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  1. D

    Soundbar not communicating / not working with tv

    Hi there. I have a Yamaha sound bar yas 101 that I connected to my sharp 60" TV through the audio digital cable. It doesn't work I'm really frustrated, the TV doesn't have a manual setting for audio output so I'm a bit confused.
  2. L

    Terminus usage for dummies

    How do i find my target devices?
  3. R

    Is this normal?

    Here are the specs on my pc: Strix 370e mobo i5 8600k oc’d to 4.5 Asus 1060 turbo 6g oc’d Samsung 970 pro 512 nvme m.2 (boot drive) Samsung 960 pro 512 nvme m.2 Seasonic 650w 80+ platinum 16gb corsair vengeance 3000 On overwatch im getting 60 fps, is that normal.
  4. G

    AMD A4 9120 performance in minecraft

    can anyone give me a good estimate or speculation on how good this cpu can do in minecraft, any info is appreciated, thanks the cpu is AMD A4 9120
  5. N

    Need a motherboard that supports my GPU

    I currently use a Foxconn H61MXE Motherboard with i3 2120 3.3 Ghz with a 9500GT and I bought a Gtx 1050ti for upgrading my gpu and my motherboard doesnt support the gpu. So now I need a latest 1155 Socket Mobo that can support my gpu and my processor at the same time. Please suggest me good and...
  6. F

    No POST with new R5 1600 build, any advice appreciated

    I have just finished upgrading my PC, and these are my current specs: Ryzen 5 1600 Asus Prime B350 PLUS 1x8gb DDR4 2133 (samsung M393A1G40DB0) Generic tower cooler Radeon HD7850 sandisk 120gb SSD (not currently connected) Corsair CX500 power supply When I try to power it on, all I get is all...
  7. S

    ZOTAC gtx 1070

    I have a problem. I installed a GTX 1070 from Zotac today. In the GPU-z I see 8GB ram, but in dxdiag, speccy and screen resolution advanced settings, it only shows me 4GB ram. Do you know the cause and how can I solve it? Thank you
  8. L

    Is it still possible to buy a typewriter?

    I apologize if this isn't the best place to ask this sort of question, but i don't use social media sites, so I'm gonna ask it here. To make a long story short, my 96 year old Great Grandmother has never used a computer in her life and relies on a typewriter for communication. Well, her...
  9. G

    Windows 7 in hdd and Windows 10 in ssd-Dual boot

    Greetings. I recently acquired a Windows 10 pro license and I wish to install in in an ssd. However in the same pc, I have pre-installed Windows 7 (oem) in hdd which I wish to keep for the foreseeable future . I have several questions about the procedure. 1) Will it affect my hdd in any way...
  10. Marshall Honorof

    New Sextortion Scam Uses Your Password Against You

    A new scam claims to have gleaned both your username and password from a risqué website, but you can ignore it safely. New Sextortion Scam Uses Your Password Against You : Read more
  11. A

    19.5v 3.33a 90w adaptor

    Hello, I own a hp pavillion 15gbr104tx,i5 8th generation,8gb ram,gpu amd r5 m330 hp in box charger is 19.5v 3.33a 65w can i use a 19v 4.76a 90w charger for my laptop? thank you.
  12. R

    MoBo and CPU displaying high temps this month

    Introduction: Hello, first of all I am no expert! Well, since roughly the start of June I've been noticing a certain "change" in my rig... You see, I am an avid gamer and I've noticed noticed that, for example: when playing Overwatch, during 6v6 teamfights with lots of effects and whatnot, my...
  13. J

    Non-paged pool issue. Confirmed it is not caused by killer lan card!

    The title says it all. Experiencing a really high non-paged pool issue! My non-paged pool is currently sitting at 14.5GB and pushing my computer to use 98% (15.9GB) of my memory. I've tried using poolmon to locate the problem but I'm not familiar with how to use it or what im actually looking...
  14. R

    Assistance With Gaming Computer

    My computer is a little more than 6 years old and I was thinking about doing some upgrades. Most of my games run fairly well with a few exceptions, (the biggest one being the Everest that is Crysis) but even then I get some big frame dips when tons of stuff starts happening. I'm looking to get...
  15. E

    Windows 10- Sometimes stuck at black screen with blue Windows logo (no dots) and occasional BSOD

    Hello, I have been experiencing a couple of issues with my PC lately and I cannot figure out the cause or what triggers these problems. Sometimes, my screen stays stuck at the black screen with the blue Windows logo.. Whenever this happens, I just press the restart button on my tower and it...
  16. M

    Will this Card work with this Power supply?

    Asus Cerberus gtx1050ti 4gb fsp hyper m 600w power supply Was about to purchase both but noticed that in the product information for the PSU it says "PCI-Express 6+2 Pin Connectors for VGA Card". The graphics card doesn't have a VGA slot so will these items not work together?
  17. U

    [SOLVED] Outlook 2011 for Mac - Incoming mail not working with SSL

    My website and email hosting company (TSO Host) have recently upgraded to only use TLS 1.2 (see below) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Due to the latest security requirements, all of our shared servers (including cPanel, Cloud Hosting, ex-Daily customers) will...
  18. A

    Games keep crashing/randomly quits without error

    While playing games, ATM only Sea of Thieves and Rust, the games will randomly close without warning. Sometimes Rust will freeze then give me the spinning cursor and do the whole send error to Microsoft thing. I can see the errors in my event log I'll post them here. Also, This computer was...
  19. G

    HP Envy 15 Screen Blank

    Last night my laptop worked well but now the screen wont turn on. I've tested it with an external monitor and it displays there but not on the laptop screen. I'm thinking I damaged the LCD cable or something similar during my car ride home this afternoon. I was hoping someone would have some way...
  20. R

    Advice needed for 4k gaming pc build

    Hello... I'm looking for a 4k gaming pc. My technical understanding is limited but as I've never spent very much on a pc before, I'm doing lots of research and would like some advice. On various sites I've found prebuilt pc's and create your own variants around £2k. I will be using the pc only...
  21. M

    How To Fix 2TB USB on TV

    I bought 2TB USB online and when I plug in on our TV, it's not working. Can anyone help me to troubleshoot my issue?
  22. D

    Looking for a right GPU

    Hello to everyone , I'm not an expert in the matter. I would like to know if my motherboard is compatible with a gpu i would like to buy, My PC : Intel Core i7-6700 3.4GHz 16 GB RAM DDR4 NVIDIA GeForce GTX950 HDD 2TB Motherboard : ASUSTeK M32CD_A_F_K20CD_K31CD I would like to buy a GTX 1060 6GB...
  23. S

    60hz or 144hz?

    I just bought a 144hz monitor since i here they were good for gaming. I have a 1060 3gb, ryzen 1500, 8 gb ram. Unfortunately my display isn’t good and I get a lot of dips and drops in fps in Fortnite for example. It looks really choppy with screen tearing and all even though it shows that it is...
  24. J

    Why does my dell laptop keep going white and a grid of 9 squares appear andomly

    screen goes white and a grid of 9 squares appears randomly.#
  25. R4DIO4CT1VE

    computer will not post anymore

    working on an HP pavilion p6654y, plan is to upgrade from an x4 630 to an x4 955. once new CPU was installed i got an incompatible CPU error. Put old CPU back in and went through the process of updating BIOS and put the x4-955 back in and still got an incompatible cpu error. I put the x4-630...
  26. P

    3.5mm Dual to Single Adapter

    I have a headset that also has a microphone, but it only has one jack. My PC does not have a Dual Headphone/Microphone jack, so I understand that I need to buy a Female Dual 3.5mm to 2 Male 3.5mm Adapter. Do I need to specifically look for one advertised as turning a dual 3.5mm jack into two...
  27. L

    Windows 10 and the Geforce Go 7900GS

    Hi everyone, my name is Liam and I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 with a Nvidia Geforce Go 7900GS I can install windows 10 and use the Windows 7 drivers with compatibility mode and it works for the most part but whenever I try to play games I get a bsod with the error Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area Is...
  28. F

    which motherboard should i choose h310 or b360 please help for gaming

    hi guys i need help to choose motherboard whichmotherboard you prefer the h310 or b60 please help cause i am new in pc
  29. K

    Wifi upload speeds more than wired upload speeds...help

    My Phones give out a wireless speed of 16mbps download and 8mbps upload but my pc over the LAN does it 40mbps download and 3mbps upload...I want to twitch stream but those bad upload speeds don't help, Its definitely not the isp as I have good speeds on all my wireless devices but pc is bad...
  30. M

    NIC Card not reaching max speed

    I have a NIC card that says it can reach up to 54mbps but when i run the speed test im only getting 17-20mbps and my internet is around 300mbps download and upload. my phone reaches its max limit of 50mbps no problem.
  31. G

    Computex 2018: Highlights From Day 2

    Computex 2018 is officially starting to ramp up. Computex 2018: Highlights From Day 2 : Read more
  32. L

    Msi b350 gaming bro. Ez dubug led stuck on VGA. Help

    Hi. I've just put together a pc for my mum. Msi b350 gaming pro Ryzen 3 1200. Gtx 1050 ti gaming x Hyper predator 2x4gb 120gb Kinston SSD. Coolmaster 500w PSU Coolmaster 5 RGB case. I've put it all together but cant get display the lights, leds and fans power up. But cant get display. Tried...
  33. H

    Laptop stuck on 64%

    My laptop is stuck on 64% tried to do a reset and it won't let me been like this since Friday
  34. K

    Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce 560Ti 2GB - Overheating (crashing)

    Hi, I wanna ask for your suggestions on what to do with my GPU to fix overheating, I have a GTX 560Ti 2GB by Gigabyte, and when playing fortnite on 1280x960 the temperature goes up to 99 celsius even with my fans turned up to 100% from MSI Afterburner, can you help? Also, when I wasn't using...
  35. 7

    Can I run wolfenstein 2?

    I will be doing lots of upgrades to my pc in about 2 months, but I'm just wondering if it could play my favorite game, wolfenstein 2. It will consist of these parts: Cpu: and a8 7650k Psu: evga 450bt Ram: 8gb @ 1600kHz on dual channel Cooling: stock cooler, plenty of airflow in case Storage...
  36. B

    Yamaha rx-v683 low sound and no bass at all

    Hi guys.Just bought new rx-v683 receiver.I have Jamo s626hsc speaker set and Jamo sub360.I have connected everyting right,but when I play music from tv through optical cable or hdmi the volume is too low that I have to go to -10,-5db to hear proper,but even then there are no low frequences...
  37. F

    Upgrade from Intel i3-2120 to ryzen 5 2600x

    I want to upgrade my PC from Intel i3-2120 to ryzen 5 2600x. My PC currently has 2gb ram. What all changes I will have to make my PC has gigabyte dual uefi bios ultra durable series motherboard.
  38. P

    600-750 (USD) Compact PC

    I am new to the building PC world and was leaning towards a gaming laptop, but was encouraged by many friends to just go PC and a few brought up compact PCing, because I told them I travel a lot and bounce around a lot due to work for relocating and such. I do game, but mostly been a PS4...
  39. B

    Help me to choose RIGHT model of gtx 1060 3 gb...

    Hi. I bought gtx 1050 ti 4 gb, but wanna return it, and pick gtx 1060 3 gb for some bucks more. Just don't know what model to choose, maybe something with two fans, higher base and turbo frequency, more features...
  40. G

    Surface Hub 2 Offers Microsoft's Take on Minority Report

    The next-generation Surface Hub has a giant screen and plenty of versatility. Surface Hub 2 Offers Microsoft's Take on Minority Report : Read more