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  1. fabrilash

    Whats wrong with my pc?

    Everything turns on except i have no image on monitor and the cpu led is on red.
  2. T

    PC stuck in a reset loop, "resocketing" the RAM temporally solve the problem.

    I have build this PC about 2 months ago. Everything working fine in general, except a particular issue that happened 3 times already. What happen is I try to boot one day and it just reset after 2 second (right at the end of the motherboard boot screen). It automatically repeat that until I...
  3. B

    Screen flickers and jangle sound. Ram problem?

    Hi, I bought used ram 4 gb, and added to my laptop, well I feel better performance, but after using some hours, I saw screen flickers and heard jangle sound. I don't have any problems before. Rams have identical numbers, speeds, mhz and etc. but one I bought is older about year. Any solutions...
  4. F

    Advice for my Gaming Build

    I made this build with the intentions of playing CSGO, League of Legends, Battlefield 4 and similar games. I will be using my flat screen television as a display for the moment and am just looking for advice. I am on a strict budget and I cannot increase the price above $850 AUD. Here is the...
  5. R

    Connecting an UPC wifi router with a TP-Link wifi router

    I have an UPC Ubee EVW3226 wifi router and i would like to connect a TP-Link TL-WR941ND to it, so the TP-Link should work as an access point, letting peeps to connect to the net via cat5 cable and/or via wifi. I'm not very used with these coax cable fed routers, tho after I set wlan on the...
  6. D

    Evga GTX 970 SSC

    Hey all, So I just upgraded from a GTX 960 FTW edition to a 970 SSC and was Doug some regular and OC benchmarks today. I got a stable OC using precision X at +155 core clock and +170 on memory. Was getting around 1548mhz running Valley Benchmark. However after finding the right OC and it lasting...
  7. haris_ymcmb

    Core i7 1366 socket processors

    i7 940 i7 950 i7 960 i7 980 ALl of these and other models like these, which generations are they? and are they good for gaming?
  8. N

    Cooler Master Hyper T4 -- AMD FX 8320 -- I overclock to 4.1ghz...

    I try 4.3 ghz in bios and windows won't even start... But at 4.1 ghz these are the temps i'm getting Idle. 4.1 GHZ Thermal Margin, stays above 40... and when under load and stays above 30? Is this bad?
  9. R

    Mid-Range PC Running Slowly

    Hey guys. For some reason, ever since i built my computer back in late 2014, it has been going very slow. Programs take awhile to start up and the initial boot takes about 5-7 minutes. However, all the games I play run very well. I actually overclock both my CPU and GPU with low temps. My specs...
  10. F

    Gainward NVIDIA GT610 64-bit/2 GB DDR3 Memory/535 MHz Graphics Card

    Hello geeks! I just want to know, will my motherboard support "Gainward NVIDIA GT610 64-bit/2 GB DDR3 Memory/535 MHz Graphics Card" or not? My desktop's configurations are as below: Motherboard: ASRock G41C-VS RAM: SK Hynix 4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 398MHz Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core...
  11. L

    (PHOTO) Will my GPU be able to breathe from my HDD?

    I was wondering if my GTX 580s third fan was able to breathe because of the HDD or would there be some overheating because of the case? Please help.
  12. A

    PC cant get passed errors after os install

    I keep getting multiple errors when trying to install Windows 10 from a bootable usb. First I tried to do it from the new pc, but kept getting stuck when files were being downloaded. I then went to my old pc and put in my Ssd and the usb and took out all other storage and installed Windows...
  13. S

    How much should I sell this CPU for?

    My computer is one year old and has worked flawlessly for me. I've done regular cleaning of the inside. The reason I'm selling it is because my interests have changed and I don'y use it as much as I use to. There is a manually assigned price for the graphics card because it is no longer made...
  14. G

    Does an i5 3470 support 2133mhz RAM?

    Hi! I'm "re-building" my pc and I'm going to change my RAM, Motherboard, and add a GTX 660 to make a SLI. Would my i5 3470 support 2133mhz? And yes, the motherboard I am going to buy supports it (Intel Desktop Board DZ68BC). I read it on another thread that the processor supports any kind of...
  15. A

    Stuck at login screen in Windows 8.1

    Hi Toms Hardware, Last night I shut down my computer with the "Update and Shut Down" button, and this morning to my horror, I am unable to get past the rainbowy screen with the date and time. Usually it would be a click of the mouse or the tap of a key on my keyboard to bring me to the password...
  16. G

    Best Motherboard for LGA1150

    Hey guys. I've been looking around online for the best LGA1150 motherboard for the price, but really can't find a decent one. I've started a build and really want to know the best one. I'm using a i7 4790k if it helps. EDIT: if I can, I want ATX. My case is a HAF 912, I believe that supports...
  17. M

    Setup Raid 0 (not on boot drive) and now Windows 10 gives error 0xc000000f

    Hello everyone! I would really appreciate any help solving this issue. I've recently purchased 4 500gb Samsung 850 EVO's and hooked them up into my case. I logged in and windows recognizes all four of them as Unallocated drives. Then I entered my MSI X99A Gaming 7 mobo's BIOS and switched from...
  18. E

    R9 390 crash

    Specs: CPU:i5 4690k GPU: R9 390 PSU: cx750m MOBO: maximus vii hero My computer was running fine before. But today when i was playing CS:GO my PC black screened then it just stayed on so i restarted my computer after that it started giving me BSOD. SO i...
  19. J

    my new tv doesnt have scart option but my harddrive only has scart connection how do i get round this please

    require solution to enable continued recording of programmes
  20. T

    Win7 update failure! help!!!

    Hello. I am having problems with updating Win 7 32-bit. Windows update doesn't do anything just keeps checking for updates but does nothing at the end. I've searched in various of forums for the solution, and I've tried everything I could find. By doing scf /scannow, restarting BITS, clearing...
  21. P

    Can I use an old graphics card from a shorted out motherboard?

    I don't remember exactly how I did it, but a few years ago I shorted out a motherboard after I put everything together. Rather than checking all of the parts, I just replaced everything right away. Today, I was looking through some stuff and found that I still had the graphics card laying...
  22. T

    Cost efficient A10 7850K build inside an Xbox 360 case

    Hi there, first of all, I'd like to know how good is this APU, like, what graphics card does it compare to. But to the main topic, I'd like help choosing the components for this build. What I want: Something I could game on, doesn't need to be a super ultra expensive 4k rig, 1080p low on GTA V...
  23. L

    Hello, i can't find the right GMA 4500m driver for Asus Laptop U50A-RBBML05 Notebook Computer with Intel® Core 2 Duo Processo

    Hello, i can't find the right GMA 4500m driver for Asus Laptop U50A-RBBML05 Notebook Computer with Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor I installed window 10 plis answer me.
  24. T

    Acer XB270HU v Asus old 278 or NEW PG279Q

    First read this bit about soon to be released ASUS Displays: http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/asus-rog-swift-pg279q-pricing-and-specs.html And perhaps, TN v. IPS v. VA (PVA & MVA) panels: http://www.tnpanel.com/tn-vs-ips-va/ (thanks for reading that) My question is simply this -- is there ANY...
  25. J

    Intel 7260 Help Please

    http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833106251&_ga=1.256892876.639840124.1444445422 I want to buy this but I want to know if I can switch out the long annoying attenna and attach normal Black Attennas SMA what ones would I need
  26. I

    Need help choosing replacement PSU for my system.

    Hello. This is my system: i5 2500k GTX 560 TI (plan to upgrade to R9 380) Gigabyte z68 I am looking for a PSU to replace my dying Firepower ZT 750W PSU. Please give me a recommendation for something 650-750W. I would like to overclock my CPU in the near future so I want some leeway over the...
  27. yoshimania

    HDD vs SSD with 16 Gigs of RAM

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if I need an SSD if already have a WD Cavier Blue 1 TB HDD that runs at 7200 RPM. I also have 16 gigabytes of RAM and an i7-4790k already, and my friend said that the more RAM you have, the less of an impact the SSD makes. Thanks a bunch, Yoshi
  28. T

    I'm Sorry But I really need help with gaming FPS drop

    So I play many titles from CoD to Borderlands, H1Z1, BF4... and all my games it seems to run fine at whatever fps it is... say 180 for BF4... but then every so often it drops to 14-20 fps for about 10-30 seconds. and it kicks back into 180 fps. this happens for all games... and I'm even on the...
  29. Sbsdsurendra

    Building new pc need help

    Ok i am soon gonna buy a new pc just for gaming, i am including gtx770 for my rig need help picking up all other things.
  30. L

    what should i upgrade?

    while playing bf4 on 40-60 fps and sometimes drpping back to 30(medium graphics), i wanted to upgrade my pc. pc specs: cpu AMD Zambezi fx 4100 quadcore gpu AMD Radeon HD7790 1GB ram 8 gb i am not sure what i should upgrade, i wanted to add 4 GB of ram but i am not sure if it helps my...
  31. M

    Gaming on laptop with these specs?

    Is Intel Core i5-4210U and NVIDIA GeForce 840M with 8 gb ram good for gaming? Max graphics arent necessary. I need at least 30 fps and i play on 1366x768.
  32. 0

    Picking up radio station through speakers?

    They aren't connected to my laptop, they are connected through a splitter into my TV. It's some sort of foreign station and can only be heard If I turn the volume all the way down, it's not loud but can be heard through the white noise.
  33. D

    AMD A8-4500M APU with Radeon(tm) HD graphics 190GHz

    I am waiting for the windows 10 upgrade. It says "critical hardware components made by Intel for your PC don't have drivers for windows 10 yet" Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Donna
  34. U

    Is this psu compatible with my rig

    Hi Guys, My rig as follows: intel i5 4670 Gigabyte b85md3h motherboard 2x4gb ddr3 ram 1 TB seagate HDD 1 dvd rw drive geforce gtx 970 i am planning to buy psu for my rig and i am planning to buy the psu from below link, so please let me know whether it is good choice or not...
  35. R

    Can a 750ti work with this motherboard?

    Can a GTX 750ti work with a MSI FM2-A75MA-E35? Also how much of a bottleneck would occur if installed? Graphics Card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487025 Motherboard...
  36. N

    What is bad monitor brightness?

    I was looking into purchasing a monitor with 250 cd/m2 brightness. Is that a bad monitor brightness for gaming? I have heard some places say that monitor brightness really doesn't matter. But, when I read a review on the monitor they claimed the item had poor brightness. CNET wrote the review.
  37. I

    Advice for my sub-750AUD gaming build

    Soooo I was looking at getting the alienware alpha i3, but decided instead to look into building a pc for around the same price or cheaper with better performance. It'll be my first build and I want to keep it around $700 (same price as the alienware). I will mostly use it for games but also...
  38. samrockp3

    More Gaming Help

    I am currently pairing an amd athlon (tm) II x3 440 processor with a nividia Geforce 8400 GS and am getting terrible skyrim performance and graphics. If i upgraded my graphics card to an amd radeon r7 250, would my performance be better? And by how much?
  39. O

    Interlock bracket on williams door

    Looking for the bracket on a Williams demolition man that turns the interlock on and off. Its a bracket that goes on the door
  40. A

    New PC Build

    Hello, After frying the motherboard of my Acer laptop (i7 and GTX 750M) because of extensive rendering, I decided to create my own PC which hopefully will last for a while. Here are all the parts that I decided to buy: CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K GPU: GTX 960/970 Motherboard: Asus Z97-A RAM: 16...