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  1. J

    Need new RAM. Old chips fried

    Hi, I'm a little new to PC building but did get a used one I'm using for animation. Over the last few weeks I had a lot of blue screen errors and I took it in. Apparently my RAM is either damaged or busted, basically I need new chips. I had 16 GB before but am looking to upgrade to 32 or higher...
  2. 1

    Which is the easiest Air CPU cooler to install, that still provides good performance?

    Title says it all. I've been using a hyper 212 evo for years. With the new 8600K, I was thinking it's time to get a new one, but I always hated how hard it was to install the 212. Are there any good performing coolers that are easier to install?
  3. H

    Please Tell me about

    What are the white slots for under gpu slots please tell me||Thanks In Advance...
  4. N

    Asus x555q laptop cant boot

    Similar problem for me but i did disable secure boot and enable the Launch CSM, now i can boot a DVD windows installer "i did delete my partions there" and "make new" and then an odd happen.. i cant continue install the windows 10 coz its says can't boot the partion and says pls go to BIOS to...
  5. J

    Blue Screen while gaming

    Hi guys, I have had my PC for well over a year and a half now. These are my components. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/tpdmKZ Over the past few days my PC has begun crashing, causing a looping sound and eventually Blue Screening. The error log reads... Fault bucket , type 0 Event Name...
  6. P

    Lost 2/3 of my internet bandwith, is it my motherboard?

    Lost 2/3 of my bandwidth. I pay for 200Mb internet service. On every hardwired PC in the house, internet speedtests report back around 225Mb download speed. My hardwired gaming PC used to as well but all of a sudden it is only showing speeds of around 75Mb download. I have done the following...
  7. A

    Putting pci-e card (Bluetooth and wifi) between PSU and GPU in microtower HP

    Dear people A few weeks ago I bought myself a hp pro 3500 mt. I put a Corsair rx650 in it and some ram, a new ssd and a GTX 580. Currently it is running well but I want to put this pci-e Bluetooth/wifi card between the GPU and PSU. Dont know if this is a good idea due to ventilation...
  8. E

    Pentium 3 Mobile to Pentium 4

    Hello! I have a Pentium 3 Mobile (Socket ppga 478) and the Pentium 4 mobile has the same socket. Whold I be able to use a Pentium 4 in a Pentium 3 machine? The machine is a Dell Latitude C810 with a Pentium 3 1ghz and 1gb of ram Regards Elliot
  9. L

    Laptop Operating System?

    Greetings and salutations, Just wanted to ask if the laptop below can run on windows 7 32 or 64 bit. I tried to check the manufacturer. They didn't say it can't run but only showing windows 10 is preferred. Here are the information below: System Model: Vivobook 14_asus Laptop x407ma...
  10. W

    Art Workstation Build

    Hey all! Looking to build a computer for the long haul. I’m a complete beginner when it comes to custom PC builds and really don’t know what to look for when it comes to this stuff. I’m looking for something that will last me quite a while (7+ years) and that can run Photoshop, Zbrush and other...
  11. H

    looking for a good dac/amp

    i am currently using a Objective 2 headphone amp. Just wondering if a dac/amp would improve my listening pleasure. if so could someone recommend something good. i have awide range over headphones (over 30 sets) from superlux to sennheiser Hd6xx, AKG's Audio technica, Beyerdynamiccs, status audio...
  12. U

    Compatibility and Requirements For Computer Parts Questions

    So I am about to buy a new computer (the parts to build one) and I need to know some things about the parts first before I buy. If you could help me out that would be great. 1. Are these parts compatible? Will these parts all work with each other and not somehow make the computer not function...
  13. L

    Need Special Windows?

    I have a Sony VAIO E Series. the hard drive had an irrecoverable crash. I can pickup a new hard drive, but do I need a special Windows 8 made for a laptop?
  14. A

    Network issue please help me.

    I want a good WiFi extender for extending 500meters can I get it?
  15. M

    Windows 10 RAID controller recomendation

    Hi, all. Can you assist me on choosing a RAID card for use within Windows 10? I'm using RST RAID5 and would like to move to RAID10 using a hardware-based RAID card. I've searched a little bit and there is few options available ... Can you help me?
  16. X

    Hdmi and DVI at the same time?

    So i want to add a new screen,my TV, witch im gonna put somewhere in the room to watch netflix, but my monitor only has a DVI port connected to the gpu. I heard that you need to connect the TV to the monitor for it to work but the only hdmi port i have is the gpu, so my question is: Can i use my...
  17. MLG_No_Scope

    Refunding Ram with damaged package

    I'm going to ask a simple question with an example. So i ordered new ram and found out it was not compatible with the current mobo in the pc (here is a link to the thread: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-3787085/ram-working.html). The reason was that it just was the wrong ram. okay...
  18. H

    Games with 200+ FPS feel like 30fps. Temps are fine.

    So this started about a month ago. I've had this PC as it is for about 6 months now and I always seem to run into problems with it. This time, I'm unable to play games that run at a high FPS without capping the frames to 140-160. I have an 144hz monitor. I should also mention that AMD Freesync...
  19. J

    Does this motherboard have wifi on it already?

    Hi I am looking to buy the MSI Pro Solution Intel Z170A and I want to know if it would auto detect wifi. My current motherboard requires an ethernet cable, so I want to upgrade it. On the specs it says under "Lan/Wifi" RTL8111H GB LAN. Does this mean that it could connect to wifi without an...
  20. T

    Getting much lower fps than I used too

    Me and my brother have the exact same computer: Gtx 1070 Inter I5-3470 16gb ram The only diffrence is that my os is installed on my ssd and his is normal(Everything is on the hard drive) The only thing is that he is getting say 300fps in csgo and im getting 30-80 with alot of fps drops Also in...
  21. P

    Is this PCI wifi card 300M Atheros AR9223 good?

    Is this PCI wifi card good enough for gaming, or is there better for the same price?
  22. W

    Windows 10 update was stuck for 10+ hours, now my pc won't boot (solved)

    Got a windows 10 update last night. Decided i'd update while i was sleeping. I wake up about 11 hours later to find the update stuck on 90%. Turned my computer off. Now it won't boot. What did i [Moderator note: No profanity. Edited out. Remember this is a family friendly Forum.] up...
  23. I

    Start up problem

    My Orion notebook won't come on/start up. It can charge but still won't start. It is brand new and only 6 months old.
  24. G

    Help picking out a power supply

    Hello Community, I need to find a power supply with over 500w and to fit all the connection below. I don't care if its modular or not, but I do prefer it to be modular. any suggestions? Computer Summary Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 3475S @ 2.90GHz 43 °C...
  25. B

    Ryzen 1700 + RX 580 for gaming and streaming

    Will a Ryzen 1700 + RX 580 be able to game (world of Warcraft) 1440p and live stream? Or do I need to upgrade GPU
  26. PaulAlcorn

    AMD Exec Resigns, Company Moves 7nm Chip Production To TSMC

    AMD's Jim Anderson resigned. AMD also announced that it is moving all 7nm silicon production to TSMC. AMD Exec Resigns, Company Moves 7nm Chip Production To TSMC : Read more
  27. A

    Undervolted cpu i7-8750h by -0.050 VCoreOffset - Ran prime95 14 hours. Help with results.

    Hi I recently got a new laptop and I wanted to undervolt the cpu to spare my pc from unnecessary heat. I used Intel extreme tuning utility to undervolt the cpu and prime95 version v29.4 build 8 to stress test the cpu. Now my question is, are my results fine, did I undervolt it too much? For...
  28. T

    I5 7500 and rx 580 8gb

    So as the title says is the i5 7500 and the rx 580 8gb a good combo for the latest games?
  29. E

    CSGO frame drop during OBS recording

    I want to record and review my CS:GO gameplay by recording it with OBS. However everytime I hit "Start Recording" My FPS in game gets cut in half and there seems to be slight video lag. I tried several things including enabling and disabling "Limit Frame Capture" in the properties. Halp plz
  30. M

    Freezing while booting up

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my computer, and I've got a hard time trying to solve it. In most cases, while trying to boot up the system, it freezes. It's not the system itself, I already tried to reinstall it but it didn't help. I thought it was because of the CPU overclock, I tried bringing...
  31. A

    Can't Install Intel Rapid Storage Technology

    It says that my computer is not compatible, but im pretty sure it should be. my cpu is an i7 5820k
  32. L

    Psu CPU or Mobo issue

    I have a CPU i7 6850k Mobo asrock x99 taichi GPU1 rx Vega 64 GPU2 rx Vega 64 GPU3 gtx 1080 Psu1 Corsair hx1200i Psu2 Corsair hx1200 Psu3 Evga supernova 650 watt gold Cooler one of the cryorig ones I think it's the a40 or a40 ultimate My first config was a gpu3 and psu 3 Results: perfect post...
  33. B

    How much is my custom pc worth?

    I’m 17 and I built a gaming pc about a year ago, I am wanting to sell it but I don’t know how much it would be worth to sell. If anyone could help out that would be great! My parts: MSI GTX1060 6gb AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 8gb RAM ( Ballistix Sport 8gb DDR4) 1Tb Storage EVGA 650 Watts G2 B350M...
  34. Jmurph01

    Best LGA 1151 Motherboard Around $100 Dollars (ATX)

    I'm building a $300 computer for a friend, and I don't want him to experience the pain that I did with AMD, so it's gonna be an Intel CPU build. The CPU that is being used is the Pentium G4560. I just need a motherboard that suites this CPU that is around $100. Nothing smaller than ATX, please!
  35. Vax

    CPU overheating. Could use some help.

    As the title says, my CPU is getting pretty hot. When starting up first thing in the morning: 45 C When idling during daylight hours: 60-65 C When playing a game: 93-100 C This is consistently the case. Now naturally my first instinct was to grab some Thermal Compound, took my CPU cooler(intel...
  36. G

    Yamaha YAS-108 Review: An Excellent $200 Soundbar

    Yamaha's YAS-108 soundbar delivers plenty of features and overall very good overall sound, all for $200. Yamaha YAS-108 Review: An Excellent $200 Soundbar : Read more
  37. L

    Need help upgrading

    I built my pc using a website a few years ago and its finally starting to fall behind everyone else. I'm trying to run Read dead redemption 2 when it comes out and i don't think it'll survive it right now (Ark: survival evolved crashes intermittently and I can't get ARMA 3 to run above 20fps.)...
  38. O

    Half of the screen freezes, the other one works fine

    Or almost fine. It updates the image, but it is very white, with distortion more resembling an analog tv than a computer screen. See the video: https://youtu.be/KyA7-C6gYgM Somewhat strange problem. The laptop works just fine for a week when I keep it at home. I adjust the screen to whatever...
  39. J

    Reinstalling Windows 10 on new HDD

    New and used computer hdd got static getting a new gaming WD black 1tb 7200rpm 65mb write speed do I need to buy a new windows10 or download the software bc I read that the license key is in the BIOS and whem I start install it will read the key and download or do I need to input a key?
  40. B

    Compound Audio Driver issue: No audio or jumping to 100

    I have an issue where if I unpause media content, the system volume jumps to 100 without it actually "being" 100. The solution to this problem is usually to uninstall the sound drivers and then restart to force them to reinstall. When I do this, it causes my headphone jack not to work at all...