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    Question Wiring multiple rooms for Ethernet

    Hi, I have recently moved in to a new house (Ireland, so internet wiring and delivery may differ ) I have internet supplied to the house via a standard phone line which is in turn connected to a modem/router. Each room in the house is wired with cat6 cable and terminate in an office, this is...
  2. Finalresting

    Picking a good motherboard that will be able to accept upgrades later on.

    I would like to have a intel motherboard that is good for upgrading, but I have no idea about motherboards. I know that I wanted to start out by picking the motherboard so that I would not have to touch it again in the future. I looked at many of the motherboards, But I don't see why the prices...
  3. M

    $750 gaming pc build

    I keep contemplating between the fx 8350 and the i5 4670k. Anyways, go for it! I want to see AMD AND INTEL builds.
  4. B

    Graphics Cards - What beats an Xbox?

    Hi again, Following on from my previous thread, I'm curious as to what the consensus is on graphic cards. What level would I need to be going in at to get something that would outdo the graphics cards in an xbox/ps4? Thanks,