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  1. Name4Game

    Can you buy windows 7 and get a free upgrade to windows 10?

    Been trying to wrap my head around this for a minute. Building my first PC and I want windows 10 but it costs almost 100, could it be possible to get windows 7 priced at 60 and get the free upgrade to windows 10?
  2. J

    OEM Windows XP

    I have a laptop with OEM XP windows installed. Due to some problem (Virus) the OS did not work properly anymore and I decided to reformat the entire hard disk and downloaded Windows XP retail version. Under the above condition, I am thinking using the product key available at the back of the...
  3. D

    Which new (color accurate) 30"+ display for Mac Pro 4,1?

    I'm looking to buy a new monitor for my Mac Pro, as the existing one (an old Samsung running at 1680 x 1050, which I got free with the Mac a couple of years or so ago) is on the way out. Ideally I'd like the new display to be at least the equal of the old Apple 30 inch Cinema Display in terms...
  4. E

    Reformatting a *used Windows 8.1* SSD back to windows 7?

    I'm trying to remotely help my buddy install windows 7 on his computer. I built him a new computer this past weekend, but don't live near him and the SSD hadn't arrived yet so wasn't able to install windows for him. When he booted up, the SSD it still had Windows 8.1 installed and the previous...
  5. L

    What 144hz monitor do I want?

    I have a GTX 970 and would like to know the BEST monitor i can get for under £400 I've considered free-sync, G-sync, 24", 27", 1440p, 1080p. Would I lose quality on a 27" at 1080p? What is my best option? I mostly play CS:GO.. but also frequently play Total War: Attila, fallout & racing.
  6. J

    Best 'non-gaming' headphones for gaming [for under 100$]

    I'm not sure the title is clear enough, but the thing is that, overall, the named 'gaming headsets' are usually a complete ripoff. They don't sound that good and the usual 100-200$ price point is, again, a ripoff. A lot of people have switched these gaming headseats for "usual headphones" made...
  7. K

    Windows XP Backup

    I know that XP is no longer supported, but I have software and utilities that won't run in W7 that I still use. So I have dual booted W7 and XP Pro on two separate HD's. To get the dual boot to work I had to install XP on C drive and W7 on F drive. To get XP to dual boot with W7 I had to do a...
  8. A

    NW driver problem

    Hi all, I lost my Wifi Driver of my Dell 15 3000 for windows 8.1 64 bit & couldnt able to find the correct driver. My hardwar
  9. dsr07mm

    r9 290 powercolor vs gtx970 MSI

    Simple as that. Due to famous "wrong marketing" from Nvidia I have this option. I would like to keep my gtx970 but I want other opinions for 1080p gaming. I would have extra 60$ for 4gb ram to add in my PC. No other options, either stay with 970 or switch to that particular gpu ?
  10. H

    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Code 10

    Guys i am out of ideas on how to fix my realtek pcie gbe family controller. My desktop for some reason cannot connect to the internet. There is yellow triangle with an exclamation mark when i go the the device manager for the family controller. I am going to list down what i did so far. 1) I...
  11. M

    ssd in vivobook

    hi i replaced hdd with sdd in vivobook s400ca with 24g ssd as a cash.and biose detect my ssd 128g (transcend)but while installing windows 8 noting boot from dvd.
  12. R

    Display Issues with PowerColor 7870

    Back Story: Bought the 7870 Myst Ed. about a year ago and had display issues after playing a game for more than 30 minutes or so. I ended up RMA'ing the card, but they did not have another in stock, so they sent my a different version of the 7870. Current Problem: Installed the card and it...
  13. S

    Whats the best gpu

    whats the best gpu between 2-300$ australian?