Question STRIX 1080TI power issue


Sep 14, 2014
Hello! I am facing a problem that I have never experienced before... I have my old PC with the following specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K -no OC
Mobo: ASUS Z170-A
RAM:Kingston HyperX 2x8GB DDR4 3000
GPU: ASUS Strix GTX 1080 TI stock clocks
PSU: Super Flower Leadex Gold II 850W

A couple of months ago I found out that, sometimes, when gaming the PC gets a black screen and the fans of the GPU ramp up to 100%. I suspected that it might be a power issue, so I tried to use two separate cables for both of the PCIE connectors. That didn't work. I tried with an identical GPU, and the problem persisted (I have two cards as I used those graphics cards in SLI for a year on the same system with no issues, but I got a new PC and gave the old one with one 1080Ti to my dad, and used the other Ti for another build).

When I inspected the card I noticed that 2 of the 12V pins from the 8 pin cable were starting to burn the plastic from the connector. I swapped the cable with another pcie cable from the same PSU and it burnt the connector again, this time leaving one metal pin exposed completely. This issue happens with both graphics card and each time it happened on a different 12v pin.

I was certain that there is a problem with the PSU so I swapped it for testing purposes with an older Super Flower Golden Green HX 450W. (I know that it is a very small PSU, but I have tested the PC with a power meter and it never used more than 300W.

Also I have downclocked the GPU to 80%) I thought that I fixed the issue as the computer worked flawlessly for a month, but after a close inspection I found out that 2 12v pins from one of the 8 pin cable were discolored, as if they would have started to burn ( the exact issue that I had with the other PSU) .

I have not experienced the black screen issue with the 450w unit. I am sure that the other compunents from the PC can't cause this issue as I have put my current PSU (Seasonic Prime Gold 1300w) and GPU (RTX 2080 Ti) in it and it did not have any if the issues.

Now, since two PSUs damaged their 8 pins cables after running with either one of the two 1080Ti I am skeptical in using my new Seasonic PSU to test whether the issue happens again with those graphics cards, as I believe there might be something wrong with the cards itself and not the PSUs....

Both GPUs and the Leadex Gold PSU are still in warranty, so I could send any if them for repairs, but I don't get what the problem is... Did two power supplies from one of the best manufacturer in the world failed in the same way? Or is it possible that the graphics cards themselves have gone bad, and they are burning the pcie cables?

I would really appreciate your help, as I never seen this with any of the PCs that I have built, and I really don't know how to fix this issue (I've built a couple in my life so I kinda consider myself experienced)

Here are some Pics.

Vic 40

Hard to say. The way you show things make me also wonder about the gpu's. Best would be to talk to customer service of the make.

Don't think anybody here can really say what is going on and all kind of testing you could gave done you have done.