Question Basically just want to know if it's relevent!


Oct 31, 2018
To cut a long story short, I would like to know if what I'm doing is worth my while?

So background story starts with.... I am studying software development in college. After my first year (And connecting my laptop to a display big enough to code everyday basically.....) I realise I had to have a desktop workstation to develop my coursework at home.

I've always done minor upgrades(i.e cpu and ram upgrades on salvageable tech to save pennies!) but never built a rig from scratch. However, after seeing a vid from youtube from TechYesCity (who I watch all the time...) I seen he builds a rig from an old Xeon sever CPU (X3440 to be exact).

To mimic this build, I followed the same specs. Xeon 3440 for £18 (shipped), ASUS p7p55d-e mobo (£45 shipped...BARGAIN!), Stock intel-heatsink (£7 shipped.... Will upgrade when overclocked), * Passive MSI GPU (£ 14 Display purposes only!), 12Gb (3 x 4GB) of RipJawz 1600MHZ DDR3 RAM(£20). And a brand new 80 Bronze certified 600W PSU (Even if the rest of the components are **, this won't be!). Also have a 120GB Kingston SSD lying around.

So to summarise.... How long will this build be relevant? Don't particularly mind in terms of gaming (I'm a console gamer anyways!!!) but in terms of cost and need of potential upgrades?

To refer back to original point, main aim is to have a rig that could handle multiple IDE's running in tandem.

Cheers dudes for any help.

P.S this is like my 2nd post. Go easy please!