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  1. J

    New Laptop Seems to be Using a Lot of Memory

    I've just got a MSI GL72M 7REX laptop, and when I use the MSI dragon app it always says it using 30% of the 8gb memory when sitting idle. Is this normal or is something eating up my memory?
  2. S

    Lg Monitor keeps turning off.

    I have a LG UHD 4K Monitor and i usually run it on my PS4 PRO.It works great and i have no issue with it.But , When I switch its display to my Gaming Laptop, It displays for a little amount of time: 2-3 Mins and turns off.And it turns on again and this process is repeated again and again.I need...
  3. L

    All fans running at max speed

    I recently took apart my computer in order to give it a proper clean. I then put it back together, however whenever I turn it on all fans (2 case fans and 1 CPU fan) run at max speed, this is obviously incredibly loud and annoying. I've never seen or heard them go that load before, you can't...
  4. J

    i7 7700 hq gtx 1050 vry slow

    My processor feels very slow sometimes and even when I tried playing survivio, a 2d game on a website, I was lagging very badly. I can run fortnite at about 60-100 fps, which is ok but when I try to run MINECRAFT, a game anyone can run (same as survivio) I get like 40 fps. Someone, please help me.
  5. L

    usb wireless adapter headset ( bluetooth)

    hi so i have these official ps3 headset wich was working perfectly, then they stop working. When i connect the usb it says device descriptor failed. I tried restarting the laptop , disabled the usb , uninstall the usb, removing power supply and then plugging in again. Downloaded driver talent...
  6. J

    Need Help Diagnosing A Black Screen Crashing Problem

    Bellow im going to post a log ive been keeping since I wiped my pc, everything i have done from that day till now has been recorded. The short version of this issue is that the PC will black screen, the monitor will say its going to sleep and then the PC will reset itself sometimes when gaming...
  7. K

    Incredible high-end pc, but can barely hit 60-80 fps in most games

    Hello, ive recently bought a new pc and i thought it should be able to hit 144fps with ease in almost every game. Is there something wrong that I am missing? my specs: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz, 4200 Mhz GPU:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Motherboard: ASRock Z170A-X1 RAM: 16.0GB...
  8. msproject251

    Arctis 5 vs Cloud revolver s?

    What's better the Arctis 5 vs Cloud revolver s?
  9. J

    Stuck in reboot loop with an blue error screen please help.. I have windows 10 and it will not let me get past this error scrn

    Qont let me get past the error screen and then it reboots.. help please
  10. B

    How much watt is this SPS has?

    I bought gt 710 graphics card its requirement is 300W .in the above photo how much watt it has? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EMYrgZoYZkDkTVkD3dDSR-m25qhq4CmC/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. A

    Looking video card for laptop gateway M series w 650i

    Video card laptop
  12. V

    Diplsay setting only showing 60 hz option but monitor and intel setting showing 120 hz.

    My monitor says 120 hz so does intel graphic setting but windows display setting says only shows 60 hz option.
  13. fujivvara

    Most reliable Z370 motherboard?

    Hello, I decided to upgrade to i5 8600K, and ended up frustrated with choice of motherboard. I do not intend to push it hard overclocking it, I use PC both for gaming and for work, also planning on installing Intel Optane. So I am looking for a reliable motherboard with good performance - my...
  14. G

    CPU clock spikes?

    Are these spikes normal when idling? https://gyazo.com/d5476a4cfb7a59befaa09e7a394a4f9c Also my specs: https://gyazo.com/4f41bc9a443daf7933c20d036d905880
  15. A

    Intel HD Graphics on Windows 8.1 - a driver problem

    Problem is as follows: I had Windows 8.1 installed on a Dell Inspiron N5040, which has a Pentium P6200 CPU with an Intel HD Graphics Ironlake GPU. Dell's support website claims that this is an unsupported configuration, but in some manner or other, I had it running happily. Last night, I...
  16. M

    PC Won't Power On, Is My Motherboard Toast?

    My PC won't boot at all. No lights on the motherboard (or anywhere), no POST, zero signs of life. I've tested that the power supply works with the paper clip test. I've tried the tips on the sticky with removing the various components but still zero signs of life. The PC was working fine until...
  17. C

    How should I future proof? CPU limited to 1333 MHz, Motherboard limited to 2133 MHz

    I am putting together a computer build from parts I had. The Parts The motherboard I am using is an ASUS P8Z68-V / GEN3. The manual says the motherboard is can handle up to 2200 MHz but limits it to 2133 MHz. I also have an Intel i7 2600k which the internet says is limited to 1333 MHz...
  18. B

    1TB External HD so slow its impossible to use

    I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden my Toshiba external hard drive has become extremely slow to the point that it constantly causes windows explorer to crash. I cant transfer anything on it and when I do try, it says things along the lines of 'MS-DOS' (function or failure I cant...
  19. M

    new build for friend advice needed

    hey all i wonder if you can help me; i'm a friend of mine has been out of the pc rat race for a while and i've recently upgraded my computer and donating my old parts so he can use them to build a his own computer on a budget. The only things i'm not providing is PSU,GPU and HDD (and required...