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  1. N

    Tab is behaving like always being pressed

    Tab is behaving like always being pressed in Windows 7. Please help. I have attached the video link also.http://
  2. F

    Upgrading ram but lower graphics card

    i have asusrog GL553VW Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 960m 8gb ram. i actually planning to add 2 more 8gb ram, is that possible to upgrade 2 more 8gb ram since my graphics card is only Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 960m?
  3. M

    When I start a game in steam, my internet and steam go down.

    When I start a game in steam (CSGO), the steam goes down and after 5 seconds I am without internet. And if you quit the game, steam gets back online and the internet comes back. This only happens with the CSGO, the other steam games that I have I get to play normal. I think it could be a problem...
  4. T

    PC boot issue

    Hi I installed a new graphics card and now my PC won't boot up. I've tried to disable the secure boot option and still nothing.
  5. O

    Optiplex 790 DT -

    Hello, guys! I've come today to ask you guys a question. I currently have an outdated i3 proccessor on this machine I got for christmas. The specs are: Intel i3-2120 3.3GHz Dual Core 4 Threads, Socket LGA 1155 Nvidia ZOTAC GT 730 Zone Edition 2GB GDDR3 6GB RAM 1333 MHZ 3 x 2 Setup 255 W DELL...
  6. L

    Need a PC upgrade

    My motherboard just died so imlooking for an upgrade. I have a gtx 750ti AMD fx 6300. I want to play the new games on medium settings 1080p. Sorry for my bad englando im from Argentina
  7. J

    Motherboard + CPU buying - request Cooling and other advice please

    Hi I'm building a new system and would appreciate some help: I'm using it for circuit board design and other and have no desire to overclock or have fancy lights etc. I've looked around and think GIGABYTE Gaming Z270XP-SLI is maybe a good Mobo for me but I have many questions: 1. is this...
  8. _dawn_chorus_

    Computer suddenly wont register Monitor (motherboard?)

    Ive been putting together a computer and finally got it up and running, I saw I wasn't getting a good wireless signal, so I powered down, turned off the PSU switch and the power bar, then moved the wireless antenna at the front of the case, put the panels on, booted up and nothing... No Signal...
  9. S

    Bios won't show when I press del, if I don't PC boots normally.

    Once I boot my pc, if I want to access the BIOS, I press del. If I do press del my monitor doesn't recognize a signal and won't display anything. If I don't press anything, the monitor recognizes a signal and displays the mobo splash screen. Then windows starts and everything boots normally...
  10. K

    Is the a240g compatible with my gpu

    Is the EKWB a240g’s block compatible with my gpu? It is a MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127963
  11. T

    You need a DX11 compatible GPU to play Crysis 3

    Hi! Recently I've got the urge to replay Crysis 3 on my new laptop hoping that because of the improved specs, I'll be able to get a better experience. After installing it from the disks though, the game returns the message "You need a DX11 capable GPU to play Crysis 3" or something along those...
  12. F

    Bad ping at night

    So for about a month now i've been experiencing terrible ping but it really only happens at night. During the day, on overwatch i get around 70ms ping but at around 5:00pm things start to take a turn for the worst. It gradually starts increasing until it lands somewhere around 230ms. this...
  13. P

    Question about GPU

    I have a GTX 1050 2GB, and I know nothing about computers. Sometimes the temperatures reach 70 or even 71. Will such high temperatures decrease life span or anything? Sorry for the dumb question.
  14. L

    New computer 1500$

    So im going to buy a new computer i'm going to sell my old one with i7 4790k 2x970. But im going to keep one 970 so i can save up for a 1070-1080ti. This is what im thinking im going to buy. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Snowyman02/saved/cJ4hqs Should i go for a bigger m.2? Cause i only want...
  15. T

    I have a dell latitude locked up on a word document

    Help. I'm in the middle of a document I don't want to lose
  16. I

    No signal on my computer screen

    i build a new computer and when i booted it up there was no signal, i tried troubleshooting everything removing all parts the were not needed for the boot up and it still did not boot up. What component is faulty then? and needs replacing
  17. M

    Cheap ddr3 skylake motherboard

    I'm getting a i5 6500 and am having trouble finding a motherboard. Could you recommend the cheapest ddr3 skylake motherboards please. Thank you
  18. J

    MacBook Air not charging

    I currently have an early 2014 MacBook Air, and after a small vacation, it just won’t charge. I think I heard a small sound from the rectangular box when shaking it a little. I have tried different outlets and don’t have any different charging cables. I had to use a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter...
  19. C

    Computer static problem

    I opened up my pc because it had too much dust in and needed cleaning. I put it on my bed to open it up and then on my desk to clean it. I used compressed air to blow at dust and I used a shirt to wipe some dust from the inside. Now when I touch the case when the pc is turned on I sometimes get...
  20. NoobPC97

    Motherboard at 118°C ??

    Hi guys, i recently installed speccy after a long time due to the fact that recently assembled pc i've built is working great and flawlessly... (6 months) And it schocked me when i saw 117-120°C on the motherboard temperature... so i downloaded HWmonitor and other programs but all displayed the...
  21. A

    CPU cooler doesn’t fit motherboard

    I bought a be quiet pure rock 150w but i didnt know that the bracket doesnt fit on my Asus A88X-PRO. Is there anything i could buy to make it work?
  22. T

    Graphics card drivers

    I think it is my Drivers but my little cousin gets like a day out of his gaming goes to bed resets his computer then starts the game and when he moves side to side the FPS gets destroyed. I reinstall the drivers and its fixed. Then the next day the same thing happens. What is it????????
  23. B

    Need gaming laptop purchase advice

    Merry Christmas all! Hope this is in the right section. Looking to buy a laptop with the budget being 700 pounds max. (maybe even nab one in the sales) It's for casual gaming like sims and some basic games like micro machines etc while on the move and not using my desktop pc. I'm honestly a...
  24. P

    New lenovo flex 5 running slow and noisy fan

    There's a low sound coming from the fans, but I don't understand why because it's new. It bothers me quite a bit, I usually play music to avoid hearing it. I'm not sure if they need to be cleaned or if that's just how this laptop is. Any advice would be appreciated. The laptop has, in this past...
  25. S

    Which should I get

    So im building a PC (specs in my other thread comment on it) and I'm planning on buying a VR now I've done some research and the vive and the oculus rift are the ones I am most interested in. Now from what I can see the oculus cost less and has better remotes. While since the vive has been "out...
  26. U

    win 10 creation tool

    i am getting crazy! i AM the owner of the PC and i dont ahve any other account that means i am the admin. but when putting the media creation tool to the downlaod it says "Sign in as an administrator" To use this tool, you must be signed in to Windows using an administrator account. please gimme...
  27. E

    PC outlets and buttons don't work.

    Hi guys! I recently spilt water on my PC while it was off. After letting it dry and turning it on all the fans run- however I'm not sure if anything else is working. My PC power button doesn't work so I have to flip the switch on the back of my PC. NONE of the ports work. And I do mean none...
  28. E

    How much do I sell my PC for?

    I am selling my computer so I can pay for college next semester. I built it last March and I don't know how much money I could get out of it. Also check the notes on the build, it wouldnt include the motherboard and wifi card in the build list. Everything is in very good condition...
  29. M

    Does kernel power 41 63 guarantee faulty psu?

    My pc has been having some serious problems lately and i had a look at tbe logs and noticed I have about 15 critical errors and all of them are caused my the kernel power thingy. Does this guarantee a faulty psu or could it be something else?
  30. Z

    Unknown User Account?

    Hi there, I was going through my download folders the other day to make sure I could clear the folder but I found a folder called LogMeIn Rescue which was downloaded nearly two years ago. I have no recollection of downloading this program but anyway, I right clicked on it to see when it was last...
  31. H

    Can my Motherboard run My GTX1050

    Can my Motherboard run my GTX1050 just asking Thank you.
  32. K

    MSI RX480 8GB core clock fluctuating on idle help

    I've had this problem for a couple weeks now and it seems to never go away. My core clock fluctuates on idle but when I'm in-game it's even worse. My FPS drops frequently and when GPU heavy event happens, massive FPS drops occur and my monitor shuts off and turns into a black screen with PC...
  33. C

    Installing a SSD with an existing HardDrive in my PC.

    I want to install an SSD onto my pc so i can put games and my OS on it. My Hard Drive already has around 1 terabyte of data on it, so how would i go about installing the OS on the new SSD? Do i simply just: 1. Unplug Harddrive 2. Connect SSD and install windows (from the disc) 3. Plug back in...
  34. J

    CPU For Medium, to heavy editing, and Heavy gaming.

    Hey guys, With black Friday just around the corner i'm interested in a new processor, and i'm conflicted on which one will be the best for me. I'm currently looking at either the R1700x/R1600x, or the i7 7700k/i7 7800x. I play a lot of video games, and i edit videos fairly heavy as well. Most...