crashes when I play any game.

    Hey ya, have had my since 2013. Now just a couple days ago my PC crashes within 2-6 mins of being in Arma 3, Day Z, MW2, and Pub G. Never had a problem over the years and has me stumped. Deleted all the game and steam completely, reinstalled everything and still have the problem. I can surf the...
  38. E

    Overwatch FPS drops

    So recently I bought myself an i7 7700k, when I play overwatch my FPS is very good but I get some FPS drops that seam kind of odd when looking at other streams. When I stream Ill play in a team fight and be at 220 fps and then the next fight in the same EXACT place be at 190 dropping to 170 ...
  39. C

    Will an i5 8400 8th Gen processor work in my current ASUS motherboard?

    I'm planning on buying a new processor as my current one is about 6 years old. Current motherboard and processor: - ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0 motherboard (HERE) - AMD FX 6300 Six Core I want to buy the Intel i5 8400 8th Gen processor but I wasn't able to find out if it would be compatible with my...
  40. T

    $1500ish AMD Vs. Intel PC

    This will be my 3rd pc build in about 4 years. This time I've created two wish lists. One based on Intel and the other Ryzen. I mainly use my pc for photo editing with lightroom, photoshop, and nik. I also enjoy playing games from time to time. (Souls series, Dragon's Dogma, other random...