Question CPU and/or mobo not recognizing memory+instability.

Mar 20, 2019
The donkey writing this post had a bit of an issue when performing a thermal paste re-application, turns out AMD's wraith prism cooler preapplied compound is not exactly the best and my cpu got stuck to it (REALLY STUCK). I tried many methods (such as, twisting, 99% isopropanol and rubbing dental floss on corners) before pulling out the hair dryer and heating up the thing and finally pulling it away. However in the process I might have bent a few pins and/or accidentally dropped some dried thermal compound gunk on the pins (Old Intel user, blessed be LGA). when I rebuilt my rig I noticed in the bios only half of my 16GB ram was available, although it recognized the two modules which with their respective capacity, but it appears to be only delivering half of it to windows (8GB).

Pictures were taken after the disaster. I did rinse the CPU with isopropyl to remove some of the gunk on the pins, and it's pristine clean now.

Images of the CPU and BIOS screens