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  1. B

    how to restart toshiba windows 7 from factory settings without admin password

    i have a toshiba windows 7 home premium and last yr the screen went black didnt change , so i put it away. well i took it out n it is working again!! so i went to log on, n guess what? i 4got my password. so i wanna star it from factory settings . but havent a clue how to do so... any suggestions??
  2. K

    Asus Power Surge Detected

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, and I'm having trouble with my machine. I built her about half a year ago, and I'm having some its become really problematic. I was playing a graphic-intense game, Final Fantasy 14, when my computer first shut down on me. It restarted and I got the whole "Asus...
  3. T

    OC Genie II Help( Quick!!!)

    ok so i got the MSI 970A-G46 and the FX-6300 today from micro center. I was going to manually overclock the processor but this is my first build and I think using OC Genie II would be a little easier. From what I've heard though, OC Genie up the voltage way too high for the increase in...
  4. E

    Best Price/Performance gaming AMD+GTX system

    Hi guys! Finally, this is my first post and finally, I am planning to buy a new system. I have been playing only starcraft 2 since 2010 on my AMD 4200+/GT 9800 system, thats is enough to play online on a 1920x1080 23" monitor with settings on high :) But now, I am planning to start to play...
  5. S

    LCD Monitor Connectivity

    My Desktop configuration is "Pentium 4 and 512 RAM". and its working fine. i have CRT monitor, but now i have planned to replace my old monitor with LCD monitor. will it be possible to connect LCD monitor to the above mentioned configuration? Thanks in Advance Suresh MR
  6. D

    Does vga to hdmi (laptop to monitor) work?

    im trying to display my laptop screen on my monitor. my laptop only has vga and the monitor only has hdmi. thank you.
  7. I

    *Help* Need Some Component Advice and improvement

    I'm new at building computer and this is my first build and i would like some advice. I'm wounder if my build has the compatibility before I buy it and i would like people to improve my build before I make the call to buy it . My budget is around $ 760 and can't go any higher than that. I...
  8. S

    which one is the best?

    I have 2 choices for my new motherboard , Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H or Gigabyte Z87X-OC? In my country these both motherboard are the same price. I'm not planning to overclocking . which one is the best for my pc that have spec as below: -EVGA GTX 780 Classified ACX/ Double bios -CORSAIR VENGEANCE...
  9. Aditcgeek

    Price in new delhi

    I want to buy core i5 2500k ,ati 6770hd , and 4 gb ddr3 ram can anyone give me price of each product in new delhi recommended nehru place or wazirpur not flipkart
  10. Leemon

    Call of Duty Ghosts won't show FPS

    Hello all, Call of Duty Ghosts is running beautifully but I am unable to show the FPS using Fraps and/or Riva Statistic Server. Both programs show FPS in other games just not Call of Duty Ghosts. Does anyone know the reason why? Thanks in advance, Leemon
  11. K

    Need advise 16gb ram or 8gb ram+SSD

    Hi Guys, Just want to advise for your opinion on this, i plan to get a 16gb Corsair vengeance 16gb 8x2, but the price for the ram could get me an extra SSD and a 8gb Corsair Vengeance ram. Should i go for 16gb or SSD+8gb ram? FYI, i use mostly for gaming and web browsing.
  12. ImperialistMillitant

    2x R9 290's or one R9 290x

    Quick, I need to decide. its for 5760x1080p I can get 2x R9 290's or one R9 290x. Im not waiting for non reference coolers. I will run fan speeds at 100% constantly.
  13. S

    Newegg shipping delay

    This might be silly but I want to buy an on sell processor on newegg but I am out of town. ... Can I delay the newegg shipping so I can buy it now and send it to my place when I am there?
  14. L

    Help please Urgent??

    when i install windows 7 it works... but after installing graphic card it always stops at tha loading screen.... when removed graphic card it again wors properly..... plzz hel this is my graphic card and this is my system specification...
  15. D

    Memtest Results? What Do They Mean?

    So I started a memtest last night, to check the stability of my RAM (been having lots of BSODs that can be caused by faulty memory). Anyway, I check this morning and I see ~1800 errors, but also 6 passes. Does this mean one, or both, of RAM sticks is good? Or is this a sign of dysfunctional memory?
  16. skitz9417

    amd phenom ii x6 1055t

    hi guys i will getting a 1055t and hopefully oc to 4ghz or 4.2ghz and im just wanted to double check will the gtx 780 be a bad bottleneck for my cpu with these games games lke bf3 / farcry 3/gta4/css-csgo/max payne 3 planetside 2 sleeping dogs and crysis 3 and i will be using 3 monitors and...
  17. souvikray123

    Cannot install top exhaust fan in cabinet ..

    I have the cooler master k380 and I saw this image --->...
  18. M

    is a 290 crossfire worth it

    so i plan on getting a 290 crossfire set up when better coolers come out after seeing the extra performance is give's, my thing is though....will this actually be able to max games for 2-3years, have both 1080p and 1440p moniter, willing to switch between to get max graphics on games. I know...
  19. W

    Computer won't start.

    So I just moved my computer from a friends house back to mine and then when I tried to start the computer it would not start. The power button lights up but not my neon or my mouse so I dont think my computer really is powered up. Any knowledge of how to fix it?
  20. A

    how to choose RAMs

    i want to buy an 8gb RAM online i saw a variety RAMs starting from 4500 Indian Rupees to 15000 Indian Rupees i am not able to find the difference in these please help me how to choose RAMs thanks in advance