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    I want to get a cooler but im afraid it wont fit my cooler master k350 case :/

    http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mid-tower/k350-rc-k350-kwn2-en/ Im having issues trying to figure out what cooler to purchase because im afraid that it wont fit, im thinking that probably ill go with cooler master hyper tx3 evo but im not quite sure, I appreciate any answers and other cooler...
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    Windows 10 Mouse & Keyboard Stuttering/Lag

    This PC is a brand new build with an MSI Z390-A Pro motherboard, 8700k CPU, 16 GB of RAM, Windows 10 Pro, the NVIDIA GTX Geforce 1050 Ti going through HDMI to my ASUS monitor. Every little bit, the mouse will begin stuttering when I'm dragging it across the screen. Happens most when using Chrome...
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    Kingston 16GB hard drive question

    I don't know where to ask this question since there is not a Chromebox section but maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Or if the moderator wants to move this question to a more appropriate section. Dad called me and said his ASUS Chromebox was not working. The power light comes...
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    Long Running Issue with SSD's not Booting Inconsistently

    Nearly three years ago I put together a machine around a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 R5 motherboard. The build included a pair of Samsung 850 EVO SSD's and a pair of good old-fashioned HDD's. From the beginning the SSD's were a problem. I had to plug and unplug the wires and put them in different...
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    CPU and GPU usage dropping along with frames in Fortnite

    Problem : After playing Fortnite for about 1 hour and a half, my CPU usage drops from about 20% to 11% ,GPU usage from 45% to 25%, causing FPS to drop from 200-350 to 120-180. System specs : Prime deluxe x299 i9 7900x @ 4.2 Ghz 4x8 gb 3200 MHZ corsair vengeance lpx XPM profile enabled 1080 gtx...
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    [SOLVED] Question for IT Professionals regarding choosing a desktop PC

    Could you please help me to choose a desktop PC among these 2 items? Lenovo V520 Tower Branded Desktop Computer Intel® Core™ i7-7700 CPU Intel® B250 Chipset MB 8GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM 1 TB SATAIII 7200RPM 6.0Gb/s Intel® Integrated HD Graphics 630 802.1 1b/g/n/ac $US 759.2 incl. VAT Aerocool...
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    Can download/upload speed go low and ping go high if i use a 12-15 meter (39-49 feet) long ethernet cable

    Thread title pretty much explains it, however, to make this part look filled i'm gonna write some stuff. I changed the place of my router (placed it near a window because it's former place was too closed (walls and stuff) ) and now i need a longer ethernet cable. Old one is somewhere around 2...
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    Replacing RAM for the first time(help needed)

    I am going to replace my current Corsair Vengeance 2x4(8GB) memory with another 16GB kit.16GB kit has different CAS,but same speed and voltage... How do i do it? Do i just take old kit out and stick another one in or should i reset Bios settings first?I have never done this before, so i would...
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    Upgrading CPU and MOBO

    this thread is closed I am going to wait.
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    Can new UPS cause bsod Windows 10

    Recently got myself a new ups for my gaming pc( which has usually bsod after long periods of gaming). But i got a memory corruption bsod and after that they got constant( this is the same day of the ups installation). I made windows 10 memory diagnost and throw that memory is bad. It may be that...
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    CPU overheating with CM Hyper 212 LED

    Hi I built a new system with a stock 8700K and Strix Z370-E MB. A few days ago I noticed that my CPU runs quite hot - high 30s Celsius in idle, and up to 90s during benchmarking or while moving Photoshop's exposure sliders in Camera Raw. So I replaced the stock CPU cooler with a new CM Hyper...
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    PC for net surfing and youtube

    I am looking for a PC for senior citizen. Will G4560 with its integrated graphics will do the job or I should go with i3-8100?
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    Possible Broken CPU?

    Ryzen 7 2700 8 core CPU GTX 989 Mb: prime x370 pro Asus PSU evga supernova 850 g2 Kingston hyperX ram I was having driver issues so I tried getting help online and was told to look up verifier in the windows search bar press create standard settings and then select verify all drivers...
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    High-End PC Build - 1350$ Max

    Hello people, I would like to build a High-End PC Build up to 1350 dollars budget. It should contain GTX 1070 Ti and atleast 16GB RAM. I am no expert with this stuff, I just know some basic stuff but I would like to know your opinions and tips, guys. Thank you for any response.
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    Connected storage preventing PC from powering on

    Two days ago I woke to a dead power supply unit. I swapped it out for another one, the new one lit the motherboard, but would not power on the PC. After days of trying to find out why it won't power on I find that if any kind of storage is connected it prevents the PC from turning on. I...
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    Idle fan speed?

    I have a HP laptop with an i7 and dedicated graphics and while the system is idle and not in use is a fan speed of 2500rpm ok? I found that the fan in my system is: http://partsurfer.hp.com/ShowPhoto.aspx?partnumber=848377-001 I have two of those fans, one cooling the GPU and one for the CPU...
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    Screen black out and No Signal showed up

    After having updated my GPU driver to 398.36 (currently the latest driver) my screen sometimes turned off and No Signal showed up while gaming and the GPU fan were very loud (running at 100%).I'm not sure about this but have noticed it happened when I used Alt+ Tab to move between windows...
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    Strange sound coming from my Motherboard

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trQBs78myww&feature=youtu.be Here's the link, this thing is probably going to make me insane, it's going non-stop for the past few months, anyone knows what this is about? CPU: 8350 /w 212 evo GPU: 1050ti cerberus ram: 4gbx2 Blue patriot viper psu:630w...
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    i7 7700k Temperatures

    Hi I am currently using core i7 7700k at its default clock speed 4.2 - 4.5 ghz on a Gigabyte Gaming B8 motherboard. The CPU is not more than a year aged. Now for last few weeks its becoming my concern that may be my CPU is running hot even with a liquid cooler. I am using a Corsair H100i V2...
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    PC won't turn on

    There just seems to be 0 signs of power, fans won't run, LEDs won't turn on, PSU is switched on, no output from the monitor, nothing at all. Before it won't turn on; I was using my PC like a normal human being but the power went out for the street and my PC just turned off. The power has come...