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  1. S

    can this graphic card run on my computer?

    Hello, My graphic card was burnt so I'm going to buy a new one so just tell me that "Inno3D GT 210 LP 1GB DDR3 (N210-3SDV-D3BX)" can run on my computer? and it is powerful graphic card? specs: core i3 3.30ghz OS:32 BIT ( I can use 64 but i havent yet ) windows 7 ultimate 4 GB RAM Thanks in advance
  2. J

    Can i put a 2 pin fan into a 3pin to molex adapter

    I took an old fan out of a PSU, it has a 2 pin connector I have a 3-pin fan connector to molex adapter but the 3 pin connector only has 2 pins on it anyways, could i put the 2 pin into the 3-pin to molex adapter to power the fan?
  3. F

    Internal USB2 Header to USB3 Front Panel Connector

    Hi Folks, I goofed up on my recent parts purchase. Specifically, my MB has internal USB 2.0 headers and my case front panel has USB 3.0 and so the internal connect cable doesn't fit my motherboard. What should I do besides changing the mother board/case? Is there some other cable or adapter I...
  4. D

    my laptop not detecting (only light is on) external hard drive but pc does

    please help ...Its not in disc management also
  5. D

    xfx xxx grinding noise?

    Ny psu : XFX 650W XXX Modular 80+ Bronze is making an odd grimding type noise, would it be the fan?
  6. M

    my Bottle necking problem

    Hey guys I was just wondering if my CPU was bottlenecking my GPU. These are the specs: Intel g630 2.7ghz dual core processor Asus Maximus extreme z mobo Sapphire Radeon R9-280x OC Thanks :)
  7. T

    Finding retailers for GPU and does it even fit

    Hi i have a bit of an problem with My searching abilities of searching the web. I'm looking for the R9 290 Vapor x by saphire but the only place i could find it (where there still where some left) was amazon at around 430$ and i would like to be closer to 300 like they where at black friday...
  8. Xexoxix

    Ubuntu 14.10 won't shut down

    My friend's windows got corrupted, and after nothing worked, I installed Ubuntu on his PC. The first time, it didn't boot correctly w/o the USB inside, so I remade the USB with the tool Ubuntu recommended. I installed Ubuntu and everything works fine. He can play steam games, chat on mumble...
  9. SubZeroFlsh

    I have a selections of cards and I need some help.

    Hello! Thanks for taking some interest and helping me. Here are the card, please take into considerarion recent price drops and any info you think would be useful to me. Gtx 970 (My top goal) Gtx 770 (Same price at 970 (I think)) R9 290x R9 280x I am hoping to spend under £300 on the card, as...
  10. R

    Games run slower on Windows 8

    When I bought this laptop it came with windows 8 on it, I wasn't a huge fan of windows 8 so I downloaded windows 7 ultimate on it and was running it like that for a while. eventually my wifi adapter was constantly having problems and while googling for an awnser I found the only fix was a driver...
  11. N

    Gaming PC Build Advice - First Time building a PC

    Hi there, I'm looking into building a gaming rig. Budget is $2000 to $2500 for rig alone. This will be my first time. I would prefer buying the components during the thanksgiving sale next week. I looked at various sites and created this component list: AeroCool StrikeX-Air Black SECC Open...
  12. 8350rocks

    Crazy holiday deals...

    Amazon has a MSI R9-290 on sale right now for $286. Thought that would be a great buy for anyone shopping for GPU upgrades on a budget... Anyone else found any crazy good deals?
  13. C

    Finalizing my first custom build, what do you guys think? Going to be gaming a lot hoping this build will play atleast on high 60fps on bf4, high or ultra on wow with good fps, and a lot of other games as well. I already bought the Corsair Spec-01 case a month ago, that's why it is not on the list. Let me know what...
  14. F

    Audio card fail to be detected after a short power failure.

    So yesterday was pretty windy, and we lost power in a few seconds. My computer was rebooted but after coming up, it could not detect the sound card... It is a Sound Blaster Z. Is there any suggestion that you guys can give me? :(
  15. Y

    Can Tom's Hardware solve my seemingly impossible PC issue...?

    This has been an ongoing issue for well over a year now that a tech in town and myself have spent a ton of time on. Here's the rundown. Technical specs: - Custom built PC, yes everything is plugged in correctly, as I've had it double, triple, and quadruple checked with myself and some...
  16. W

    Upgrading to SSD and windows 8.1

    Hello, I just bought a Samsung EVO 840 250GB SSD that I want to add it to my PC and have my OS and main programs I use on it. I also want to upgrade my OS from windows 7 to windows 8.1. I will be buying windows 8.1pro student which requires windows 7 to be currently installed. I would like to...
  17. H

    Building My First Computer

    I have never built a PC before. I don't know if all these parts will work together or not? CPU : Intel Core i7-4790K Processor - Quad Core, 4.0GHz (8MB Cache, up to 4.10 GHz), 2 Memory Channels, 16 Max PCI Express Lanes Motherboard : ASUS Z97-A ATX MOTHERBOARD - LGA1150 Socket, Intel Z97...
  18. Tech-nods

    Best AMD 4 Four Core Processor for Gaming With R7 260x

    I Want to Buy an AMD 4 Core Processor for Gaming(Cuz AMD has Cheap Price).. Can Anyone Suggest me a Good CPU..?? My Current Rig.. Intel G2020 Gigabyte H61M-DS2 6 GB Ram - 1333MHZ 2 TB Hard Drive 600w Coolermaster Thunder SMPS.
  19. K

    help please no internet program will stay open

    i just loaded my laptop and i loaded up Google chrome and it closed within 3 seconds and tried few more times and then tried couple more times and then tried with internet explorer and same thing happened and even with mozzila firefox but still happened and then i loaded it as administrator and...
  20. A

    Will this PCI Express 3.0 video card fit on this motherboard?

    I'm trying to put together a build. I already own this motherboard (ASUS Z87-PRO LGA 1150). I am planning on buying this video card (EVGA GTX780 3GB). The video card has PCI Express 3.0 interface. The specs for the motherboard say it has "2(x16 or dual x8)" PCI Express 3.0 x16 expansion...