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  1. K

    Question Changing Bios boot setting, puts New Comp in Reboot loop

    Hello all, I recently bought new Components for a PC build for a family member. Parts include: -Rosewill Hive Series 750W Modular Gaming Power Supply -Intel Core i3-9100F Coffee Lake 4-Core 3.6 GHz (4.2 GHz Turbo) LGA 1151 -SAMSUNG 860 EVO Series 2.5" 500GB ssd -G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB...
  2. B

    Question SOLVED: Extremely weird XFX RX 580 8GB behavior (PC reboots under load)

    A few days ago I bought a used XFX RX 580 8GB GTS XXX card along with a new 500W Silverstone PSU. I'm running the latest 19.5.2 driver on the latest Win10 build. Here are my current Wattman settings --- Starting up Rocket League at ultra settings and moving the camera on the main menu screen...
  3. N

    Question What are the odds on receiving two faulty cards in a row?

    This is a long story but you need the history and I need your great minds to collaborate with me here. Please bare with me. I'm posting in the graphics card section because that was the issue beforehand, and like the title says, what are the odds? I have a custom built that runs excellent -...
  4. W

    [SOLVED] Urgent help! Does new windows setup remove old files?

    So if i reinstall new windows from usb (old one got destroyed), does the files i had in my pc before get destroyed? Or can i acces them as before, but with a new windows setup.
  5. maxx0531

    Question Asrock AB350 Pro4 and Ryzen 5 no post, infinite boot loop

    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded almost everything in my PC, and everything turns on and sound right but it restarts after 20 sec and then infinite boot loops. I haven't seen anything on screen since I upgraded. my specs are: Asrock AB350 Pro4, AM4, DDR4 2667 (New) AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (New)...
  6. O

    Question PC randomly shuts down and reboots random intervals

    Hey there, A friend of mine gave me his PC after telling me that his computer randomly shuts down at random intervals. He can be playing games for 6 hours straight with no issues, then all of a sudden his PC randomly shuts off and starts rebooting on its own frequently. At first, I thought it...
  7. I

    [SOLVED] PC Crashes - Uknown Cause

    So I've recently upgraded a 760 to 1060 6gb. At first it was working decently, after exchanging cpu cooler due to the old one being too old I found my pc crashing a lot. It would out of nowhere cut straight to the boot screen. I've been trying to find all the methods, at first thinking it's my...
  8. N

    Question PC Upgrade reboots into black screen

    Ok so simple story did an upgrade to an old system Athlon x2 that needed it mainly used for serving files and needed it to be beefier and updated so used the following: Celeron G3950 16gb Ram 120GB SSD Asrock Z170A-X/3.1 System installed windows 10 and then the click here to restart screen...
  9. S

    Question Windows 10 crashes when streaming with SLOBS

    Hello everyone, currently I am facing a problem I can't grasp. I am streaming Total War: Warhammer 2 with SLOBS on Twitch. After around 90-120 Minutes into the game and into the stream, my computer crashes. No bluescreen. Nothing found in my events (only the normal "hey, there was a unforeseen...
  10. P

    Question PC crashes and automatically reboots randomly HELP!

    This has been going on for months now. Usually after I use my computer for a few hours, it crashes and automatically restarts itself, no windows restarting message, no nothing (sometimes distorting the current sound that's playing). At times there would random sudden sound distortion of what's...
  11. Y

    Question Computer randomly restarting in gaming. Power supply issue?

    So I am having an issue where my PC will completely shut off instantly and restart a second later. It has happened 3 times in the last hour playing Battlefield V and only seems to happen in games. Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 GTX 1070 Ti 16GB ram PSU is an XFX XTR 650w. I have a feeling it may be a...
  12. P

    Question Help on PC HANG

    Hey guys, Here is the scenario of my situation when my pc suddenly hang, 1.PC HANG----->2. PRESS HOLD ON STARTUP BUTTON-------------> 3.PC POWER OFF---------->4. PRESS ON STARTUP BUTTON AGAIN--------->5. PC POWER UP AND POWER OFF----------------->6. ACTION 5. KEEP REPEATING. I did not see any...
  13. F

    Question Pc keeps rebooting when playing certain games.

    My pc keeps rebooting itself when playing only fortnite. When playing Apex, bioshock infinite or csgo there is nothing happened. And I already reinstall the latest nvidia driver. and 2 days ago i ran Unigine Valley to Overclocking. when i raised my mem and clock speed it sddenly it reboots...
  14. M

    Question Unable to startup windows 10 without pressing F12 and picking my hard drive

    Hello I have an old Dell Optiplex 390 with Win10, I5, 500gb HDD, 8gb RAM. (Hand me down to my kid) About a year ago the motherboard went bad, I went online found the identical MB and swapped it out. I did nothing additional than reconnecting cables. The machine powered on but I get an error...
  15. JNB89

    Question [SOLVED] Computer keeps freezing BUT not while gaming...!

    Here my issue: I recently updated my system for a Ryzen 5 2600 CPU installed on a Gigabyte B450M DS3H motherboard paired with 2x 8gb of Team Elite Plus DDR4 2400 memory. I haven't reinstalled Windows that being said because everything seemed to be working fine. After a little while, my computer...
  16. V

    Looking for Streaming PC Build for $1000

    I’m looking to build a black and red PC with a $1000 budget. I don’t know much about PC’s. I’m looking to be able to stream and to be able to play CSGO and also to be able to edit video/photo.
  17. K

    LG 32LG30 doesn't come on when plugged on.

    My mom got an lg 32lg30 tv from a friend who said he put it on after having it for a little while and that it simply came off one day and didn't power on, while still being relatively new. My friend said it could be the power supply but I don't wanna try something like this without knowing what...
  18. A

    When try to open the laptop, it show log on to window

    When my laptop was opened then it shows to log on to window
  19. W

    For how much can I sell my gaming pc ?

    Hello everyone I would like to know for how much I could sell my gaming pc. I think I bought everything for around 650 cad maybe a bit more with taxes. Cpu : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz Motherboard: Msi h31m-e33 Ram: 2x4 G skill 1600 Graphic card : Gigabyte r9 380 4gb Storage : 1tb...
  20. ColopiX

    Does it worth to upgrade motherboard in this situation ?

    I am using t(Foxcon H61MXE-V) motherboard for at least 5 years in my PC but i want to change it and buy used P8Z77-V LE PLUS for 38€/45$. This H61 its really small (i have to bend my sata cables,cant clean easy etc..) and also has 4x SATA II ports but i all of my HDDs are SATA 3 and my SSD cant...