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  1. J

    Mobo temps? Whats normal? Higher then cpu?

    I have an msi x99a gaming 7. Temps under heavy gaming are reaching 47°C ( 7 hours playtime) on two of the temp sensors on the board and the others are around 42°C Im wondering if these are normal? If so what would be high for temps? A buddy told me 50°C is to hot. I couldnt find much info on...
  2. WildCard999

    Discussion Drink of choice?

    Just wondering what peoples drink of choice is? This is a 21+ (or 18+ depending on location). Mine is a captain N coke. If this is against the forum rules then delete (I didn't see it but if it goes against the forum then delete).
  3. A

    Hard drives fail after one month of usage

    I purchased a new rig a few months ago. After one month, I was faced with a corrupted/failing hard drive. The system stopped recognizing the drive in the file explorer and device manager. I was given a replacement and it initially worked completely fine. But after a month, the same issues...
  4. B

    Opinions on newly built computer temps and fan speeds?

    I have an h100i v2 and holy crap the fan on balanced or performance is pretty loud, the only quiet option is "quiet" seems to be the best. Is leaving it on quiet a bad thing? also here are my temps and speeds please let me know if anything looks wrong, im also running fortnite in the back so...
  5. M

    i7 7700k overclocking oddity

    In short somehow overclocks i had managed very stably in the past aint working anymore ? I had saved a profile for 4.8 ghz at 1.275 ghz a while back so i put it back on to try it with my "new" 980ti in benchmarks.... Failed... Then tried 4.8 @ 1.3 just to finish a b3nchmark ... also failed...
  6. M

    Can I use my Powerlogic psu to power my system?

    I have a powerlogic 700w psu that comes with my case which is power logic also but my question is, will it be safe to power my system? Here are my specs: Ryzen 3 2200g 1x8gb ddr4 ram 2400mhz 500gb hdd And i probably get 2 fans soon if my psu can take it plus i will use the on board graphics of...
  7. S

    Will my 8 year old motherboard's PCI-E slot bottleneck the maximum capacity of a modern high-end Video Card GPU?

    My current motherboard is 8 years old. However, I am wondering if I buy a modern high-end GPU like the GTX1080ti or the 1180. Will my old motherboard's PCI-E slot (by itself) slow down the maximum speed available that could be...
  8. E

    will the different third module broke the dual channel?

    Im thinking to update my ram, i want to make a dual channel witth 2 modules of the same model ddr3 at 1600, thats ok, My question is, i have 4 slot for ram modules, wahts happen if i put also another module of 4 gb at 1333(is which i have right now) i a third slot, will that broke the dual...
  9. S

    Displays black screen but has an active signal

    I was playing fortnite and my screen just turned into this solid blue/green color so i forced shut down my computer and turned it back on but now the screen only displays nothing(black) Was working for 2 days but now just stopped. CPU:Amd Ryzen 3 2200g GPU: gigabyte 1060 3gb Ram: 2x4gb HyperX...
  10. A

    How to Install a window on hybrid system

    I have a 1 TB HDD and 1 TB SSD on my new pc, I want to install my windows 10 on it, how do I proceed making the partitions and choosing the SSD for windows? I'm a noob, please dont let me f this up!
  11. dashingdip

    EGPU dock for Laptop

    Hey, I have an old pc with gtx 560ti. I was wondaring if i could somehow use it for my lenovo ideapad 500 laptop for gaming. You guys can check the following link to know my laptop config. Also, can anyone suggest me a good egpu dock. Thanks...
  12. K

    PC repeatedly boots for half second and shuts off

    I have had this PC for about 2 years, finally decided to upgrade graphics cards and installed today. Was working perfectly for several hours after which the pc completely froze while browsing the internet and now won’t boot up. The fans spin for half a second and shut off, this repeats until I...
  13. G

    Win an SSD this Windependence Day - What Linux Software Do I Need?

    Greetings all. In honor of July 4th, I am declaring my independence from Windows 10 and want to try using desktop Linux for a full day of work. I have used Linux many times but never as my primary OS for work and I'd love some recommendations. What flavor of Linux should I try? I need Linux...
  14. B

    CPU swap shows VGA error LED on both PCs (6th gen and 7th gen swap)

    Hello, I was swapping CPU's between PCs (bazooka b150m, i7 6700k stock, 2x4 gb ddr4 2400, GTX 1070, 600 watt PSU, 250gb SSD, 2 TB hard drive) (bakkoka b250m, i5 7400 stock, 2x8 gb ddr4 2400, RX 580 4gb, 600 watt PSU, 500gb SSD, 1tb hard drive) I updated both motherboards to the latest BIOS and...
  15. S

    Will 1050 ti work on DZ77SL50K Mother Board

    I have a DZ77SL50K motherboard, long story short i bought an EVGA 1050TI and it would not work for my computer. I have friends that say otherwise but from research i have found my MOBO to be the problem
  16. C

    Wanting to hook up hisence 55n6 tv to Yamaha 5.1 the 4071 I hooked them both up to arc still won’t work

    Hicence 551n to Yamaha the 4071 5.1 surround cable to ark on both still won’t work
  17. O

    WHEA Uncontrollable Error

    Hi, I have had this issue with my PC having not made any changes to it. It keeps crashing soon after first posting, and then not allowing me to log on. However, if I do it a couple of times, it will stay stable for a little as long as I don't have too many programs open such as discord. I...
  18. packersfan036

    bios update question

    I have a Lenovo legion y520 gaming laptop which is running fine, a bios update just got released for it, should I update it, or leave it alone. ive always been scared to update the bios.
  19. T

    How hot does the i7 4770 get?

    I'm getting an i7 4770, (not K) and I'm wondering if it's even necessary that I upgrade my cpu cooler. My i3 4330 that I have in here now never gets hotter than 50 degrees. Does the 4770 get significantly hotter than that? I have no intention of overclocking anything, that's why I'm not getting...
  20. A

    using 2133mhz ram with 2400mhz ram

    I have MSI B350M PRO-VDH motherboard.Will an 8gb 2133mhz ram work fine along with an 8GB 2400MHZ ram?Both are corsair vengeance LPX.
  21. V

    How desktop stuck on setup

    I purchased a used Hp all in one desktop the other day. We did a reset to clear everything from the previous owners. Now it keeps looping back to the setup screen (the page that starts with " hi there, let's get a few basic things out of the way" then you select your country, language, time, and...
  22. E

    MSI 7850 1gb temperature

    So i got msi hd7850 and now im worried about the temp Yesterday i tested and in 5 min furmark test it goes up to 73C and 63C on the 3dmark test, but i tested today and it goes up to 79C in furmark.. is that okay? also today i got terrible perfomance from this card, i had 220-180 fps in csgo...
  23. K

    Which monitor should i get

    I have 16gb ram 2400 i7 7700 gtx 1060 gigabyte windforce oc and i have a 1080p 1ms monitor Is it a good idea to get a 1440p 144hz or a 1080 144hz money is not a factor 1440p 144hz AOC AGON AG241QX 23.8” Gaming Monitor, FreeSync, QHD (2560x1440), TN Panel, for 300 dollars or 230 MSI Full HD...
  24. M

    Unbranded graphics cards...any experience?

    Or are these just junk: I'm still running a 7750 2gb, and something has to be done about that.
  25. Rafael Mestdag

    When does a cpu start to get bottlenecked by an HDD?

    I used to have an FX6300 and now I have an i5 3570K which is way faster according to any decent benchmark on the internet. I almost always used HDDs instead of SSD's and despide that, after I got the i5 I noticed an amazing difference in terms of both the loading times and the performance of 3d...
  26. M

    Can I use a Gtx 680 cooler on Gtx 1080?

    Hi, I just purchased a Gtx 1080 (dell Alienware brand) on eBay. It has a blower style cooler on it similar to the reference cooler that’s on the founders edition. It gets hot, 82c plus under load unless I change the fan curb making it very loud. I’ve been looking at different aftermarket coolers...
  27. N

    My CPU Reverts To 3.6Ghz Under Load

    Hello, i have an i5 6600k paired with a gigabyte B150-HD3 motherboard and a hyper 212 evo led turbo. I was able to change the multiplier to 39 in the bios from the initial 35, but when i ran the cpu benchmarks they dont dont seem to have changed at all ! Upon further inspection i noticed that...
  28. Tschrom

    Splash Screen Stuck

    Ok, so I'm not sure what to say about this, most people who get stuck on the splash screen have just installed new hardware or windows versions or something. I've done none of that. The problem I'm having is that ANY time I restart through windows (Win10) I go through the start menu, hit...
  29. N

    P.C. build help

    Hi everyone, I am looking to build a new computer for gaming and streaming. I have around 400 dollars to spend but I want to wait to buy a 2000 series GPU when they drop, and just use my old 760 for now. Any build suggestions are appreciated.
  30. C

    WD HDD ISSUES during install

    win 7 pro 64 bit doesn't see wd hdd on install... Elite book 8570p ... WD blue scorpio 250gb data he'd.. Works fine in my old Lenovo t60...however, when I attempt to use the WD scorpio as a replacement hdd in my hp 8570p ... The win 7 pro 64 bit install disc displays nothing there at all
  31. K

    G4560 bottlenecking gtx 960?

    While I was playing Black Ops 3 with my brother, I discovered there was a ton of stuttering. After a couple mintutes of graphics settings I went into msi after burner and enabled the hud for the game. It showed my cpu being pinned at 100% and my you fluctuating between 91%-17%. I was getting a...
  32. C

    PUBG horrible fps from one day to another

    Hi, thanks for helping me out with my problem, so i was playing pubg the day before yesterday and the game was running perfectly fine, with 60 fps on the same settings i always have, then, i turn my pc off and on the next day, im running pubg on 25 to 30 fps, not even by looking to the sky or...
  33. T

    RAM doesn't fit in the motherboard

    Recently i bought Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 motherboard and CMK16GX4M2D3200C16 RAM. Now i can't insert RAM into the motherboard. It has to go in just a little bit to fit. And i already tried to push pretty hard. Motherboard has locking clips on both sides, and i did line up the key ant the notch. Are...
  34. X

    Grizzly Bear thermal paste, which one to use?

    Okay so I have this formula X motherboard, and a kraken 62x AiO, I'm planning on doing some stressing OC on the build so I heard grizzly bear does the trick, now I heard grizzly has 3 types, kryo, hydro, and aero Which one fits me best? PS: is the kryo good in my case or is it only for LN2...
  35. T

    Copying files between hard drives: Why so slow and why the size difference?

    I'm guilty of not finding a good backup solution so I do it traditionally: Erase the folder and replace it with the new folder from the working hard drive. If something goes wrong I can always restore it from the Recycle Bin. But I'm curious why it takes so long. Is it becuase many of the...
  36. C

    Looking for assistance finding a new graphics card.

    Hello! I'm looking for help finding a new mid-range graphics card for my PC. I have tried to look on the web myself, but I am new to the PC world and consequently do not know what I am doing. Everything seems so expensive, and I don't know if it is a good deal or not. I'm looking for a card...
  37. J

    Upgrading Cpu need help.

    Im upgrading an old rig I got a while ago I think in 2014 or 15. It has an old AMD-FX 8320 (oc to 4.1) and I want to switch to a Ryzen 2200g but im worried about going down to 4 cores. I really dont know if this is a good cpu to switch to or if its even worth switching to from my 8320. Im also...
  38. S

    GPU or CPU? (Help me Decide)

    I currently have a cheap $500 gaming PC that I want to upgrade. I'm looking into either upgrading my CPU or my GPU. My CPU is an AMD FX-4300 and my GPU is an AMD R7 250. I'm willing to spend around $150 on upgrading either one of them, but I'm not too sure which one is the "weaker link" in the...
  39. I

    x299 ROG motherboard with zalman 2 ball bearing cooler - possible

    I've just purchased the X299 ROG with 7900X I9 processor. i have my old zalman 2 ball bearing ( cooler which i want to use for this, but it doesn't fit the board mount. is there any option to have some mounting bracket adapter or any other...
  40. Z

    I need a PC.

    I want a PC with a fast CPU which can run multiple programs with no problem and can run games with a GPU perfectly at 1080 60fps at ALL times I dont know much about GPU's but the rx580 seems great and alot cheaper than GTX 980 ti, 1060 6gb, 1070 etc. Budget - £1050 ish Games - CS:GO, PUBG...