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  1. R

    Need Some Help

    I just got my new computer GPU: GTX 1080 CPU: i7 8700k I've been testing it out and it seems like its having similar/worse fps than my other computer Old Computer: GPU: GTX 1060 CPU: i5 4960 Anyone know why i'm experiencing this?
  2. K

    PC randomly shuts down /screen goes blank and reboot

    Hello, I've got these 2 issues going on for a while - first of all PC sometimes (like 2-3 times per day) shut downs itself, and second issue is sometimes screen goess blank (whole screen is white/grey color) and PC starts rebooting. Im going to explain clues i've got in two separate points...
  3. F

    How to get Console/PC audio set up?

    Hi, I have and do the majority of my gaming through my gaming pc and a 32" lcd tv. I have my gaming consoles - Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and Switch plugged into a hdmi switcher and then to the tv's hdmi. And the pc is DVI to hdmi. My dilemma/question: I am going to buy a new 4k monitor, most likely...
  4. R

    will a low profile gpu fit in a normal sized desktop pc?

    Hello, i wish to replace my gpu, i have an older sparkle GT 520 which is having fan issues, so i chose this one http://, its a low profile Gigabyte Geforce GT 1030 so will it fit in my standard cabinet & does it have a half height or full height bracket as my cabinet requires a full height...
  5. budest

    Trying to Source Replacement Keyboard

    Hi there, I'm having difficulty trying to source a replacement keyboard for a Toshiba Tecra A9 and am wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction? Thanks
  6. R

    Having problem in graphics card selection

    I have a pc with rig g4400 Msi h110 lga 1151 pro vh plus 4 gb ram kingston Kindly suggest me the best graphic card in 2500 inr
  7. V

    Videos on chrome flashing

    I bought a second hand Club3d R9 280X GPU and games are running good with it i even hit 100fps in PUBG sometimes but i have this annoying problem that happens when i am for example watching a youtube video. The video colors completely change for like a one second and then goes back to normal and...
  8. I

    Laptop Display help

    My laptop has 60hz, but somehow nvidia manage to make it up to 170hz @1366x768 and 120hz @1024x768 should i stay at 170hz or go back to 60hz, will this damage my monitor?
  9. M

    Router logs show some suspicious activity

    Okay so I hadn't an idea as to why my router has been having a multitude of issues in the recent years, but I think I may have come across the problem. I decided to go through my routers security log and found a thing or two, one of the issues "SYN FLOODING Attack" is apparently a form of dos...
  10. N

    Cpu not startup its problem again n again

    My cpu amd quadcore proccesser , Ram Ddr4 4gd ,graffic 2gb . when i start pc then it turn on onlr 2 - 3 second only then it will turn off .. and i tried to after 10 sec ... then i fac same problem... its problem again n again ... power supply ok.. but cpu not startup ... what is problem on my...
  11. N

    whats the difference?

    I want to get a z270 chipset mobo by msi and am wondering what the difference is between the z270 sli plus and the normal z270 sli. btw the plus is 23 dollars more.
  12. T

    Failed in overclocking ryzen (any cpu damage?)

    i have 2400 mhz ram (its supposed to run at 2400 but i runs 2133) msi b350 pc mate mobo ryzen 5 1600 with stock cooler i tried to oc it at 3.8 ghz and rams with" msi memory try it " at 2400 (that option includes ram timings) first i give 1.275 v cpu voltage it booted and it was good at games and...
  13. T

    To remove sidebar when watchig livetennis match on laptop

    Sidebar takes up to much screen on laptop
  14. B

    Can 2 video cards boost 2D performance?

    I'm building a new PC. I'm migrating my current power supply, video card and fans to the new case. The graphics card is an XFX AMD Radeon HD7870 Double Dissipation Gigahertz Edition. Its a wonderful card that has always served me well. It also stays quiet and cool. Its also quite dated by...