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PSU problems

Forum discussion tagged with PSU problems.
  1. Question Is my PC overheating while gaming

    Hello folks, I was enjoying the Fortnite live event that occurred on the 15th this month and it has some pretty insane visuals. After a few minutes my PC started making a weird grinding noise and the fans had some sort of suppressed sound. My temps on idle are pretty solid but I don't know if...
  2. jamest14

    Question PC Shuts Off Under Load but LEDs and Fans keep running

    My PC has some problems that date back to almost a year and a half ago. It randomly shuts off my monitor, keyboard, mouse, and everything else except for the LED lights in the case and the fans. It’s usually during when I play GTA V or do something like rendering a video in a video editing...
  3. I

    Question GPU Usage problems

    Hi, I'm gonna (try to) keep this short while not leaving any details that might be useful. Basically, ever since I've got this PC, I have a problem with the usage of the GPU. At first, I thought it was because of the GPU itself, so I bought a new one (1060 3G), and, the problem is still present...
  4. Suteibun

    Question My Pc restarts when I'm not in a game

    Recently my PC starts to restart without warning (No Blue Screen) just turns off then on again. I have troubleshot my GPU and HDD and somehow concluded that the problem was the PSU because my GPU was underclocked also when this problem occured. ( and because it worked for majority of the people...
  5. P

    Question Ryzen 2200G system boot loop problem.

    Hi. This thread is quiet long so I decided to make a TL;DR version of it: My Ryzen 2200G system suffers a boot loop problem for about two weeks. Everytime the CPU gets a full load for either stress test or games, the problem happens and it's getting worse. Tried many solutions to no avail. I...
  6. M

    Question Computer seems to short-circuit without any apparent cause

    Hey there! I'm pretty new here, so sorry in advance. I have built my own computer about 3 or 4 years ago and lately my computer seems to act weird. First the specs list -CPU: AMD FX-4300 -MOBO: Gigabyte G970A-DS3P -GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 750ti FTW -RAM: 2x 4GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury -PSU...
  7. O

    Interlock bracket on williams door

    Looking for the bracket on a Williams demolition man that turns the interlock on and off. Its a bracket that goes on the door
  8. A

    Is my mobo compatible with the r9 280 gpu

    I have a gigabyte h61m d2 b3 mobo is it compatible with the r9 280
  9. L

    Xeon x3230 50c idle temp

    I have a small 9200c dell dimension and was wondering what i could do to get these temps down.. i dont know of any compaible cases for the mobo but i decided to see if any one knew of a compatible heat sink that was copper pipe that would fit in this case its real small if youneed pictures i...