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  1. supereena

    Question Two 144hz monitors only showing 65 fps when extended, but 144 fps when duplicated

    I just bought a second 144hz monitor. Both monitors are set to 144hz but when i set multiple displays to 'Extend these displays', 'Show only 1' or 'Show only 2' it only shows 65 fps on UFO test. However, when i set it to 'Duplicate these displays' they both show 144 fps. Does anyone know why...
  2. Lyith Hawwar

    Question Screen flickering/going black

    So I've had my system for a few years now, built it almost 3 years ago and its been working fine. Recently(the past few weeks) whenever I play a game, the screen frequently flickers and then goes black for a few seconds before returning. I can still hear the audio and inputs still work just...
  3. Question 144hz monitor no longer able to do 144hz refresh

    Hi all I have an AOC (27G2G4) Monitor. It performed fine for the last year but recently it has an issue displaying at 144hz. the bottom inch of the screen completely distorts all the way across (horizontally). If I lower the refresh rate to 120hz it seems to perform fine. I'm unsure what is...
  4. eltomentra

    [SOLVED] Can i run a 144hz monitor on my laptop?

    Hello!, i´ve been searching if i could run a monitor on a laptop with a 1.4HDMI port. My english is not great so in the answers i have encountered i became a little..lost. For what i understand, it seems that it depends on: Your HDMI port, the cable you get, and my graphics card. Thanks to the...
  5. Wasabak

    Question Main monitor shows no signal after startup, second works fine

    Yesterday it worked perfectly fine, but after booting pc today, it showed no signal. I tried switching cables on monitors and also on gpu, same result, and I also tried pluging in DVI Dual link instead of display port, still no result (tried switching input on monitor). I also tried fresh...
  6. khacs

    Question My 144hz monitor wont show 144hz even though it did previously.

    I have been using 144hz for a while now, and randomly out of nowhere it reset back to 60hz. When i look at display settings in the dropdown menu, it only shows 60hz and below even though it is a 144hz monitor. I do not know what happened and I can't find anything that helps.
  7. nimorosan

    Question 144hz monitor and a 120fps

    What will happen if you have a Monitor that is set to 144hz refresh rate, but you are playing a game with 120fps give or take? Thank You in Advance.
  8. H

    Question I need help with my monitor settings.

    I want to know my monitor's best possible settings for better image quality and color accuracy, I was wondering if anybody out there can tell me how to set it up, I am on Displayport right now with my Samsung C32JG51FD and I was wondering if HDMI can provide a better image quality or more...
  9. M

    Question Which one would you recommend?

    Hello, I am looking for a monitor that is 144hz, 1ms, full HD and about 24 inches, that is, a gaming monitor. The thing is, I need the monitor to reach 144Hz via HDMI. I have been informing myself and it has to be at least HDMI 1.4 but some monitors like the benq xl2411 only reach 120hz through...
  10. Iamnotraiden

    [SOLVED] Can I use a 144hz monitor with my motherboard I would be buying- MSI H410M Pro VH?

    I want to buy the mother board for using it with i3 10100f and GTX 1650Super pair, and I also want to buy a 144hz monitor. Would I be able to use the monitor at 144hz?
  11. A

    Question Monitor Problem

    I just bought the AOC G2490VX. It's a FHD 144hz VA 24" Monitor. I used the maxed refresh rate when I played Valorant and I noticed something. Sometimes, it makes certain things that moves bleed, reddish shadow or tracer. Sometimes it's fine. Is this normal or not?
  12. T

    Question Which monitor to choose?

    Hello friends. As the title says i need help with chosing myself a monitor. My current best pick is Asus vg259qr for 410 usd (i also found vg259q for the same price and vg249q for 100 dollars less, i dont know which of the first 2 is better) My budget is around 360 (420usd) euros max. If you...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Odd Display Artifacting on AOC C24G1 ?

    I have encountered a strange issue regarding my recently purchased 144hz monitor. This issue was previously figured out, but has returned. The artifact that's occurring are diagonal lines that seem to be mostly green with a little bit of green and blue. These lines cover the entire monitor...
  14. E

    Question Advice on the quality of G-sync on a certified monitor without the official driver ?

    Hello good folks, I'm looking forward to step up from an old 60hz display to the Acer Predator XB253, a 144hz 1080p monitor which is certified as G-Sync compatible by Nvidia (this one : But the issue is, Nvidia's website says...
  15. malvinruslie

    Question Color Bleeding

    Hello, I have 2 monitors. One is an old monitor which is 60Hz, and my new monitor is the Asus VG249Q 144Hz and I'm confused about calibrating the colors and I can't seem to eliminate the color bleeding in my new monitor? VG249Q - 144Hz - Color Bleeding Asus VS228 - 60Hz - No Color Bleed How...