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    New SSD, Dota 2 Now Stuttering

    I upgraded my laptop to a 512 GB SSD, and installed windows 8.1 into it, used my cloud to bring any files I wanted over, and re-installed most my programs from their websites. However, when I started to try and play Dota 2, every 10 or so seconds there would be a .5-2 second stutter, in which...
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    RAM upgrade for Alienware m11x

    Hello, I am looking for recommendations for 16 gig upgrade of ram on my alienware m11x laptop. I am new to this computer stuff so I don't want to buy something that isn't compatible with my laptop. My budget is $200.
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    Laptop is overheating and running slow! Why/ what can I do??

    I use my laptop as a desktop. It is hooked via HDMI to a 22" monitor. I have it closed and leaning up vertically (such that the bottom is facing me). What happens is the laptop will run (even while justsitting there with nothing up and running besides background functions) a little loud...