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  1. Z

    Despite Security Vulnerability, Businesses Still Prefer Office 2007

    A new research study has found that over two thirds of companies are still opting to run Office 2007, which is software that Microsoft no longer supports. Despite Security Vulnerability, Businesses Still Prefer Office 2007 : Read more
  2. K

    Will Lower Frequency RAM Module work with AMD A8 7600?

    My common sense says yes, but anyway for confirmation I'm asking you guys. I'm planning to buy AMD A8 7600 with Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM motherboard. I have 1x4gb 1333mhz RAM and 1x2gb 1600 RAM. Will these modules be compatible with my processor?
  3. G

    Best CPU for Gaming for the price.

    Ive been looking at the Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2 GHz QuadCore 8MB lately which goes for 279£ What is the best CPU right now for gaming,around the same price, with a 1070 & 16gb RAM cheers x
  4. F

    Mix and Match RAM

    Hello, I own the Gigabyte - GA-970A-UD3P Motherboard and 4GB (2x2GB) of DDR3 1600Mhz RAM (CMX4GX3M2A1600C9). I was wondering if its possible to add a 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz (M2F8G64CB8HB5N-DI) And if it would work, in which slot should I insert the single 8GB module. Thanks for any help.
  5. S

    Acer Laptop HELP

    My laptop said the memories full so I tried deleting stuff to free up space then it shut down and started updating and it's stuck help I have assignment due on Monday
  6. P

    My computer crashes loud buzz from psu fans spin very rapidly

    My first build I have had this pc for about a mont and it has worked great until about three days ago The problem : I run a game like rainbow six siege on the very high settings and the game used to work great but now it crashes whenever I try to load into a game the screen goes black and the...
  7. B

    Undervolted 1080 - some good success

    Anyone had any success? Lots of tweaking the volt/Freq curve and I have it sitting at 1.02v and 2020mhz all stable (hours of Witcher, heaven, 3dmark etc). Power usage dropped from 110% to 80% even at 100% load. Temps from 68c to 62c under load standing same place in heavy gaming. Seems like...
  8. L

    will 6ohm speakers ruin amp@ 4 0hms?

    I am having some 6.5 foster woofers reconed and found some 6ohm woofers at a swap meet. would the cause any disruptions or damage to the amp. vintage coustic 75.
  9. K

    How to reduce bottleneck from old GPU and High end CPU?

    Specs: i7 7700k GTX 1050 TI 16GB OF RAM
  10. S

    Can my rig handle 1440p with 75hz for 27" monitor?

    So i recently built a new gaming computer and wanted to buy a new 27" 1440p monitor with a refresh rate of 75hz, hoping to keep vsync on and have a consistent 75fps. Can i achieve that with medium to high settings? Specs: I5 7600K GTX 1070 16GB DDR4 RAM Z170 motherboard
  11. E

    Corsair CX600 and GTX 960?

    Hi guys I've i5 3470 & gtx 960 2 gb evga ssc, is good to buy corsair cx600 for this system?
  12. D

    Amount of liquid in a GPU vapour chamber - okay to take through airport?

    Hello. I intend on purchasing a high end blower style GPU, maybe an EVGA 1080. I'm going to use it in an SFF build, in an NCase M1, and take the whole pc with me in my carry on when I leave the U.S. I was looking at the specs of the EVGA 1080 blower style card and saw that it uses a vapour...
  13. VaughtEV

    Internet Speed Boosting

    Now that I've figured out that my internet is pretty slow (2.2mbs) what can I do to speed it up? I'm running an ethernet cable from my modem to my computer and it's still this slow? Would I need a new modem, hard drive or what?
  14. G

    Dual Monitors: It is better to have two monitors or have a 21:9 monitor?

    Hi everyone, I would ask you about if it is better to have two 16:9 monitors or one 21:9 monitor. I work in 3DStudioMAX and After Effects. Thanks
  15. whitelion1284

    Want to run EVGA GTX 980 Ti SC in SLI

    Hey all, so a couple years ago I bought a EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Superclocked Graphics Card. I am now planning to purchase a second to run in SLI with the first but am having trouble identifying the exact card that I currently have and was wondering just how exactly the second card needs to...
  16. iForgotToSave

    Custom Built PC Worth?

    Been thinking about selling my custom built PC (primarily used for gaming). It's about ~4 years old. Was just wondering how much I could sell it for (been wandering in the $1000 range). Build a brand new PC with that cash, and throw in a few extra Benjamins to invest in a better GPU, etc. I was...
  17. C

    Best cpu for a LGA775

    Hey I know this has already been asked but I want to find the best cpu for an lga775 socket on this motherboard "Acer Aspire X3910 Motherboard MB.SE001.001 48.3AJ01.021"
  18. H

    PSU Failing Under Load?

    After playing games for a bit, or sometimes immediately after starting one, I get a full reboot. No warnings. Heres the specs: i5-4690k CPU Hyper212 EVO Cooler Antec True Power C 750W PSU Sapphire 280x GPU Asus z97-3 Mobo 2x 7.2k RPM SATA HDDs 1x 250GB SSD 3x 120m Fans The OS is on one of the...
  19. I

    Is the 2600k still worth to buy

    I was wondering is the 2600k still worth to buy because im still using a pentium e5700 and need an upgrade but dont have a lot of money to work with
  20. J

    I want to format my Acer. Windows 7 is there. I selected option- restore to factory default status. But at end it shows error"

    I have Acer aspire S3. While formatting to factory default status,it shows error. Error is " FAIL CreateiSSSPT disk 0" Plz help