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  1. J

    Question All applications freeze, other oddities and when at worst its a black screen with a stuttering mouse.

    When running multiple applications, playing certain games and downloading, my computer starts to face weird issues that when given an error always says I have ran out of ram on my system. The weird issues I've gotten have been: All opened applications freeze and become unresponsive. You can't...
  2. A

    Question My computer takes forever to shutdown, how do i fix it?

    Specs Windows 10 Samsung 970 Pro 1TB (boot drive) Samsung 860 Pro 1TB ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula I9-9900k G.skill Tridentz (non-rgb) 2080ti FTW3 Issue: When shutting down the computer partially shutdown but all components and LEDs go back to default profile and 1 monitor stays on while...
  3. N

    Question CPU and/or mobo not recognizing memory+instability.

    The donkey writing this post had a bit of an issue when performing a thermal paste re-application, turns out AMD's wraith prism cooler preapplied compound is not exactly the best and my cpu got stuck to it (REALLY STUCK). I tried many methods (such as, twisting, 99% isopropanol and rubbing...
  4. S

    Question New Ram is not working

    I have an old PC. Its built with intel DH55TC motherboard and i3 540 processor. 2 GB DDR3 1333 Mhz Ram and a generic Zebronic PSU. Now to upgrade this old machine i have bought a Corsair 450w PSU, Zotac GT 1030 GPU and SK hynix 4 GB DDR3 10600U Mhz. The PSU and the GPU works fine i guess...
  5. klear6

    [SOLVED] I can't delete an empty folder that has "!!" in the name

    I have a hard drive I use as a workstation instead of my desktop for reasons. At some point I transferred a folder to it called "((RESEARCH & COMPLETE ME!!))" I transferred it from another device but don't remember which one. Could have been Win 7 Pro, a modded version of Win 7, Android, an...