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  1. QwerkyPengwen

    Other programs like SketchUp Make 2017? For DIY projects.

    I need to know what kind of programs I see people use in YouTube videos from time to time when they do a DIY project that has them creating the general layout and design of something with precise measurements to see what fits where and how. I plan to start doing some more complex DIY building of...
  2. MountainDrew329

    Motherboard and connected components stay on after shutdown!

    These are my system specs: So as you can see I have the Asus TUF B360M Plus Gaming motherboard. When I press the shutdown option in windows, the screen goes to the shut down animation and turns black, but my motherboard led stays on, rgb ram stay lit up...
  3. S

    PC is using 16% or more ram on startup. Win 10 64bit pro

    So for the last three weeks I've had this annoying issue. Were upon PC start and even after power cycles. My PC is using more ram than usual. I have 16gb of ddr3 2400mhz ram and another 16gb set of ddr3 1866mhz ram (and memtest says the ram is good.) and it does it for both. Before this issue my...
  4. L

    EVGA Supernova 550W G3 vs Seasonic 550w Focus Gold

    I was wondering which one is better at the $70 price range the EVGA Supernova G3 or Seasonic Focus 550W (not plus) or if there are better PSUS at this price range please suggest them.
  5. M

    GHZ vs. Thread Count

    I'm looking at two CPUs and right now I'm thinking of either the 85 8600k (overclocked) or i7 8700. I'm mostly doing gaming and I may be doing some editing in the future. Which is more important, higher GHZ in the i5 or higher threads in the i7? Also can someone explain what threads are...
  6. M

    Graphics card choose

    Wich one is good msi 1070 ti or msi 1080
  7. F

    things to do for new build?

    so i got a amd ryzen rig. this are my specs what are things i need to download?
  8. A

    Slightly better replacement for ATI HD5770

    Hello everyone, I have this pc for almost 10 years, and it ran with an ATI HD 5770 MSI variant since. Recently that graphic card stopped working and I started to look for a replacement, and that's where I would appreciate some help. I intend to just replace the graphics card in order to keep...
  9. K

    AMD R9 390 - One Fan has trouble spinning leading to overheating card

    Hello all! So I just bought a used AMD R9 390 off of Craigslist - the guy said it was just used for Overwatch, but who really knows. The fans seemed to be in good working order when I purchased it, except I did notice that the secondary fan showed a little bit of resistance when trying to...
  10. cokolele

    SDD / OS randomly freezes for a minute. Can't find a way to debug it.

    Hello After I installed new SSD and new HDD I keep getting freezes. They last about 20-30 seconds. I have one more connect HDD, old one which I used before. While pc is frozen I can still use loaded software. It seems like a SSD issue because after pc is unfrozen I can hear click sound from...
  11. whiteknights

    will a 450w PSU be enough for my Sapphire 7870XT?

    my pc specs: CPU: intel i5-3470 motherboard: Gigabyte H61M-s2p RAM: 8GB GPU: Sapphire HD 7870XT 2GB HDD: WD blue 1TB my current PSU is thermaltake 500w.. model TT- 500 NL2NL it says that its 450w and peaks at 500w.. I'm using it since 4 years till now.. but it started to make constant noisy...
  12. S

    Please help: blank screen after long hibernation

    Hey all, I am having a problem with my HP envy laptop (Windows 8.1 OS), whenever I hibernate my laptop for a long time (7-8hrs) and I try to start up again, the screen is stuck on a blank screen. The laptop starts up BUT the screen display remains blank, I would have to completely turn off the...
  13. M

    PC for a friend

    My friend wants to build a PC. He doesn't know anything about building one so I've picked these parts out for him he's buying a 144hz monitor and his dad is getting him the PC itself. He says that he wants an i7 but all he's doing is mostly gaming and Photoshop...
  14. A

    Hyper 212 evo need urgent help

    So my hyper 212 evo the x mounting bracket connects to all the mounts until I put the cooler master down and put the x bracket in and then the screws will align but won't reach far enough to hit the mounting screws and if I get one side down I can't get the opposite side down
  15. R

    Hard Drive Problems

    Hello guys. So my problem is this, I have a hard drive that is in two partitions, WD Blue 500GB (2008) -SATA II- i think this is it. So i ran defraggler to benchmark all drives and drive c: which is the one with the OS has speeds of 1.33 mb/s and the drive D: has speeds of 53.47 mb/s.(EDIT:Read...
  16. Rayler

    Will i get bottleneck if i paired i5 660 with gtx 1050 ti ?

    Will i get bottleneck if i paired i5 660 with gtx 1050 ti ? Full specs : Cpu: intel i5 660 3.33 GHz ( 2 cores - 4 threads - 3.6 GHz turbo boost ) Ram: 4 GB DDR3
  17. A

    Toshiba p300 3tb internal HDD not recognized anywhere!

    Hi, Recently is decided to upgrade my storage space and bought the Toshiba P300 3tb internal HDD. I plugged it in and it wasn't recognized in either the BIOS nor Device Management. I checked if it was working (powered) and it was. I tried different kabels (working ones from other HDD's), I...
  18. M

    Bad Fps On CSGO

    So I have a i5 4690k and a gtx 1060, and my fps is fine when im not in gunfights, but as soon as bullets and lots of smokes/molotovs my fps drops below 144, which dosent seem bad but i have a 144hz monitor and it really messes my aim up. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  19. M

    Memory Questions ? My motherboard is compatible for DDR4 2133 and 2400. Which one should RAM should I get then? Thank you for your help!
  20. Jawd000

    Asrock z170 k6+ not working properly

    I've tried reset cmos and rams. the problem is that nothing shows up on the display and all the fans are not running only for a secon when I turn it off. The problem started when I tried to flash bios. Any solution? I just bought the motherboard yesterday and it was working fine yesterday.