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  1. K

    Question Disappointed with performance out of my newly built pc...

    So around 3 months ago I saved up enough money to go on a shopping spree at my nearest micro center, and although I had some troubles getting it to boot and what not, eventually I got it booted up. But what I noticed as soon as I got it up and running was the fact that I had forgot to delete my...
  2. N

    Question My ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop is not Using the Dedicated GPU in Games

    Yesterday I received my ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop from Amazon. Here are the specs: ASUS TUF FX505DY-AL007T 15.6 Inch Full HD Slim Bezel Gaming Laptop - (Black) (AMD Ryzen R5-3550H Quad-Core Processor, RX560 4 GB Dedicated Graphics, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD Storage)...
  3. cheekypig55

    Question Broken CPU or Other problem

    Well here i am after months of dealing with this problem, hoping that it would sort it self out, i have come to the internet to solve my problem in my stead I have a i5 3470 @3.2ghz with a stock cooler, a Gainwald Geforce GTX 970 GPU, MSI H61MA-E35 motherboard, 8GB of DDR3 1600mhz of ram, 650...
  4. J

    Question [PLEASE HELP] Google chrome search results fonts big and blurry?

    Today, suddenly when I used google to search for something, the search result fonts are big and blurry? this only happens when I am logged in to my google account. Not logged in and normal text (replace "dot" with "." because I couldn't post links)...
  5. G

    Question Microphone volume problem and background noise

    Ok so.. i build a new PC, but the thing is i'm not sure is from the headset. I mean..i'm sure is not the headset problems but maybe someone knows something here. I freaking HATE my life, and i don't know what to do. On my old PC i had the problem that my microphone could be barely heard. So...
  6. M


    GPU PROBLEMS AND INSTALLATION. originally made at 6/3/2019. Hello. I have had a few problems during my years as a PC-enthusiast, especially with my graphics cards, and i thought sharing some of my experiences might be good for my karma. This is just a check-list for GPU-installation before you...
  7. D

    Question Warning avoid updating firefox, new update uses new profile system loses your stored profile

    I just ran firefox which did one update, says profile is being changed, I saved like it said, then 20 minutes later restarted says updating again and this time all of my data (passwords, history, bookmarks) are gone. DO NOT USE FIREFOX at this time.
  8. C

    Question Problem with GPU? Artifacts maybe? Display? I tried everything! You're my only hope to get answers - So, this happens in games Notes: Good fps and low temps so this isn't a problem! tried every V-SYNC it DOESN'T happen only in GTA installed last driver using nvidia GeForce Experience ofc windows 10 home gtx 1660, 6gb (NOT OC) i5 9400f (NOT OC) power suply 450W...
  9. S

    Question My fans cannot be stopped

    Hi, I am trying to configure my h100i platinum aio cpu cooler. But the fans don't go to my preferred setting, how do I fix it. My preset one is 1000 rpm but one is at 3000 and the otherat 700
  10. A

    Question Help for My First build

    I actually have a build in my mind CPU: Ryzen 5 2600/2600x CPU COOLER: Stock Cooler MOBO: Msi X470 gaming plus/ B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC WiFi STORAGE: 120 GB M.2 SSD 1 TB HDD RAM 16gb 3200mhz Trident GSkill 650w psu tx650m Coolermaster master case mc500 Is it overkill for for 1080p...
  11. Question New graphics card is having issues. (Windows 8.1)

    Recently I bought a new graphics card because my old one was having overheating issues. However, I have had nothing but issues with it since. The card itself is a PhysX NVIDIA GT 720 2GB GDDR3. I use a pretty old computer. It's a Dell Studio XPS 8100 from 2007 or 2009 and I use Windows 8.1. I...
  12. Jacksonlane24

    Question Computer fully powers up, no input to moniter

    Hello, I have a problem with my pc that recently happened, so I originally had problems with windows such as windows store crashing immediately upon opening, on long with other apps like calculator but let’s put that aside, so I tried to update my GPU drivers but my pc was not having any of it...
  13. T

    Question Need Help Fixing FPS Stutter on PC

    Was wondering if my motherboard could be causing fps stutter. It started about a few months after I built my PC. Took it to a shop and they said my MB standoffs weren't set properly and I had prongs from the IO shield sticking into the back ports (I know, horrible, but it was my first time). But...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] Problem with two laptops and Windows installation

    So my dad brought two laptops home from work some months ago, one for me and one for my Brother, and i decided to get them setup. I installed Windows on mine and used the formating tool in the ISO usb stick boot thingy to format all the fille systems, installation worked out as it should. My...
  15. J

    Question CS:GO fps drop problems

    Hello, everyone! I'm at my wits end. I have gotten lately around 3 weeks ago, much fps drops in game. I have done fps benchmarks multiple times. And got results like 200 fps on average. But in game sometimes I think drops to 80-90 when there are a couple molotovs/smokes or a couple people in...
  16. J

    Question Suddenly more CPU usage (streaming csgo)

    Hello, everyone! On wednesday I could stream csgo with an average of 160-170 fps and stream at 1080p60 fps with 6-8 CPU usage. But yesterday I wanted to stream again. The CPU usage was all the time around 14-16%. And in game I was getting only around 80-100 frames. When I went streaming obs gave...
  17. SuicidalCookie

    Question When I boot, PC stays on windows logo and spinning circle for 10 minutes before finally booting

    So the other day I pulled out the power cable of one of my 3 hard drives to plug into a different hard drive, now this is where everything went wrong. I have my windows 10 installed on an SSD. and suddenly my computer couldn't find my windows? so I continued pissing around for about an hour...
  18. D

    Question PC slowly but surely stops working properly.

    Just a couple of days ago, my PC started acting strange. After running the PC for a short while, it would lose all sound, and all videos no matter what site or program I use will stop playing and just buffer for all eternity. Going even further, all programs I try to start will never actually...
  19. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Is 85 pounds a good price for a pretty much new gtx 1050 2gb?

    My friend is offering me a gtx 1050 2gb for 85 pounds from a prebuilt system he didn't turn on until upgrading the gpu in there. is this a good price? I do some 1440x900 gaming but im super poor so i cant even afford a 1050 ti. Is thre a better card at this price? thanks
  20. A

    Question Alienware 17 ssd issues

    Alienware M17xR3.. Adata 256g SSD replacing the oem 750g hard drive Once installed I get no bootable partition in table. I have Win10 Pro on a USB ready to go. Changed raid to ACHI. I followed every step by step guide/troubleshooting article I've found on the process but it seems like short...