Question What happened to my HDMI audio ?


Dec 31, 2012
i was streaming some fallout 76 and the game ALT+tabbed. maybe i hit windows key, maybe its that weird registry bug that you have to go into the registry and change to stop it from alt+tabbing in the middle of your match. idk. it doesnt matter. My HDMI audio output is gone now. It shows that it is playing, i reinstalled the geforce experience, and that didnt fix it. I used another hdmi cable, and that didnt fix it. i trouble shooted, i changed some settings, its still silent. the headphones on my headphone jack work. the visualizer on obs says its making noise. its just not going from my graphics card to my tv. tv works fine too. its the weirdest thing. all the trouble shooting i have done, seems to say, there is nothing wrong. it cut out, and it has stayed off. how do i fix this ?
Yes I have the same issue with my brothers laptop, he acidentally pressed some keys and it does not work, even by default selecting them and after trying to fix as you said it does not work which is totally odd. Tried few cables, nothing.
It's a software selection thing. I am sure.
Have you checked your Sound Control Panel

As for the laptop - normally no matter what drivers you have installed, if you hit a button that turns it off on the keyboard, that over-rides the software. You need to check what you can press with the FN key

With a different keyboard or software, you can Disable windows key and things like that while gaming, so you don't press it or Alt Tab or whatever you want to disable