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  1. birne

    [SOLVED] pfsense backup route

    Hello. i do have a strange problem. I have a primary and a secondary pfsense in my network. the primary is working as it should and all clients can also connect to the internet, but if i cut shut the port for the primary firewall the router injects the route to the secondary firewall into eigrp...
  2. W

    Question Working on new pfsense firewall

    I’m working on building a new pfsense firewall for our business, probably in abit over my head here. Currently using and old PC with pfsense installed. We have it set up to allow “email only” but are looking to add filtered browsing on select devices on the network. Should mention current setup...
  3. L

    Question Pfsense USB Adapters

    I have a small computer that i'm no longer using, an asus vm60 vevo pc to be specific, i'd like to change it to a pfsense box, but only having 1 NIC i couldn't really do much with it. I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of some USB NICs that would be compatible with...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Help setting up pfSense with PPPoE DSL connection?

    Hi everyone Over the past few hours I have been trying to get pfSense machine to work without any success My system is as follows My old D-Link (DSL-2740U) Router/ADSL2+ Modem Combo box put to bridge mode with the VPI/VCI of 0/35 and the encapsulation is set to LLC (as instructed by my ISP)...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Help! Pc restarts every 28 seconds!

    Hi there, I have a ryzen 5 1600, rx 580 build. Today, I go to turn on my pc and now it turns off and turns on again every 28 seconds on the dot. I removed 1 ram stick, and then both of them, and the pc still turns off every 28 seconds, does this mean my ram is fried? Or could it be my psu or...
  6. W

    Computer not noticing my HDD.

    I am having issues trying to figure out why my western digital is not being noticed by device manager. I have swapped different SATA ports and even the cable. Not really sure what's up. I know the hard drive itself is good because it shows up in BIOS when I put it in the very fors SATA port...
  7. B

    Need Advice on a New Build

    Hi all, I'm planning to do a new build(see the link) and I want your opinions on the parts list, especially on the RAM and the PSU. T-Force is an relatively unknown name for me and I have the option of buying the Nighthawk ones or GSkill Trident Z RGB. I...
  8. S

    Hp pavilion 360 screen remains black

    My hp pavilion 360 laptop won’t turn on. The power button flashes and shows that it’s on but the screen remains black and doesn’t show an indication of starting up
  9. D

    Should I replace my i5 4460 with an i7 4790K for 1440p hz monitor?

    Hello, I am upgrading my computer and going from 720p 60hz to 1440 144hz, and right now my cpu is the i5 4460. I am planning on getting either a GTX 1080 or wait to see how the RX 490 performs, and I was wondering if my i5 could handle either one of those cards at 1440p without causing too much...
  10. J

    Best Case to fit ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240

    i have just been bought an Arctic AIO 240 liquid cooler, fx8350 cpu a gtx 970 card , a sabertooth 990 fx r2 board. my current case a zulum z90 case mid tower isn't large enough to fit the cooler as it over hangs the ram and the heat sink on the board. have about £100 to spend on a new case ...
  11. E

    SLI / Crossfire Question

    My system is currently a fx 4350, 16gb of ram. I think thats the important stuff. An a motherboard that can hold up to 32, and has the setup for 2 cards. ANYWAYS My 750ti is old, got it some years back. I was wondering what should be my next step. I head a lot about getting 2 cards and how its...
  12. S

    ASUS P8H67-V will not detect cd-rom

    I have ASUS P8H67-V motherboard, SSD 250GB, SATA HD 1TB, and a CD Rom drive. There are two Gray SATA6G and four SATA3G connectors on the board. However NONE of the devices plugged into SATA3G connectors are detected in BIOS. Only when I unplug one of the HDs and plug in the CD rom to SATA6G does...
  13. S

    Its been 6 years since my last build, rate my next prospect. Input appreciated.

    Hey guys, Just looking for some feeback on my next build, the last time I did a build was 6 years ago so I'm looking for any tips and suggestions on something I may have overlooked. Approximate Purchase Date: Before the end of March Budget Range: 2000-3000$ for the system alone no peripherals...
  14. S

    Dead Rising 3 Upgrade?

    I bought Dead Rising 3, but I only get a black screen when I try to boot it. I found out that I do not meet the minimum requirements to play the game, so I thought I would ask you guys what would be the best plan to upgrade my 1 yr old standard comp so I can play this game. I mostly play on...
  15. J

    what makes it possible to charge and use the laptop without the battery

    please i want to know the brain behind the ability of the laptop to be used without the battery whiles plugged in
  16. J

    Which mother board is better for my build?

    This one: Or this one: Build: