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  1. llxy

    [SOLVED] 1060 Fan Mod

    A few months back, I had a proprietary Acer 1060 6GB from a prebuilt die on me. The card boots up, but the cooler doesn't work. How can I cool this card? (The 1060 6GB) I also have a Noctua NF-B9 redux-1600 92mm fan that I can possible use? Would this fan be able to work well enough with the...
  2. Iver Hicarte

    Question Vertical GPU Mount/Bracket for Asus TUF 6700XT GPU?

    What's a COMPATIBLE vertical bracket/mount for my Asus TUF 6700XT? My case is the Lian Li 011 Dynamic Mid Tower Case, I am familiar that Lian Li makes their own vertical GPU mounts, but the issue is, here in the place I live in, the only available Lian Li vertical brackets are for the 011...
  3. tek3195

    Question What should riser cable solder joints look like ?

    I have a riser cable that I need to cut to shorter length. I know there's a bunch of joints, but they don't look that complicated. The one that I have is hard for me to tell what should be soldered and what should not. It looks like manufacturer aimed to solder one row per side of board and...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Recommended Paint Colours for Vibrant Pink & White Case Mod (Metal)?

    Hi there guys, I'm building my partner's PC with her and I need some recommendations for spray paint brands or certain colours of pink you've seen or used that will work well on the metal Cooler Master NR200P (white). Would I need a primer or would the white be good enough to paint directly...
  5. K

    [SOLVED] R9 290X unlocking voltage

    Greetings, I have custom made R9 290X with hybrid cooling, temps under load never go above 35c and VRMs always stay under 70c. Gpu also has ASCI rating of 80.1% so in theory it should be great for overclocking. Because of that, and because stock voltage is pretty low (1192mv is max you can put...
  6. K

    Question Kenshi plants stick around

    Hey So i am playing a HEAVILY modded kenshi game using the most popular collection on the steam workshop (Kenshi : Age of Blood & Sand) Normally when you place a building to start your outpost it removes all the plants and trees in a pretty big area around it as part of the vanilla game...
  7. Question How to make window HEADER dark?

    Hi, is there a way to make window HEADER dark? (Not the title bar) the header where file-edit-view-help etc buttons are. Thank You
  8. Question Due to COVID19 I can’t MOD PLEASE HELP!!

    I want to MOD RDR2 game files from the PS4 non jail broken. I can save the game save to a USB & transfer it to my Laptop. There is a program at That I can decrypt the file & edit adding mods/cheats on that program but I can’t encrypt the file back. I need to visit...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Help with upgrades for Asus K53E?

    Hello everyone i bought Asus K53E yesterday for 30$. It has B950. 4gb ram (2x2),300gb hdd and intel hd2000. I plan to upgrade it with I7,2x4gb ram and SSD. I have 3 questions: Can i go with stronger cpu then I7 2670qm? It has 45W tdp like I7 2760QM There are some I7 3XXX that use same socket ...
  10. BobMcSmith

    Question Modern Warfare Warzone lagging suprisingly bad

    Hello! Specs: i5-7600K ASUS H170 pro gaming (I know its the wrong chipset) GTX 1060 6GB HP 920EX MW runs at around 50fps on all low settings, compared to my friend's computer with worse specs running faster. Is there a glaring bottleneck or mismatched part? I'm at a loss. Sorry for the lack of...
  11. ITPMJE

    Question Optimizing Minecraft And Java Not Utilizing CPU or GPU

    Okay... So... I can run 300+ frames in vanilla minecraft Java. I can run RLCraft with Sildurs shaders getting about 80/27 according to optifine with my render distance at 10 chunks. So... why does my CPU never use more that 50%? Specs: 9th Gen Intel I7-9750H 12MB Cache Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660...
  12. Silly_Billy

    Question BSOD When Quitting FiveM

    Whenever i play fivem (GTA Mod) after a long period of time of playing it, i will quit fivem, shutdown my system then straight away i get BSOD with the stop Code of MEMORY_MANAGEMENT ? Any Help On This Please?
  13. MadsModsat

    [SOLVED] PSU Cables compatibility - Corsair AX / Seasonic Prime Ultra

    A couple of years ago I had a set of custom cables made specifically for my Corsair AX860 (non-i version) PSU. The cables were made to order by I have recently sold the AX860 and bought a Seasonic Prime Ultra Platinum 850 instead. For now I'm just using the standard cables...
  14. [SOLVED] Extend the wifi range of spycam? Is it possible using this method?

    Hi everyone, Its my first post so please bare with me... I'm working on a pet project that involves connecting to a wireless camera (spycam) from a few hundred meters away. The spycam uses the 2.4 GHz with antenna that allows the signal to reach about 75 feet away. However, my project requires...
  15. Rayhan Jerome

    Question Can i Remote Control my PC using a IR Receiver Plugged into my Motherboard Power Switch?

    Hey, I recently bought a Universal IR remote that can control anything that uses an IR receiver nad I had this idea about turning on my pc using IR receiver plugged into my Motherboard Power Switch. The questions are... will it work? does what do i need to do that kinda thing? and also do you...