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  1. A

    Question PC Newbie, Need help finding the best CPU for my PC

    My PC is kind of old, at least 5 years. I want to see if I can upgrade this before I even consider replacing it. I currently have an Intel Core i7-6700 processor and want to know if anyone has any recommendations for a new CPU? and if possible, suggestions for thermal paste? I don't have a money...
  2. ParaLizzard

    Question how to destroy graphics card or CPU on purpose? (for science)

    Yesterday I was thinking if its actually possible to destroy graphics card or CPU. If you overclock too much it will reset in safe mode. If you change Bios it reset bios. If you change driver it will reset. So is it possible? Without destroying it physically to destroy or disable graphics card...
  3. J

    Question How should I go about upgrading my CPU?

    I'd like to upgrade my PC's processor. Currently I have: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2808 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 6 Logical Processor(s) I'm not sure what is compatible with my computer, which is my cause for hesitation. I have an Alienware Aurora R7: 16GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 I...
  4. Classy666

    Question CPU not recognized, fails r boot ?

    So i uninstalled all my processors in the device manager, after i restarted my pc later it fails to boot. It turns on, everything is working but no display, no bios, no light in the keyboard, it just fails to boot then restarts again, infinite boot loop... ? I was told that i have no switch to...
  5. Kajstrl

    [SOLVED] Temperature goes up while doing nothing.

    Hello ive got a problem with my cpu usage and consequences of that is high temperature. The problem is while im using my computer normally (moving with mouse) everything is alright cpu usage is about 20 % a temp about 45 degrees, but when im not moving with the mouse cpu usage goes up and temp...
  6. Zeekqtt

    [SOLVED] Will these 5 items work together CPU/MB/cooling/memory /gpu
  7. 4gotten

    [SOLVED] CPU overheat and bios stuck

    Hello, the other day my pc crashed will playing a game and I thought nothing of it and reset my computer. Later that day it crashed once or twice more and I had to turn my computer off and back on at which point the pc would start to boot for about 3 seconds and cut off. After changing my power...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] What is a better buy? The Ryzen 4700u or the 7500u? And why?

    I want to buy a new laptop and need your support for the best processor of them.
  9. Bobo1458

    [SOLVED] Might Return The Ryzen 9 5900x

    So I've been doing some research and I've seen that there are some new releases with CPUs here soon. I'm thinking about returning my 5900x and potentially waiting for an AMD or Intel release that will be much better than the 5900x. If I do return my CPU, what are potential CPUs I could wait for...
  10. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Is it time to replace my AIO Cooler?

    Greetings, I currently have the Corsair H115i 280mm AIO liquid cooler which I have been using for 4 years. Now I did my research and based from the numerous forums I have read and studied about when to replace AIO coolers, they said to replace it if it has been used for 4-5 years. Now I don't...
  11. M

    Question Intel i5 10400F or 11400F

    Hai everyone, I find really hard to decide whether to choose 10th gen or 11th gen I5 since it really gives small difference i gaming. And im stuck with a new gen and old gen. Pls enlighten me which one is good. Thank you
  12. Core_Aurora

    [SOLVED] i5 3330 temp while gaming

    Hi...I have a setup of i5 3330 with hd 7950 oc and 8gb of run quite well But I am facing a issue. While gaming (ETS 2) , CPU Temp reaches 73C(Ambient Temp 38C). I am using stock cpu cooler provided by intel. Is it general ? If not, What is the solution ?
  13. nusuntbubu

    Question Screen turn of if i enter in cs:go

    If i enter in an competitiv or casul after some time my screen turn black but pc still run i5 9400f,12 gb ddr4 2400mhz,rx 470 4gb
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Want to upgrade my computer, what cpu should i get?

    I have a computer with a very old I7 2600 cpu, and i want to upgrade it meaning i have to get a new CPU, motherboard and ram. I play games like, Escape from Tarkov, Rust, COD Warzone, GTA, league of legends etc etc... Right now i currently use a GTX 1070 and in the future i plan on upgrading...
  15. L

    [SOLVED] does h470 need a bios update before running 10400F?

    hi so recently i'm planning to build a midrange gaming - streaming pc (dont say use ryzen cuz its expensive in my location) i was wondering if i pair a 10400f with a tuf h470 pro would i need to update the bios on the MB to be able to boot up with the 10400? plus an extra question: how fast can...
  16. L

    [SOLVED] PC crashes ranomly

    Hello, Since a few days my PC keeps crashing many times a day (sometimes bluescreen/sometimes blackscreen, where I have to turn the pc off manually). But it seems pretty random, when it crashes and I cant really replicate it. Sometimes its under load in games, but then I can play games 2 days...
  17. Altom_

    [SOLVED] CPU upgrade

    I Currently have an I5-9400F CPU socket: LGA 1151 (I believe) I use my PC on a daily and I mostly game. I am wondering if its worth an Upgrade or not without changing my motherboard? But if I was going to change my motherboard too could you please give me some suggestions and I have a GTX1660...
  18. qwilldoit

    [SOLVED] Installing new motherboard

    Just ordered a new motherboard A320 A Pro Max and a Ryzen 5 3600 processor. I’m trying to install it and have it screwed into the case. What’s troubling is trying to figure out what wires go to what. I have a Power SW connector but that is all, in videos I’ve watched the user had many other...
  19. Moeguy

    [SOLVED] Looking for a good motherboard and cpu for my upgrade

    I recently got some new parts and decided that I want to upgrade my motherboard, I have an msi b250m mortar and an i7 7700k cpu. At first I wanted to only upgrade my motherboard because I had a compatibility issue with my usb c front io port on my h510 elite. But No new motherboards support...
  20. Aditya886

    [SOLVED] Low FPS on my new PC

    I play FPS games on my PC like CSGO and Valorant I saw the same specs benchmark on YouTube and saw they are getting thrice as much as my FPS! I get around 150 FPS in Valorant Low settings 1080p and CSGO 1080p high setting 200 fps pls help! My specs:- Processor:-AMD Ryzen 5 4650G Pro GPU:-Rtx...
  21. C

    Question Need some help about upgrading my pc

    So i have a packard bell imedia s2110 computer the specs: windows 10 processor AMD E1 1200 ---reson why motherborad cuz its socket on AMD Radeon HD 7310 graphics -- is is with the cpu socket on 4gb ram the psu has a max of of 220 w So i just wanna know how I can do to make so it can handle a...
  22. kzainshah

    [SOLVED] Can I use this cpu

    Hi! I want to use 3dsMax Vray rendering in good quality and Can I Use without installing any graphics in these processors. The configuration I'm gonna use for Cpu. First with this Processor AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with RadeonVega 8 Graphics 1rocessor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with RadeonVega 8 Graphics...
  23. CarTemperature

    [SOLVED] No boot and long beep after replacing processor

    I wanted to replace my i5 650 on my Veriton S680G motherboard with a quad-core i5 760. As soon as it came, I picked the old CPU out and placed the new one in, the moment I pressed power I was greeted by this long beep. Now, I've also tried putting the i5 650 back in, and the system booted up...
  24. OlsenaiZ

    Question PC turns on only with one ram slot

    Hi guys I’m having a weird issue , so I have a Ryzen 3200g Mai 320A-m Pro mAtx 2DIMM Slots Corsair Venegance 2x4gb 2133mhz DDR4 Ram ive just built this pc went to turn it on and no screen however fans are workings and all the leds turn on, so after abit of Diag I’ve tested each Ram stick in...
  25. knana21

    Question PC loads bios for a minute or so, then CPU Debug light flashes and it power cycles.

    Here are the build details: Intel i5 9400f EVGA Geforce GTX 660 8 GB X 2 Team Elite RAM 500 GB PNY SSD MSI B365M Pro Motherboard Corsair 450M Power Supply I have been troubleshooting a few issues with this new build. I finally got it to boot to bios (without SSD or one of the RAM sticks) this...
  26. LordMikeus

    [SOLVED] Advice for upgrading CPU+Cooler and Motherboard

    Hey. I currently have a bottleneck for my CPU and I'm very aware of it. I'm hoping to upgrade very soon (Today if I had a clue) and I've noticed the 10 series for intel processors. I also know I need a motherboard that can hold whatever new CPU I get. I'm hoping to get to a point where I can...
  27. thetechissue

    [SOLVED] Am3 motherboard with am3+ processor

    Did anyone ever tried to pair an am3+ AMD processor with an am3 chipset motherboard?
  28. nimpa

    [SOLVED] Which is the better buy I5 4590 vs I7 4790s?

    Currently I am looking to buy a spare pc for either my personal use(programming, streaming, mail, web, etc...) or to use as a dedicated plex server There are two variants i could buy. One with intel i5 quad core 4590 or the intel i7 quad core 4790s. the only thing is that the pc with the I7 i...
  29. TheTechSide

    Question **HELP** Tried undervolting and re-pasting/cleaning my ASUS ROG Strix GL503GE, nothing seems to stop the over heating and thermal throttling,

    I have this laptop for over a year, problem wasn't there for the first 8-9 months, now it heats up really quickly and all games stutter and lag. OS : Windows 10 Home 1903 18362.592 GTX 1050ti 192bit i5 8300H 8GB RAM 1TB HDD+ 128GB SSD
  30. J

    [SOLVED] Real Talk: 12 Threads vs 8 Cores

    Im considering building a new PC after many good years on my 7700k, but am conflicted on whether to upgrade to the 8700k or 9700k. The pricing isnt that big of a difference, so the question comes down to the fact that the 9700k doesnt have two threads per core, whilst the 8700k does- and as...
  31. Karim2001

    Question Cpu stuck at 100%

    I just upgraded my computer to windows 10 and my CPU usage in task manager is stuck at 100% i cant just end any specific process to lower the usage since the process using most of the CPU are random and most of the time its task manager itself i tried many times to fix it but couldn't so does...
  32. O

    Question i7-4790 For Video Editing

    Hey, I'm looking at buying a cheap prebuilt mainly for photo and video editing, its specs are; i7-4790 @ 3.4GHz 16gb of DDR3 512GB SSD It also has a Nvidia Quadro card that I'll probably replace with a 1050ti. It will be used mainly for 1080p video with the very occasional 4K, I'm just...
  33. P

    [SOLVED] What is the best second gen CPU for Intel Motherboard DP67BG?

    I am planning to buy a new cpu and i am afraid that it wont work with my pc and my motherboard.... do you guys know whats the best cpu for this motherboard and that will fit and work without any problems? Atm i have i5 2400
  34. iShoTz

    [SOLVED] Does Cooler Master Hyper TX3i Komplett Ed work with i9 9900 Processor?

    Does Cooler Master Hyper TX3i Komplett Ed work with i9 9900 Processor? Have RTX 2070 gpu
  35. Zacquan

    [SOLVED] New graphics card low fps

    I just moved and i got my old computer out of storage and when i tried to turn it on for the first time it froze... I restarted it then it just wouldn't appear back on the monitor. Tried cleaning everything nothing worked. So i deiced to just get new everything. Old computer specs were i5 7400...
  36. trio1989


  37. msjames1997

    Question New build issue, on/off cycle, black monitor, no peripheral power

    I recently just completed my very first build and it worked perfectly for two days! However on the third day I went to turn on my new build and it didnt provide power to the keyboard (which usually lights up) and the monitor stayed black. The computer then turned itself off and then back on...
  38. P

    Question Is Ryzen 1200 3 1st generation or 2nd? and would it work with this motherboard

    im new to building computers, just confused of what generation the ryzen 3 1200 is 1st or 2nd? and would the AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.1GHz Quad Core AM4 Socket Overclockable Processor me compatible with GA-A320M-S2H ? thanks
  39. H

    [SOLVED] my cpu speed keeps dipping down from 2.8ghz to 1.2ghz

    hello so my cpu speed keeps going down when i play games or do some tests and im pretty certain its not from the psu i have enough for the whole pc 500w or the temps i have xeon x3460 temps max at 77c motherboard : asus p7h55m keep in mind i tried disabling thermal monitoring in the bios...