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    [SOLVED] How to Identify if the motherboard is bad/broken/dead?

    So what really happen is everything is working fine and i decided to clean my pc parts since it's been more than 6 months since the last time i clean my pc and the dust are really visible already(visible dust but not severe). I used paintbrush and blower then put everything back and the PC won't...
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    [SOLVED] Should I buy a new cooler?

    My i5 9600k is running back at 5.06 GHz. Running stress test at fan max speed, pump at max speed. My cpu package temp is hitting 78c. Is it perfectly fine or is my cpu asking for a better cooler? I'm using Coolermaster ML120L rgb cooler. Any recommendation? Also what is the max clock speed for...
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    Question Making a wireless hotspot?

    I"m in the process of looking at building a wireless WiFi hotspot. I have a specific wireless adapter I want to use and it will typically be one which will have a good chance of picking up a WiFi signal if one is near. Basically this modem will pick up a better signal than my phone or laptop...
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    Bluetooth connected, however no audio

    My PC does not have built-in bluetooth so I bought a bluetooth receiver, I was able to connect my wireless headphones to my PC. The connection was successful however there is no sound. Is there anything I could do to fix this?
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    irratic GPU usage

    my GPU spikes up and down from 0 to 100 % gpu usage does anyone know whats wrong
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    SLI not detected on nvidia control panel

    Hello My build is: ASUS MAXIMUS VII FORMULA 2x GTX 980ti hydro copper i7 4790k I have tested this build a year ago and I had to leave it back home because am going to university, I have got it shipped here, everything seems fine.. the GPUs light up when the PC is running but the second card...