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  1. casenti4

    Question Q led light

    Not sure if this question has been asked yet but i just built a pc (first time) my Q led light for Dram is lit up ram and mother board are compatible I’ve switched the positions of the ram Also, put only one in the slots After all that it still doesn’t work I also don’t get a display on my...
  2. F

    Question Yellow, red and white Q LEDs flash

    PC was on, turned suddenly off and when turned back on yellow, red and white Q LEDs flash one by one. TUF Gaming x570-PLUS (WiFi) Ram is Kingston AMD 5 2600 Palit 2060 Dual OC (VGA, CPU, DRAM Q LED lights flashing)
  3. B

    Question Samsung C32HG70 Display Port help!

    So I recently got this Samsung monitor and it states it's display port is 1.4 and other reviewers have this option in there OSD. But when I go to my settings it's 1.2 and 1.2 with an up arrow next to it. Is this something to do with it's firmware and it's displayed differently or am I not...
  4. G

    Question What is the best gaming tv under £1k?

    Hi all, So i cannot make up my mind regards getting a new TV. This my first time buying a TV and I need your opinion. I am a PC gamer so never had a good TV setup before. i narrowed down the search to QLED, NANOCell, and OLED: LG 55NANO866NA Samsung QE55Q70T LG 65NANO906NA LG OLED55BX6LB...
  5. B

    Question DRAM light is blinking, tried everything. Help?

    Hello, I recently built my PC back in June. It worked great up until now. Couple of days ago I was playing my games and shut it down once I was done. Next day I tried to boot it up and the fans went on and the light on my gpu and motherboard were on but no display, mouse, or keyboard connection...
  6. Vox

    Question Looking for alternatives to TCL 55C715 TV

    I'm about to buy a TV (EU model). Browsing the web since a week but have still no idea what to compare to my current best bet, the TCL 55C715. What I would mostly need: Android (because my family members play games from Google Store usually. I heard, it's not that easy to install and run...
  7. Pijmzhchus

    Question Please help me, stuck at 30Hz

    I have a problem with gaming on my Samsung TV (Q55Q70R). I can get to 1080p 120Hz at desktop and I know it works because the cursor is smooth and when I check it on TV itself it shows 1920x1080 / 120p. But when I turn on Red Dead 2 specifically the TV puts itself to 1080p 30Hz mode. Other games...
  8. Pijmzhchus

    Question HDR on QLED vs OLED

    I have Q70R 55inch TV. I want to know how does the HDR compares to an LG OLED. I watched some HDR videos on built-in YouTube app and saw small changes, but nothing dramatic. Also played couple of HDR games and same story. Anyone here who saw both QLED and OLED HDR? Am I missing out on much...
  9. R

    Question DRAM Q-led on Asus Rog strix z390-i itx

    hello everyone im basically new to this pc building stuff so my rig spec is i7 7900k nzxt kraken x52 rog strix z390-i itx corsair vengeance rgb 2x8 3466mhz corsaur rm 750 nvdia rtx 2080 super founders edition when i put everything up the out put on monitor show no hdmi signal i tried and...
  10. S

    Question No Video from Motherboard

    Hi! My System build: Ryzen 5 3600 Noctua NH-U12S Asus TUF Gaming X570 Plus ATX AM4 Corsair Vengence LPX 16GB 3600 Samsung Evo 970 m.2 Fractal Design Define C Seasonic 550w 80+ Gold PSU (semi modular) Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy My Issue: I have the build finished. Ram is in the correct...
  11. F

    Question Cpu and Dram Qleds flashing, Help Needed

    I went to turn on my computer one day, and it started strobing the red Cpu QLED and yellow Dram QLED. I already tried reseating the cpu and ram, trying only one stick at a time, and trying to boot outside the case. I’m stuck, and haven’t been able to get anything from customer support. Any help...
  12. M

    Question new PC wont post - need help wth QLED to debug

    Hi I have just built my new PC parts below: Asus H370-F Intel i5 9600k Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB Asus GTX1060 strix Corsair H100i AIO Samsung evo SSD The pc goes on,all fans and led lights on MB go on etc however it doesn't post, I have double checked all the cables and connectors I...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Cpu sometimes disconnects when i turn on my PC

    Im having this issue where my cpu randomly disconnects from the motherboard when i turn on my PC. The solution for it is to stick the cpu cable out and in again. Sometimes it eaven feels like the PC is getting slower because 50fps looks like 25 and lags (everything under 60fps looks laggy). But...