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  1. Y

    Question Should I upgrade my pc case from a CoolerMaser Masterbox lite 3.1 to a NZXT H500?

    I have a CoolerMaster Masterbox Lite 3.1 micro ATX case, non-TG version. Which is housing a Ryzen 5 2600 with a Deepcool RGB cooler 2x8gb 2400mhz Corsair vengeance ram, NON RGB. Gigabyte GTX 1060 3gb OC Asus Prime B450M-A Corsair CX450M psu Is it worth it for me to get a NZXT H500 or any...
  2. P

    Question Can’t fit this SSD in my Corsair PC case.

    I don’t know what im doing wrong i have a kingston sa400 ssd 240gb 2.5 inch sata3 and my pc case has two ssd holders on the back panel i tried putting the ssd in the holder one side doesn’t go in please help, my pc case is a Corsair Carbide 275r series thanks
  3. P

    Question anyone know a good Micro ATX Case with 170mm CPU clearance?

    i have a cpu fan cooler which is Coolmaster Masterair MA610P and plan to build a gaming rig, the dimension of the cpu fan cooler is DIMENSIONS (L X W X H) 130.9 x 112.8 x 166.5 mm , so i am asking if you guys know any cool tampered glass pc cases with a 170mm CPU Clearance? i had an earlier pc...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Looking for a decently compact case

    After getting a test-bench case for my last PC build (a Cooler Master HAF XB Evo) and trying it for the past half a year or so, I'm not a big fan of it. Might've liked it more if there was a top-side window or something, but since that doesn't seem to exist anymore... well. Because of this...
  5. S

    Question Can anyone recommend me a full tower size PC case that is tempered glass on ALL sides? Or something close

    Hello all, I am looking for a huge PC case which is a full tower or bigger and the feature that I want on it is tempered glass on all side including the top, bottom, front, back and sides. I am NOT looking for the ones where there is just tempered glass on just the side panel. Also, I am...
  6. A

    Question Need a better case

    I need a better PC case with better cooling and decent look (tempered glass) My budget for case 250 USD My spec- i9-7960x processor Asus x299 deluxe Motherboard Quadro p4000 gpu Corsair vengeance lpx 64gb ram Corsair H115i liquid cooler Please give suggestions
  7. T

    Question Can I remove the motherboard to a new pc case without touching the CPU cooler?

    I'm planning on changing my pc case to Nzxt H500 and I'm not sure whether I have to remove the CPU AMD Ryzen 5 1600 with its stock cooler from the MB. And also whether the 2 stock case fans are enough. I'm not planning to OC anything Helo appreciated
  8. Screx

    [SOLVED] Best recommendations for a case under 45$ (3000rs) (India)

    I am looking at antec nx100, I think its a decent case. Any other option which would better around the same price range?
  9. The1atvianGamer

    Question Cooler Master case

    Hello everyone! I'm planning to buy a new PSU (old one is really cheap) so I started wondering what pc case I have I checked online on how to identify a cooler master case they say that I will have a sticker of the back of my case but upon inspection did not find anything so I took some pictures...
  10. F

    Question PC hangs when i turn it on

    I have had this issue ever since i did a windows 10 update i believe. It's been going on for 2 weeks now. Basically, my pc doesn't show a display on the monitor when i turn it on. It seems as if it crashes or something on the bootup. The only way to get it working is to do a hard shutdown or a...
  11. H

    Question RX 590 vertically mounted

    I have antec nx100 cabinet. Can i mount gtx 1060 and rx 580/590 vertically in it?
  12. C

    1080p build world of warcraft & video editing

    Doing a build for my wife. She will probably play a little bit of World of Warcraft and a little bit of video editing. Wanted to see what everyone thought about this build and if they have any suggestions. Hopefully this holiday season will see some of these prices drop. PCPartPicker part list...
  13. F

    PC will only boot with 1 RAM stick.

    Hey guys, two days ago I upgraded my CPU, motherboard, CPU cooler and RAM. Everything went perfectly until I pressed the power button and the orange DRAM led turned on on the motherboard, the computer didn't boot up, there wasn't video signal for the monitors and it couldn't even get to the...
  14. C

    Can't Install Windows

    Cross posted from the Win 7 Forum where I couldn't get any traction: I am upgrading an old 60GB SSD to a 240GB SSD, and am basically just trying to do a clean install of Windows 7. I have it set to boot from the CDROM, and it fires up and looks like it is going to work for several minutes, but...
  15. T

    What GraphicCard For Motherboard

    Can anyone tell me what motherboard I have or what gaming graphics cards will work with it? I took my old graphics card out of my old revolt gaming pc and added it to my new cheaper gigabyte pc. The card seemed to work fine. But made my computer loads programs like chrome, paint, photo gallery...
  16. A

    Im newbie. Is this a good a gaming PC?

    is this a good gaming PC. My budget is £500. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/axezas/saved/#view=bXR3CJ And how can i reduce the price by a little bit?
  17. T

    Upgrading my motherboard needed?

    A few months ago my motherboard died and i dust off my old asrock n68-GS4FX to pari with my 8320E. Ive been seeing an awful lot of FPS drops on some games and it gets unplayable sometimes. I have a gtx960 and i feel like its really dumb to be on 20fps on games like league of legends. My question...
  18. K

    PC Only starts up when CPU 4 pin power cable not connected to motherboard

    Title mostly says it all but when i do not have the 4 pin cpu power connector plugged into the motherboard the pc starts up and everything comes on. Once i connect the CPU power connector to the motherboard, the pc will start up and run for about 5-10 seconds and then shuts off again and will...
  19. Ohlins

    Gaming Monitor for PC

    I was looking for a gaming monitor because I intend to buy one next week. My budget is between £150 - £200. I already found a couple on Amazon but not sure if they fit my purpose. I will primarily use it in conjunction with a gaming pc, to play shooters,MMORPGS,MOBA's, and action adventure...