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  1. Andre Coleiro

    70 degrees on a evga gtx 770 dualbios

    Is it normaly when i play bf4 (Ultra) the gpu degrees is 70 degrees ??
  2. K

    Looking to purchase my first Laptop

    Reading and reading I'm getting more and more unsure on what to buy. My computer specs 8GB mem, Phenom II x3 4th core unlocked 3.2ghz and gpu ati 4750. I'm going away for 6 month and I play games like swtor but I will be using Photoshop and lightroom more gaming waaaay less or not gaming. I...
  3. A

    In need of some help, losing my hair over here. . . :(

    Ive posted this else where, and have not figured out the issue yet. So.. here we goooo. Alright, well lately I've been getting a series of bluescreens. I've had windows 7 on this system and had them... Upgraded to windows 8.1 and they are still present. So Im pretty much running on a fresh...
  4. T

    Unable to activate CrossFireX in AMD CCC

    HI thanks for trying to help me. So im fairly new to PC's and i have two ATI Radeon HD 4800 series Graphics cards... Under the Performance tab on the left side, I select AMD CrossFireX. This takes me to the screen where I see two bullet choices: Enable CrossFireX (with a box underneath that says...
  5. J

    Need a good, quiet cooler for 8320 and tall ram.

    I've got my first build coming together: and I'm beginning to think that the tall ram may have been a mistake to buy because I've recently looked up videos of the 8320's stock cooler and it is extremely loud and distracting, and the cooler I was looking at...
  6. G

    My pc cant find the device.

    I plugged my headset in the usb port but the installation is unsuccesful.I tried it in every port, I uninstalled the deviceses still no succes.Anyone tips?