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    [HELP]Right RAM for B350 Motherboard

    Hello everyone, i am currently building ryzen 2200g system and i am kinda worried about ram compatibility. I am thinking about one of these motherboards: 1.MSI B350M PRO-VDH 2.MSI B350 TOMAHAWK 3.MSI B350M BAZOOKA 4.GIGABYTE GA-AX370M-DS3H ( read somewhere that its kinda trash...)...
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    restore Acer R3-4717T

    When I try to restore to factory I get a message saying it cant be done. Theres no error code. I do not have a restore disk. It is win 10
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    Is there any way to make windows stay where they are?

    Like when I am dragging a file. How do you make the windows stay in the same order? Cus right now when I try to drag a file the window I am dragging from pops up on top of the window I am dragging to... and it's very annoying.