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  1. S

    Question BT & Wifi are not detected. Is the module dead?

    I have a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra motherboard with built-in wifi and bluetooth. Neither Wifi or Bluetooth options are available in the notifications panel (bottom left corner in Windows) and in device manager the Bluetooth and Wifi drivers have disappeared. I can only find the drivers in device...
  2. kjrr.2136

    Question DIY sound bar from old laptop speakers !help!

    Hello i am thinking of making a Bluetooth sound bar out of my old laptop lenovo laptop ( ideapad 510) internal speakers, from the internet i learnt that you need to change the digital signal to analog and then amplify the signal before connecting it to the speaker. I am a little worried about...
  3. S

    Question 2 ram modules works, 4 do not works

    Hello guys, ;) I am new to this forum. I read a lot of good stuff here and I did manage to solve lot of my problems. But, now I have silly problem I could not solve. I wanted to make my first PC Battle-station. I bought ASUS Z390-E gaming mobo and Kingston Predator 3200 MHz RBG 2x16Gb kit...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] What happens if you install RAM modules upside-down when reballing?

    Before anyone comes, telling me "only professionals should reball" or "why are you reballing anyways?", rest assured nothing has happened. This is a mere question from the curious side of my mind. So anyways, what would happen if you put a RAM module upside-down when reballing?
  5. Vlp3r

    Question Can i mix different latency ram of the same manufacturer? or with different memory module? Hyper X Fury Ram

    I already have an HyperX Fury Black 8GB 2133MHz CL14 with the model number HX421C14FB2/8 "HX" being HyperX , "4" is DDR4 , 21 is 2133 mhz , C14 is 14 latency , FB2 being Single Rank configuration module. Now i don't seem to find this item anywhere. Either i have to go for the same ram...
  6. 10thmtnarty

    Cheapest computer thats reliable and can run dead frontier

    I need the cheapest reliable pc possible that can run discord app and dead frontier. Here's the sites if you're unfamiliar. Dead frontier is a unity browser based mmo Dead frontier: Tier 3 psu and wireless card required. Got a good...