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  1. jkholloway47

    Question 3 post lights; random restarts

    Hi guys, for a while now my PC has been getting random restarts at random times for no particular reason it seems. It will restart when I'm playing a game or when I'm just on the desktop. It will come up with 3 post lights but still launch. The three lights are CPU, DRAM, and VGA. My build is...
  2. Yoancito93

    Question Pc Restarts after Installing windows

    I recently bought the parts to built a pc I7-9700 k Gtx 2070 super xc ultra Corsair 750w 16 gb 3000 Ssd 500 gb Corsair water cooling Ok so first i installed windows 8.1 and then i upgraded to 10, after a couple of minites the pc restarted randomly after that was instantanious every time it...
  3. F

    Question random power loss, could supply be failing?

    hey there, some time ago my pc started doing this thing where it randomly shuts off and immediately turns back on afterwards. my friend that rewired my stuff a bit ago said that the cable connecting the power supply to the motherboard was a bit strained so i tried unplugging and replugging it...
  4. Jameson45

    [SOLVED] PC restarting issue

    Randomly a few days ago my PC restarted in the middle of a game of Rainbow Six Siege and then whenever I tried opening the game afterwards it would restart at around the same time in the lobby, but the same thing happened for every other game. Although less demanding one restarted later and more...
  5. E

    Question Computer randomly restarts, no BSOD or errors in the event viewer, hardware worked in a different system

    Hello all! I recently moved my PC parts to a new case, but after about a month of having it in the new case it started to randomly restart/crash with no warning, no BSOD, and no relevant errors that I can find showing up anywhere on my computer. This is completely random, sometimes it'll happen...
  6. W

    how do i run 3 monitors hp 27er 1 vga input and 2 hdmi input laptop 1 hdmi output?

    HP Pavilion 17-ab000 Notebook PC series (Touch) Core i7 NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX video card can handle up to 4 external monitors NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-960/specifications and do I need a USB 3.0 to HDMI External Video Card Multi Monitor...
  7. D

    GTX 1060 with ASUS H81M-D

    Hi All, I just bought GTX 1060. After I done installing it on my motherboard ASUS H81M-D, my computer did not boot. Is it because GTX 1060 is not compatible with my motherboard (ASUS H81M-D)? Please help me. Thanks in advance.
  8. M

    Second SLI card gets detected but has no load on it

    I am totally new to the forums. So here is the problem. For a few years already I have a SLI configuration of two GeForce 9800 GT graphic cards in my desktop at home. I started to play Crysis 2 and I noticed that after about ten to fifteen minutes the screen starts tearing and artefacts start...