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  1. M

    Migrating HDD to SSD RAID 0

    SYSTEM: ASUS Z170-A 1 x WD 500 GB SATA (green) HDD 2 x 250 GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD 1 x WD "My Passport Ultra" 500 GB external drive My OS (Windows 10 Educational) as well as all my apps files, etc. are currently on the HDD. The SSD' are setup in RAID 0 (currently empty and partitioned as MBR)...
  2. A

    Should I upgrade?

    Hey guys, I currently have an AMD Athlon X4 640 and I would like to upgrade to an AMD FX-8320E. Is it worth it for me to upgrade the CPU? I would like to play the most current games on moderate settings that would get me stable frames. Also, keep in mind I am a budget gamer.
  3. S

    Connecting old HDD to new build PC

    Guys I am having some data on my Old PC's HDD so I want that data on my new build PC so can I connnect that HDD to my new PC without worrying about Viruses? How can I check if that HDD has any Virus? Or do I even need to check?
  4. S

    Is my Power Supply working?

    I was editting a video in After Effects earlier and my Desktop shut down by itself, when I went to switch it back on, the pc just made a noise as if it was shutting down, there is power going into it I think, the LED's for my graphics card is on, the led for my power button is on, but when I...
  5. M

    need help on computers

    Need help if this computer is good
  6. chunli

    SSD + HDD Game Recording

    Hi everyone, It's my first build so forgive me if it's a noob question. I want to record gameplay videos and bought a 1 TB WD Blue 7200 rpm. I already have a Sandisk 128 gb SSD with Windows 8 and a lot of stuff in it in my pc. I read a lot of threads here and understand that i should have OS...
  7. T

    Can I add a 4 gb ram module to an 8 gb one

    Amusing they are both the same speed 1 4 gb 1600 and 2 4 gb 1600. Would it work. I have an Asus Maximus vii hero.
  8. E

    Win7 stuck - no login window

    Hello When booting my sager notebook NP7280, win7 won't go further than the black screen just after the screen with the windows logo. I have tried safe boot, old restore points, you name it but to no avail. All this happens to the new HD which was a n exactly image of the old smaller hd...
  9. W

    What are today's good gaming desktop and laptop?

    When I look at the systems around I become :pt1cable: with what options a person can have especially that each day there's a new technology. Please what are the specifications today of: - a good gaming laptop? - and a good gaming desktop? Processor, graphic card... By good I mean just a...