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  1. R

    intel 750 pcie ssd asus mobo

    I have the Intel 750 Pci e ssd as a secondary ssd but it wont appear in my disk manager i have a Maximus vi hero mobo so i know i cant boot from it but i know i can use it for storage i have it in a x16 slot idk if i need or how to enable in bios... any help would be awesome.
  2. N

    Hyper 212 Evo Fan Wrong Side and Thermal Paste Over Flow

    I built my first PC a few days ago and i realised now that the fan on the heat sink is blowing air towards the ram side and the exhaust fan blowing outwards therefore both fans not getting enough air, how much of a problem is this because i can't pull the fan off as it is quite tight and the...
  3. OP_Chief

    In Need of CSGO/Music Headphones

    I've been playing CSGO for a few months, and I'd say I'm relatively good for a person who has no headset, plays on a 60hz TV, and a mousepad smaller than my palm. The next few things I'm looking for are a mousepad (Already found) and a new headset. I'm looking at these two, but I'm not sure...
  4. G

    Dell Precision 5510 upgradibility

    Hi guys, quick questions regarding upgrades to the Precision 5510, as they are not available on the Dell website: * 2 sticks of 8GB SO-DIMM ECC memory? * A 1TB SSD as second drive? Is this possible if i buy these items by myself? Don't know how upgradable the Precision 5510 is or even if these...
  5. S

    Can I use an external CD drive to plug into a car USB?

    Hi all, my dad recently got a new car and didn't think to check the spec for a cd player. Is it possible to buy an external CD reader (quite cheap online designed for laptops) and plug into the USB port in the car for the sound to run through the cars speakers? Thanks!
  6. M

    Dell Inspiron 15 3537 running on Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit won't boot after a regular shutdown via the start>shut down

    Hi to all! I have a strange problem with my Dell Inspiron 15 3537 running on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit os. One day I shutted it down via the regular way:start>shut down and after that when I tried to start it and it wouldn't boot.It showed me black screen and only the power light was on,i...
  7. M

    SD Card format for Android

    I have an ASUS ZenFone 5.I have a 32 GB Samsung Class 10 EVO SD Card.I have to format the SD Card due to some reason.I wanted to know in which format should I format the card,exFAT or NTFS?I watch movies having sizes greater than 4 gb,so FAT32 isn't an option for me.Also I will be installing...
  8. A

    geforce 210 1 GB DDR3 not working with my motherboard

    Can someone please tell me that why Geforce 210 1 GB DDR3 graphics card not supporting a Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L motherboard. Even not displaying the screen with HDMI. what is the real problem
  9. BrentMc

    Adding Usb 3.0 & media card reader

    Hello, I have read the forums here many times. Today I decided to sign up and talk about computers. My name is Brent I'm 36 and I took a lot of classes in computers years ago. I passed the CompTIA A+ tests, but that was the 1999 test objectives. I don't feel the need to have the latest and...
  10. S

    CPU suddenly unstable

    Ok so I have previously been able to run anything and never suffer an instability crash, now every single time I play GTA I crash within 20 minutes, most of the time 1-10 mins. I downclocked my CPU and Bus speed, CPU by 200MHZ and Bus down to default (100 MHz), this fixed it, however I moved it...
  11. J

    Powerful Streaming PC

    Hello I want to build Streaming PC. I need to stream 10 different things same time. default soft will be Wirecast ( maybe OBS sometimes). So here is my question can i7 5960x and 32 GB of Ram handle 10 video streaming at the same time on 1080p/720p 30fps? here is specs for Wirecast soft...
  12. S

    Seagate Backup can't be opened on another Mac

    I backed up my files on a Seagate Plus for Mac and then that computer crashed. Now when I try to access those files using my other mac I get the message the files can't be opened because I do not have permission to see their contents (and there is a red icon on those file). How can I bypass this...
  13. Y

    Upgrading Graphics Card

    Someone has told me recently that my graphics card was un-upgradable. Could someone confirm this or say otherwise? Also, if upgradable, I would like to purchase a new graphics card if i can, so reccomendations would be well appreciated PC Specs ...
  14. R

    screen on my gateway lt4010u netbook won't turn off even though the power is off

    When i turn off my netbook the screen stays white and im guessing it's still on but everything else is off except the screen
  15. mrclownface

    Admin password problem

    Hi there, a friend has given me a computer that was discarded from his work, it has an admin user and password when it boots up,how can i reset it or remove it so he can use this pc, i have tried lazesoft recover my password software but it has not worked,any idea"s that may help are...
  16. R

    Black Screen with R9 290x

    Hey all, Before I get told to search, I did. None of the "Black screen R9 290x" have the same symptoms as I do, also I tried some of their fixes and some worked briefly. After I bought and installed my 290x I started receiving a black screen. Sometimes I would have sound and be able to speak...
  17. I

    About Lenovo U330 2014

    Hello, First sorry for the pure english. Now, im a student and I want to buy a laptop- something strong, high quality, SSD, 13-14" LCD and i cant spend alot of money. After searching i found the Lenovo IdeaPad U330, with: I7-4500U 8GB 500GB\16SSD 13.3" Intel HD 4400 And this resolution-...
  18. M

    Win7 Black Screen

    Hi, I have a problem with my Windows 7 64-bit desktop. Whenever I try to start it I am faced with two choices: Repair or start normally. Both of these options have the same result: a black screen with my mouse pointer. I can do nothing on this black screen and cannot log into my computer. I have...
  19. L

    One last Challenge for the people of TH....

    So, I finally got all the kinks in my new pc worked out and everything is going well, except for the fact that there are some files, that i need, on a hard drive from my old PC. I tried just plugging it in, and it didnt seem to show up, and i would really, really, like not to have to format it...
  20. arkham23426

    Do all PSUs come with the same power cables?

    I ordered this case that comes with a PSU. I haven't gotten it yet but will it come with cables that everyone else has? I need to connect a graphics card and will it come with that cable? Here it is-