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    my Build so far.

    This is my first build . opinion?
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    How to make backup partition?

    I want to make a system backup for windows and all my other documents in their current state. I cant do a backup thru usb drive since i have none that are large enough. How would i make a "partition" on my hard drive so that i can use it as a future restore point in case i have issues?
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    gtx 970 or 1060

    Which one should I buy they're about the same price Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 WF 3X OC 4GB or EVGA GeForce GTX1060 SC 6GB
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    Am I right in blaming the PSU?

    I've been having Hard Drive issues - the drive not showing up (in BIOS or Windows), the drive showing up but not being able to read/write, that sort of stuff. The drive is a WD Black. I chucked in a WD Blue, and although it worked fine for a while, it eventually started behaving the same. The...
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    PCI E x8 (in x16 slot) max power draw.

    I have a motherboard that has only one PCI E x16 slot. This slot has 8 lanes in. Will the max power draw for this slot still 75W or will it be the lower 25W that PCI E x8 slots are limited to. (Note that the slot uses PCI E x8 2.0 technology). I am asking because I am looking to buy a GTX 750ti...
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    Help with RX480

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy the new RX480. I have one question about it though... On the reference card there are a few places where the word RADEON is ''engraved" on it in red. Now I was wondering if the red letters light up when the pc is started, or if it gives a nice dim effect. I am 99.9...
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    Install 760 and 750 ti

    Im trying to see if i can put a GTX 760 and a 750TI in the same pc. I tried it already and only one card goes to one monitor. i want both to be running for one game. any solutions?
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    EKWB Liquid 240 Pump Leak ??

    About to cry. Just bought an EKWB Liquid 240. First time ever water cooling, it comes with a pump / res combo, I connected everything, it was all ready to put water in.. I first turned on my pc from the motherboard and I had absolutely no water in the res.. I immideitally smelled smoke and saw a...
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    A core 2 duo e7500

    I have a core 2 duo cpu in dont know the socket
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    Windows install from USB?

    I am new to PC building. And I saw videos of people saying download your so from a sub and not a optical drive/disc because it would be so much cheaper. I found this website online: It is where (I think) you download the iso...
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    Doubts about upgrading

    Hey guys I want to update my computer but i got some doubts about it. You guys probably see dozens of topics like this so thanks already for opening mine! The case: I got an somewhat older PC with this motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V It got only a GPU on the board itself, no other one. EDIT: This...
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    Sony Vaio black screen, Windows and external monitor working

    Hello everybody, I have an old Sony Vaio laptop (exact model VGN-NS235J/S) that starts up Windows with no problem, but the screen is not working. The external VGA port works fine and thats what I've using to reinstall Windows (complete format), install updated drivers from the official Sony...
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    GTX 970 or R9 390?

    Building a new PC, and I'm now choosing the graphics card. I've heard that the R9 390 has more VRAM and better performance, but my current build has only a 500W PSU. I could also put the saved $20 into a silent cooler (I need my build whisper quiet). So, GTX 970 or R9 390? (Future System Specs...
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    is there a gba emulator for pc please tell me

    please l need to know if there is a game boy emulator for my windows 7 windows Vista computer it would be very nice please
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    One network, two separate wireless routers.

    Hi there, I have recently moved into an apartment. I had the internet installed and everything is running fine. The only problem I have is that at the other end of the apartment (my bedroom) I cannot get signal. It's a very long apartment. I do have an access point in the room so I plugged the...
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    Help: troubleshooting a new build

    I'm building a new pc (components list below). It's been ~20y so I plugged in everything and ... the power led went on - nothing else. Replugged in everything - same thing. Unplugged everything, tried the psu testing tool. Good - psu fan turns on. With just the cpu, ram, graphics card & wifi...
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    I can't enter boot menu on win7.

    I've choosen the speed of the booting 'fast' before in boot menu and since then there is no option to enter boot menu. (Nor 'press F12 to enter boot menu' sign shows up) My PC (Toshiba) got bricked and I want to install windows.
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    Computer won't boot with two ram cards inserted

    I received a m5a97 le r2.0 for Christmas along with an amd fx6300 and 8gb(2x4gb) compatible g.skill ram. I struggled to get the machine to post for a while it got to bios once or twice but crashed on attempted boot. So I started testing the ram cards I removed one stick and the machine booted...
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    Is this worth it or not?

    I have an i5 3470 and I can purchase a G1 Sniper M3 for $150 AUD, around $100~ USD. I plan to buy a used/refurbished/brandnew 3770K/3570K in the future and overclock it.
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    Would like to upgrade my PC

    Hi there. I'd like to upgrade some parts or something, so I could do some PS2 and Gamecube emulation. Not really looking to play high end current gen games or anything of the sort. I have my PS4 for that lol. I just don't have room to keep my Gamecube and PS2 hooked up. I don't know how to...