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  1. B

    Cpu speed stuck at 0.5ghz

    I have a hp laptop.The cpu speed is stuck at 0.5 ghz. I tried changing the power options but still the same. I could only use 25% of my cpu. I think the speed and the usage is limited.my base speed is 2.00ghz.my games are running at 10 fps now. please help me to solve this problem.
  2. M

    Hi there looking for a usb download for windows 10 for my new computer

    There is a lot of different websites offering same thing but huge difference in price... for example this website...
  3. J

    Custom build won't detect hard drive

    Custom build died recently. Diagnosed motherboard failure. Took it as an opportunity to upgrade cpu and GPU while I was at it. Now the computer boots and is totally functional, but only recognizes my SSD. I did some troubleshooting with the original Seagate barracuda (ie different cords and...
  4. 6

    extreme fluctuation in transfer speeds

    I have a 265gb Sandisk 3.0 pendrive that has extreme fluctuations when "writing". It will start out at approx. 17-20 mb's then after a few seconds, drop to 355 b's, stay there a second or 2, or sometimes drop to 0, then bounce back to 15/16 mb's, climb to as much as 22 mb's, then drop off once...
  5. S

    dell inspiron 15 7559 troubleshooting help

    Alright, Well I've done a lot of searching on a lot of different forums for a solution and haven't found one yet so I figured I'd make my own post to see if I could get some help.If this is the wrong place I am sorry and please move it if you can/direct me to where I am supposed to be! Smiley...
  6. Crashman

    Biostar Racing X470GT8 Review: Ryzen Higher For Less

    Biostar wants people to associate its brand with value-priced overclocking. The Racing X470GT8 makes that claim on AM4. Biostar Racing X470GT8 Review: Ryzen Higher For Less : Read more
  7. E

    New build RYZEN 5 or Intel 5 $1200 Budget build

    Looking to build a pc MOSTLY for gaming and a lot of multitasking with a montior. I want a 1440p monitor but they are costly...Rather not use an 1080p but seems like I have no choice with this budget https://pcpartpicker.com/list/tzQN29 Was considering this but i heard pure clock speed is...
  8. M

    Can I use a Kicker amp on a Pioneer sub?

    So I have a Kicker 43CXA6001 Mono Amplifier and I got a Pioneer TS-W253R sub for free from a friend and I am wondering If i can plug in the pioneer sub to the kicker amp
  9. T

    New build powers on without pressing power button; won't POST

    So I recently finished a new build, almost an exact copy of another PC I built at the office. I've built almost a hundred machines so far, but I always get nervous the first time I push the power button. This time, I had everything ready to go, then flipped the main power switch on the PSU. I...
  10. Brave_

    Is my PSU failing or...?

    So I built my gamely PC less than two years ago. I'm a family heavy gamer and also live in a tropical climate in Mexico where ita hot humid and not ideal for the life of a PC. So a few months ago now I noticed the fans on my gigabyte GTX970 G1 graphics card was louder than usual. Not just while...
  11. S

    Asus boot problem

    I have problem I have reinstalled Windows 7 on HDD i had before in asus K50AD. (I reinstalled it in other notebook coz Asus cant boot the cd) Now when I set HDD back to Notebook a HDD cannot be booted also when i put inside CDwith win7 it dont load and boot. Changed setting to IDE also cant...
  12. J

    HP elitebook wont let me change screen brightness

    I've tried to adjust my screen brightness in all the ways I can find, keyboard, notifications centre and the battery icon but it won't let me adjust it anywhere. Its not even showing as an option on some spots. the nightlight function as well is inaccessible to me. How can I fix this?
  13. H

    Modems,Routers &ISP beginner questions

    Hi there. I'm looking to move in with a friend in the near future, into a pretty small house. It'll more than likely be just us two, with two PS4's and maybe two gaming computers at some point. I was looking at buying a Netgear AC1750 (R6400-100NAS) router, but I've no idea how networks...
  14. P

    Will a i5 6500 work with a 1070

    I am looking to get a 1070 some point here and have a 960 4gb which seems to work fine with it but looking to upgrade. I really do not want to buy an i7 just to get a 1070 as i just bought this two years ago
  15. P

    Nextoptim, Cpafireboost, and s3amazon Pop-Up ads

    Recently I was hit with some scammy ads on Firefox. I wasn't on any sketchy website nor did i download anything, it just happen out of the blue. Thinking I had a virus, I did a quick-scan with Norton and nothing popped up. I'm wondering if this is normal or should I be worried?
  16. S

    Will this cpu be good for a dedicated streaming pc

    building a streaming pc here so that i can play games without them having issues and i was wondering if a i5 7400 with a gtx 1050 could be good as a dedicated streaming pc
  17. R

    Will my ddr4 ram be damaged if I use it to check a pc

    As said will memory be damaged if it is used to troubleshoot another motherboard? It booted fine on both systems mine and my clients pc which had a Asus MB. Also windows memory diagnostic didn't return any error on my pc. So I guess its okay.
  18. K

    New buid, can't install a graphics driver, system freeses at startup

    CPU: Ryzen 7 2700, MOBO: ASRock x470 master SLI/AC, DRAM: Gskill TridentZ 16 GB 3200, GPU: gtx 760ti(waiting for 2070), PSU: Corsair CX650M. The first boot was already like a box, but I thought it's because of unlicensed windows. After I installed nvidia, amd 2-in-1 from asrock site and some...
  19. Lekro44

    Idle temps higher when OC applied

    Hello, My 4690k is turbo clocked at 4.4GHz. Temperatures are safe, but what concerns me are the idle temps. When I remove the OC and go with stock settings the idle temps are 5-10 Celsius lower than with the OC. (40c with oc, 32-35 without oc) I checked the specs and when idling, both the...
  20. R

    I installed two less screws on ATX mobo

    I installed two less screws on my new ATX motherboard, will that be an issue? One place had a pin to align the mobo, and the other place had a standoff screw but I forgot to install it.
  21. D

    What could've happened wrong?

    I upgraded today from a noctua nhd-u9s to nhd 15s, I run an i7700k at stock but my temps did not change at all. I have the be quiet silent base 800 case with my cpu fan blowing air to my back fan. I don't know If it's an airflow problem or if I screwed up the thermal paste or what else could it be?
  22. S

    Is 500W enough for GTX1050, 8 GB of RAM

    Is 500W Cooler Master enough for GTX1050, 8 GB of RAM,motherboard MSI B360M PRO-VH MICRO-ATX and
  23. I

    FPS 0 + Black Screen / MX150

    I was playing a game and suddenly FPS dropped to 0. Now every time the game starts I get 0 FPS and glitchy screen. Image every 10 second or so that says 0 FPS. I reinstalled graphic card clean in safe mode and updated bios, neither of those helped. If you have an idea that can help me please...
  24. S

    Monitor keeps turning on and off

    I have a problem with my monitor.It keeps turning on and off,showing desktop for not even a second. And when I unplug the cable,it doesn't show the "No signal cable" message and keeps turning on and off. Any help?
  25. J

    Help boot problem

    My desktop computer works fine but the problem when i turn it on im having a problem to boot up. Unless i restart over and over just to boot up.
  26. J

    Weird SSD disappearing issues

    My laptop, the Lenovo ideapad y700, came with two pieces of storage space: a 100 GB and a 900 GB harddrive. The 900 GB hard drive, recently, has completely disappeared off my computer. It doesn't show up in any folders, and it doesn't show up in Disk Management. However, I will sometimes get a...
  27. taimoorbaig382

    How to keep the health of my HDD at 100%

    PLEASE MOVE THIS THREAD TO "STORAGE" SECTION! I CREATED THIS THREAD IN "SYSTEMS" SECTION BY MISTAKE. THANKS. Hello everyone! I am planning to purchase a new HDD maybe a Seagate Barracuda 7200 or Western Digital Green 7200. "MY USAGE" 1. Playing And Installing AAA Video Games 2...
  28. T

    PC Switches off, Kernel Error 41, Wont POST until clear CMOS

    Hi guys, Current specs : Ryzen 1800x Asus Prime Pro x370 (latest bios) 32GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance Memory 4GB RX 480 Sapphire Graphics Card 650W Corsair PSU 250GB SSD Samsung Pro Evo 850 I will be doing some things which are CPU intensive,it seems to last a few hours and all of a sudden the...
  29. A

    My wifi connection stops showing in the available connections randomly, after some time it shows there and wifi reconnects ag

    I've a lenovo laptop and my wifi connection is causing problems with this laptop only. Its working flawlessly with my other laptop and mobiles. After sometime, the connection stops showing like it somehow got restarted, and then it comes back. Its really irritating to have your connection gone...
  30. H

    HP pro 3500 mt upgrade cpu

    I bought i5 3470 for my sec pc hp pro 3500 i read so much about if i want to upgrade cpu i will need update bios The question is if i install cpu now will it work without bios update ?? My bios ver : 8.11 i need short answer If the bios update require what ver i should update to Thanks
  31. J

    What to do withy old RAM stick?

    Hello, so I just bought 16gb of ram (2x8) and I was wondering if my old 8gb ram stick is compatible with my new ones? even if they are diffrent brands? Also, if not should I maybe sell my old one?
  32. O

    What could be the issue PSU,MoBo,GPU?

    Its one of those issues again.I've searched around the net.But form all the PSU,MoBo or GPU issue threads I can't find similar to my symptoms. So my rig is : - MoBo: Gigabyte 970A-UD3P (rev.01) - GPU : MSI Radeon xr570 8GB OC - CPU : AMD FX8300 - RAM : 16GB (8G Kingston HyperX,8G A-Data) - PSU...
  33. M

    Getting files off a GPT disc?

    Hi, friends laptop died, have put their hdd into a caddy, plugged it into mine to retrieve data and disc is GPT protected (it's also the OS disc). I need a way of getting pics and vids off it, have looked at converting to MBR without data loss using some pro version apps like AOMEI but the...
  34. M

    Help me to Choose new psu after old psu crashed for desktop

    I have computer with 3 years old Config - Intel core i7 4790 Z97 pro wifi ac ASUS Ddr3 32 gb memory - hyperx Kingston One WD 7200 RPM SATA One Samsung 845 dc pro SSD ASUS GEFORCE GT 610 2GB DVD WRITER CORSAIR VS 450 Recently CORSAIR psu got crashed and unable to supply full power to machine and...
  35. H

    Really poor performance on a good pc

    So for about 3 months now my computer has been running really poorly. I usually get unplayable fps in games and short freezes even when watching youtube. The funny thing though is sometimes (usually after the computer has been running for a while) it works completely fine and I am even able to...
  36. U

    Can I mix RAM sizes?

    Hello! I am looking to add more RAM to my PC. I currently have 2 sticks of DDR3 4GB each. I looked up the exact same brand of RAM, DDR3, same CAS latency, same voltage, same everything, except the size. The only difference between the RAM I currently have installed and the RAM I am looking...
  37. C

    Games crash after a while but not computer.

    All games weird crash after 30 mins - 1hr. The only recent Hardware change is from a stock cooler to a Cooler Master Evo 212. I know it must be a Hardware issue as i havent changed anything else since i got the computer 3 years back. The reason to changing my CPU cooler was because i reapplied...
  38. B

    Case around ~50-60$

    Hi. I'm looking for good pc case. Need something with good cable management, airflow, antidust, and silent, simple design, but quality, can be without side window. Can help me choose from here: http://www.skytech.lt/korpusai-priedai-korpusai-c-86_85_274_510.html?sand=&sort=&grp=
  39. S

    Gaming Build Help!!!

    Hi Guys, I am building a gaming pc. My total budget is somewhere between $2000 - $2500. Below are the components that I have chosen. Please suggest me if they are good or need any changes. Processor INTEL® CORE™ i7-8700K PROCESSOR MotherBoard Gigabyte Z370 HD3P CPU Cooling EVGA CLC 280 Liquid...
  40. forzahorizon3guy

    Hard Drive Running Very hot! 133F hot HELP URGENT!!!

    i have a file server that i put any hard drive that passes the bios drive diagnostic and some other hard drive tests to make sure they work into the file server ...... so here the issue i have 2 old hard drives out of the 15 in it and these 2 are running very hot and they arnt next to each other...