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  1. S

    Question Microsoft account password change

    If i change my microsoft account password thats linked to windows 10 what happens to the sign in password? is it the old or i have to press the new password as long as my pc opens without the need to press the password.
  2. JeckeL

    Question Password Protected PDFs???

    We receive a lot of password protected HIPAA-compliant documents in PDF format and I was wondering what versions of reader/acrobat/etc have the ability to remove passwords/security features? Most of our end users just have adobe reader installed on their machines and while they can enter the...
  3. J

    Question Can't connect to a wifi even if my password is right.

    The building beside us has strong wifi and it is free until they decided to protect it with a password. And then, since our neighbor knew the password, they gave it to us. For the first few weeks, we were connected on the building's wifi. Until one day, the wifi's strength has weaken. I can...
  4. editor1

    [SOLVED] how shuld I stor my acct's and paswords

    Hi I had a home invasion and now sufering id theft. My acct's ar beig mesed with. I have a nas server that i normaly store my user stuff on. Any'y sujestions on how to store my acct's and paswords ?
  5. J

    Question CAn the Internal drive from the WD elements work on another external enclosure with no problem after I used WDformatter to make it xp compatible?

    Ok so i've read that the WD mybook has onboard chip hardware encryption, which means that if you take out the HD and put it into another enclosure, you won't be able to read the disk. However, The WD elements/easystore don't have this, which means you should be able to shuc the drive and put it...
  6. S

    Question How to hard reset a Samsung S6 with forgotten password?!?!

    UGH. Long story short, have a Samsung S6 with NO way to get the password. I can't perform a hard reset without the password. I can't power the phone off without the password. As far as I know there's no desktop app which resets the phone without the password. Please help
  7. S

    Question Blocked from BIOS and booting from USB by Harddisk Security

    I bought a second hand laptop and was in the process of cleaning and resetting the hard disk until it started asking for a password and doesn't let me get to the BIOS anymore and also doesn't let me boot from a USB. Everything was working fine for last few days. The laptop came with Windows. I...
  8. I

    Question Could a router randomly change its custom WiFi & admin passwords w/o being hacked?

    Is there a circumstance where a DSL modem/router (Actiontec PK5000) could - without being hacked - block access via both the custom admin logon and SSID password? In other words, it had all the symptoms of changed passwords without undergoing a reset. Hacking was my immediate conclusion but the...
  9. K

    Question How do I configure my router's password recovery?

    I am trying to set up my router's password recovery system but they ask me for 'To' and 'From' which I do not understand. I know Outlook's SMTP address but what am i supposed to input in these two fields? Screenshot uploaded here:!AmqDwfJBzji6hJNzgAbL0j0F6-qhHg
  10. I

    Question Recovering An Account Password Help

    Hello, I have a client that I just did some work for. It's a Church local to me. They recently bought a new computer and wanted me to transfer over their data and programs. I ended up transferring over Microsoft Office and had it activated just fine. For their email, they use Microsoft Outlook...
  11. L

    Question How to remove the password on Intel's Turbo in BIOS

    So my uncle decided to crash at my place today and asked me to look at his laptop . I noticed it didn't have turbo on so I went into the BIOS settings to see if I can turn it on . Turns out the thing has a password and my uncle doesn't know about it . I asked him where he got the laptop he said...
  12. T

    Image windows harddrive incrementally

    I have a windows 7 laptop with an 500gb Samsung 840 EVO SSD, this is the only drive in the laptop. I would like to attach an external 500gb Samsung SSD and create an exact bootable copy so in case if harddrive failure or corruption, I can simply remove my SSD and install the other SSD and be...
  13. K

    Slow performance issue

    I have core CORE I5 AND 6GB RAM but very slow in gaming performance slower than the 2gb ram..
  14. B

    The Mining Craze is Killing PC Component Prices! Again! Still!

    How much longer are we going to have to experience these artificially hiked prices in PC parts. Graphics cards in particular. There was a spell here for awhile when the craze subsided and card prices were normalizing. But it didn't last. Now prices are back up again. For example, the GTX...
  15. S

    i7 6700k lags alot while gaming

    Recently ive noticed that ive been getting lots of random freezes while playing games, it doesn't matter which game I play, it happens almost every 2-3 minutes or sometimes less. I ran an in game monitoring tool and it shows that when this happens the cpu latency jumps from 5-9 ms to upwards of...
  16. N

    Studio Xps 8100 mobo and cpu upgrade possible?

    So, I have an old Studio XPS 8100 Desktop lying around, I want to upgrade the motherboard to the Asus H97-PLUS, and I have an i7-4770 from another old desktop to go with the motherboard. Is the upgrade possible? motherboard: cpu...
  17. T

    Do I need a smaller laptop for highschool

    I currently am in 8th grade and already have a laptop. The thing is my laptop is HUGE it has a 17 in screen. I am womdering if i need a smaller laptop that is more portable. so i can get from class to class
  18. D

    Why Won't My RAM Fit Into My iBook G4?

    I recently purchased a 2003 Apple iBook G4 to use for school. I got it home, played with it for a little bit, then decided to install some RAM into it. I grab my trusty screwdriver, salvage a 1GB stick from a nearby laptop, and try to stick it in. Lo and behold, it won't fit! I've tried a lot of...
  19. I

    Will replacing the hard drive with a new one make my notebook run faster?

    Hello everyone, my name is Inderpal. I am a novice to computing and I.T. (though i have studied the subject). My question is in regards of my notebook crashing out, freezing and running really really slow. Now i have done whatever i can to increase the processor speed (disabling unwanted...
  20. K

    IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Error (Windows 10 64-bit)

    Hey guys, I've recently come up with a bluescreen error whilst browsing the interwebs. I have some suspicion on the RAM I had installed on my laptop because this has been a recurring issue for the past few months. Here are the file dumps: Minidump...